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Updated by Sarah Ferguson Tax Consultancy on Feb 03, 2020
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Sarah Ferguson Tax Consultancy

Sarah Ferguson Tax Consultancy In Dubai provides VAT and Tax services to help you meet your civic responsibilities while being with you every step of the way.

FTA Publishes Clarification on Bank Interest and Dividends

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has issued a publication to shed light on certain aspects of the VAT implementation.

Qualities to Look Out for In Tax Consultants In Dubai

Tax Consultants in Dubai - A good tax consultant will not only help you to avoid paying heavy taxes that can arise from wrong filing...

Avoid VAT Penalties - 6 Things To Remember| Tax Consultancy

VAT is still something of a novelty to the business economy of UAE. Learn more about VAT penalties and ways to avoid them at Tax Consultancy Dubai.

External Audits - How To Prepare For Them | Tax Consultancy

External audits can be stressful if you don’t know how to prepare for them. Learn more on how to survive your external audit with Tax Consultancy Dubai.

Is Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping Process the Best Option?

Bookkeeping is a real challenge for all types of business. From recording the economic activities of the company to summarizing the business transactions in an orderly manner all in which aid the survival of the organizational.

Know About the Records You Should Maintain For VAT Auditing - Sarah Ferguson Tax Consultancy

All Businesses in UAE must be prepared for official and obligatory audits in 2019, as it has been one year since the VAT has been implemented in UAE. VAT auditing is conducted for all kinds of businesses to ensure the accuracy of accounting, bookkeeping, and filing of VAT returns.

Super-Effective Accounting Checklist for Exceptional Financial Growth of Business - Sarah Ferguson Tax Consultancy

In today’s competitive arena, a company needs to generate profitable results in order to be successful. Whether you’re running a small or a large business, it becomes essential to determine if the revenue earned by the company is more than the expenditure incurred by the entity or not. This is where the need for accounting firms in Dubai arises.

VAT Return Filing – Quick Steps to Turn the Process into Success - Sarah Ferguson Tax Consultancy

Value Added Tax is a recent
initiative step taken by the GCC countries. As a new implementation on the
businesses conducted in the UAE, the idea behind launching this was to bring
out a new source of revenue to the government. Before elaborating the process
of VAT return filing, let’s further explain the basics of VAT.

Steps to Avoid VAT Penalties in UAE & Comply with New Regulations - Sarah Ferguson Tax Consultancy

VAT (Value Added Tax) hasbeen implemented in the UAE in the year 2018. Right after its implementation, it has become crucial for the UAE businesses to prepare themselves towards this
new taxation system and be “VAT Ready” to avoid penalties related to VAT.

Costly Errors to Avoid for the Businesses When Filing Their VAT Returns - Sarah Ferguson Tax Consultancy

Filing a VAT return is a complex process. There are numerous intricacies and quirks that catch business owners out. As it is a daunting process, mistakes with VAT filing are all-too-common. It can be a huge headache for the businesses, as they have to fulfill additional payments as penalties/fines.

How To Differentiate Between Excise Tax and VAT in UAE? - Sarah Ferguson Tax Consultancy

The introduction of Excise Duty & VAT happened almost the same time (i.e. 2017-18) in UAE. Both are a form of indirect taxation levied on selected goods & services for various purposes which leads to additional revenue for the government in UAE.

How to Choose a Tax Consultant in Dubai? - Sarah Ferguson Tax Consultancy

The financial vertical of any business is one of the most
complex areas. It involve aspects; Tax payments and deductions which requires a
clear understanding to help in running the business smoothly. An experience tax
consultant can help you handle the finances wisely.

Difference between Commercial Invoice and Tax Invoice - Sarah Ferguson Tax Consultancy

The eminent arrival of VAT has bought a confusion of difference between commercial invoice & tax invoice for some professional tax consultancy services provider which actually is quiet strange.  But not to worry, here’s a brief about variations in both commercial & tax invoices:

Important Facts About Tourist VAT Refund In UAE?

Are you looking for reliable vat consultants in Dubai? Look no further!
We have been providers of Accounts and Tax related services for nearly 15 years. Having offices in major locales of UK, we’ve successfully served a diverse range of business ventures; Start-Ups, Sole Traders, Limited Companies and Landlords.

Know How of Input Tax Recovery Process in UAE

An input tax is the amount paid by any personal on every purchases made or inward supplies. The major feature of VAT in UAE is recovery of tax paid on inputs where a person can reduce the amount of input tax likely for recovery from tax payable amount & pay the balance amount as tax.

What are Zero-Rated Supplies in UAE VAT? - Sarah Ferguson Tax Consultancy

The term “Zero-rated supplies” in UAE refers to any
taxable supply on which VAT is zero charged. Moreover taxation charged here is
based on the nature of supply, despite the goods or services stocked or
specified goods or services enlisted under zero rated list.

VAT Refund Scheme on Goods & Services Linked With Expo 2020 Dubai - Sarah Ferguson Tax Consultancy

the countdown for “World’s Greatest Show” begun, Dubai government has
initiated several measures for providing the best of facilities to people
visiting here from across the globe. In continuation, FTA (Federal Tax
Authority) has rolled out notifications about conditions and procedures for
grant of VAT refund to business officials in UAE for facilitating suitable
foreign business visitors/ businesses to file VAT refund claims for expenses
incurred in UAE. Here’s an overview of key points from the scheme

TRN Number in UAE - Sarah Ferguson Tax Consultancy

The TRN (Tax Registration Number) is a special number for individuals who are registered for value-added tax (VAT) in the UAE by the Federal Tax Authority. The implementation of VAT was an addition in the UAE taxation law implemented on 1st January 2018. Like explained in our previous posts the law required companies to be registered for charging VAT to their customers.