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Canada Print Services

Tradeshow and Conference Printing Services

No matter what your requirements for printing services in Toronto, Canada Print is sure to have you covered from design, creation, printing up to delivery.

About Us | Printing Services in Toronto | Canada Print

For Years, Canada Print Services has provided all our clients with printing services in Toronto, whatever their requirements may be.

B&W and Colour Copies in Toronto

Whether your need black and white copies or color copies in Toronto, Xtreme printing services can print the file and even deliver them to your location.

Printing Services in Toronto | Canada Print

Canada Print Services Inc has been providing top notch printing services in Toronto since 2007 and offers full service printing services from start to finish.

Digital Printing Company Toronto

Toronto printing and finishing services by Canada Print Services, offers professionally made printed materials complete with a range or finishing services.

B & W Copies Toronto

Our top quality in-house digital printing services in Toronto are great for companies that are looking for small runs or large runs, no matter the requirements.

Printing Companies Toronto

Value engineering as it relates to printing services in Toronto means that we will do our best to reduce the cost of prints, improve quality where possible.

Digital Print Services

Canada Print Services offers design and creative services useful to business printing services needs for all businesses in the Greater Toronto Area.

Toronto Printing Company

Put your business name or logo on any physical product to attract customers with your new branding awareness using promotional products printer in Toronto.

In addition to being a printing company in Toronto, many of our clients have asked about website design, landing pages and social media design.

We do not stop at print. You are looking for a partner that can help you with all of your marketing requirements. Website design is just an extension of your marketing collateral.

We can design websites (all responsive), landing pages, online newsletters and skins for your social media. Your online presence and your printed collateral should go hand in hand.

If you would like us to create a online presence for your company or modify an existing website, we are here to help.

Call Barb at (647) 493-1894 for more information on web design and Canada Print company in Toronto.

Promotional Products Printer in Toronto | Canada Print

Take it from a leading printer in Toronto – branding various promotional products is a great way to get on your prospects radar and remain on your existing customers radar. We can put your name (logo) on almost any physical products.

The most popular promotional products are:
Pens, pencils & highlighters
Stress relievers
Can Coolers
Cooler Bags
Water Bottles
Coffee Mugs
Key Holders
USB Keys
Sticky Notes

And Clothing such as :
T-shirts & Golf Shirts
Baseball Caps
Tote Bags & Grocery Bags
Back Packs
Sweat shirts
We can either embroider or print on clothing items.
Anything you can think of, we can add your logo to it.
Call Barb at (647) 493-1894 for more information promotional product printers in Toronto.

Creative and Design Business Printing Services | Canada Print

Canada Print Services offers design and creative services useful to business printing services needs for all businesses in the Greater Toronto Area.

Value Engineering - Printing Services in Toronto | Canada Print

Value engineering (VE) as it relates to printing services in Toronto is a method to analyze and improve the “value” of printed goods and related services. Therefore, value can be increased by either improving the end use or by reducing the cost.

In plain English Value Engineering means that we will look at various factors to reduce the cost of your printed products, improve the quality where possible and taking into account the products life cycle costs.

Sounds complicated? Maybe for some printers, however we do this all the time for our clients. Its part of what we do, adding value for our clients. With over 10 years of experience we have learned a thing or two about improving the quality and reducing the costs for our clients. That’s why many of our clients are long-term clients. They appreciate the value we bring to their company.

From concept to delivery our engineering team works directly with your marketing, creative, production and other third parties (e.g. your advertising agency) involved in the project to ensure the final product meets or exceeds your exacting standards.

To put all this in perspective, let’s say your getting ready to print your annual report. Sounds simple enough. Where most printers would just give you a quote based on your specifications and call it a day, we would take it a step further. In addition to a standard quote, we would value engineer your product.

Our print experts would look at the specifications and provide alternatives. Some examples would be:

What would it do to the price if we ran the report on this press versus that press? You would be amazed at the difference in price based on the printer or press utilized. It could be as high as 20%.

What if we changed the size slightly to get more on a sheet? If there is excess waste on a sheet that can add significantly to your cost. The least amount of waste is good for your pocket and good for the environment.

What about the stock? What image are you trying to project? Is the gauge of the stock too thick and will lead to increased costs and maybe difficult to work? Some stocks will not fold properly and show breaks versus the nice neat folds you were anticipating. If your stock is too thin it may look cheap and not project your company in the proper light.

The colours and fonts specified for your project may not print the way you expect. Surprisingly with all the new technology available, printers continue to receive files from ad agencies and graphic artists that do not understand the printing process. What looks great on their Mac, may not look as good in print. For example, if you had very fine white text or fine white line coming out of a black background, the text or line may not be as crisp as you like in the final printed product.

Is that a UV coating or Matt Finish? The finish you put on your printed products can have a dramatic impact on the look of the final product, not to mention the environmental aspects of each.

Binding, die cutting and folding are major considerations and with each there are endless possibilities for value engineering. For example, slight modifications to scoring or die cutting could mean the difference between cost effective machine folding and time consuming (and expensive) hand folding.

The above are only a few high-level considerations that value engineering can address. This may seem like a lot to consider however this is what we do on a regular basis. Let our years of experience work on your behalf and simplify the process for your company. Our experts do this behind the scenes and only bring to your attention the opportunities that make sense for your consideration.

We focus on quality, meeting deadlines and reducing costs. A properly engineered product is made quicker, more accurately and is more cost effective.

Many projects are repeats of past projects. Just because it was printed a certain way previously does not mean improvements cannot be made. Some projects can benefit from re-engineering. Re-engineering takes advantage of today’s new technologies from design, layout, print and finishing. We manage many of our client’s portfolios and consistently look for opportunities to add value where possible.

If your company can benefit from value engineering and portfolio management, we invite you to contact us for a free no obligation meeting at your location or ours. Call Barb at (647) 493-1894 to arrange a convenient time to know more about value engineering and printing services in Toronto.

The Importance of a Trade Show for Organizations | Canada Print

Trade shows are considered to be of great importance to organizations and their employees belonging to any department like marketing, sales, design engineering etc. Hence if you belong to any career field, trade shows, conferences and exhibitions provide you with the best platform for you to meet people and advertise your product and services. It helps you achieve your organization’s objectives and goals.

Printing services for the PDAC 2019 Conference in Toronto March 3-6, 2019 | Canada Print

Canada Print Services offers local printing services in Toronto for out of town companies exhibiting at the PDAC International Convention, Trade Show & Investors Exchange in Toronto on March 3th to 6th, 2019.

Advanced Design and Manufacturing Expo | Canada Print

Canada Print Services offers local printing services in Toronto for out of town companies exhibiting at the Advanced Design and Manufacturing Expo in Toronto Congress Centre on June 4-6, 2019.

5 Reasons Why Flyers are (still) important in Marketing | Canada Print

Flyers are an important tool for advertisement and they are still used in this high-tech era. They can never be old fashioned as they suit all kinds of businesses and help them to achieve their advertisement goals in an effective way.

Using Local Printing Services Is Good For Your Business | Canada Print

Looking around the internet you can find many reasons people are posting about the benefits of local printing rather than using online printing services. A lot of these are important benefits if you want to really get the best service that you can. Here are a few reasons to think about when looking to use a printing service.

Why you need to participate in Trade Shows and Expo's | Canada Print

Participating in a trade show or expo is a great way to bring awareness to your product, service or business. Now with increases in technology, platforms like google hangouts, live video conferencing and webinars, the effectiveness of face to face interactions at trade shows are even more important.