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Top 17 Video Streaming Websites to Watch Chinese Movies, Series, Episodes, Drama Online Free in 2020

On this page, I’ll show you 17 best websites to watch Chinese Movies, Series, Episodes, Drama Online without cost, with Chinese or English subtitles. What's more, none of them require registration, or installation of an additional video player. Enjoy!

How to Merge MOV Files for Acquiring Uninterrupted Viewing Enjoyment

If you are experiencing terrible experience when watching MOV video segments and want to merge them into a complete one? Read this article, you’ll learn how to merge MOV files and what’s the best MOV file merger.

How to Convert Vimeo to MP3 While Maintaining Original Quality

Got a Vimeo video file and just want the audio files of it? You can convert Vimeo to MP3 files, which maintains audio’s original quality by using specific methods. This article shows you how.

Three Simple and Effective Ways to Extract Audio from AVI Videos

This article introduces three practical tools for you to extract audio from AVI video files and convert the audio files to lossless audio format for better listening experience or any popular format for better compatibility and smaller size.

Top 5 Free RMVB Player for Windows 10

Since RMVB videos are no longer supported by Windows Media Player Windows 10, you have to choose third-party RMVB player for Windows 10 to play your RMVB videos. This article introduces top 5 free RMVB players for Windows 10

Share Awesome Moments - How to Make GIF from YouTube

If you want to share a moment of the video you are watching from YouTube, you should make yourself a GIF, it’s a cool and efficient way. By reading this article, you’ll learn how to make GIF from YouTube with two simple ways.

Transfer Audio Books to iPhone to Read in Piecemeal Time without iTunes

Listen to audio books on iPhone to make full use of your spare time. This article introduces the audio formats that iPhone supports and how to transfer audio books to iPhone for smooth playback.

How to Fix Cinavia Message Code 3 in a Rapid and Simple Way

Cinavia message code 3 is one of the Cinavia protection codes embedded in disc files, it’s designed to protect prevent the unauthorized use or reproduction of copyright material. You can legally and easily remove it for your purchased DVD. This article introduces a simple and powerful cinavia remover and shows you how to use it.

The Best DVD Decrypter Windows 10 for DVD Playback/Backup

One can’t directly copy DVD data due to DVD copy protection, so you have to draw support from a DVD decrypter. This article introduces the best DVD decrypter Windows 10 for DVD playback and backup.

Three Methods of Streaming AVI to Chromecast/Chromecast New/Chromecast Ultra for Perfect Playback

A lot of video formats including AVI are not supported by Chromecast because there are specific codecs that Chromecast supports. Three simple methods that can help you to manage AVI to Chromecast streaming are introduced in the article.

The Most Effective Way to Play WMV on Chromebook

Since WMV files are not supported by Chromebook, you have to convert WMV files to other formats to manage proper playbacks of WMV files on Chromebook. This article introduces the best video converter software and shows you how to play WMV on Chromebook with it.

Multi Angle DVD - What is Multi Angle in DVD and How to Deal with it

Although Multi-angle is a novel shooting method, multi angle DVD is troublesome to the most. In this article, you’ll find two ways to deal with it: remove multi angle on DVD or save the main movie and the multi angle scenes individually.

Recommendable Google Drive Video Formats for Video-to-Google Drive Storage & Playback

In order to solve video files can’t upload/play issues on Google Drive, this article introduces right formats for Google Drive and shows you how to convert any video files to Google Drive video formats.

Recommendable Google Drive Video Formats for Video-to-Google Drive Storage & Playback

In order to solve video files can’t upload/play issues on Google Drive, this article introduces right formats for Google Drive and shows you how to convert any video files to Google Drive video formats.

3 Practical Ways to Fix Google Drive Upload Slow for Large Media Files

Google Drive is a popular online storage, but people are faced with Google Drive upload slow issue from time to time. Three practical ways of solving it are introduced in the article.

MKV vs MP4 - Which is Better in Different Criteria for Comparison

MKV vs MP4, which is better? In this article, I’ll tell you the answer based on three criteria for comparison, and show you how to convert MKV to MP4 and Vice Versa with a useful tool.

320kbps vs FLAC – Which is Better and How to Convert them to each other?

As a music enthusiast, you must have encountered 320kbps MP3 files and FLAC files. Do you know “320kbps vs FLAC, which is better?”. This article tells you the answer and introduces a useful tool to convert FLAC to 320kbps and vice versa.

The Best Free Vimeo Ripper for You to Rip Vimeo Videos in a Practical and Easy Way

Have you ever been to the situation that you come across a fancy Vimeo video but you were at a loss what to do on how to rip it to your PC? It can be an easy job with the right Vimeo ripper. In this article, I’ll show your three free and useful Vimeo rippers, and how to download Vimeo videos with them.

The Best YouTube Uploader that Solves Upload Issues in Non-traditional Ways

Whenever you have trouble uploading videos to YouTube, you might draw support from some YouTube uploaders that you find online. They don’t help much sometimes, I’ll tell you the reasons and show you how to tackle the problem permanently with a perfect tool.

[Review] 2019 Best 10 Websites for Full Version Giveaway Software Download

Sites for giveaway software are not just some free software download sites, thanks to them, you are given chances to try out paid software before payment. This article introduces 10 best free full version software download sites and offers WonderFox Soft software freebies.

With or without OGG Player – Play OGG Files on Windows 10/8/7…in Three Effective Ways

If you try to play OGG files on Windows Media Play, you’ll wind up in failure because OGG files are not supported by Windows Media Player. This article not only recommends some good OGG players, but shows you a better way to play OGG on Windows – convert OGG to MP3.

The Best 3 Free Bandcamp Downloaders to Download and Edit Bandcamp Music with Ease

Have you ever tried downloading Bandcamp music? The download links provided by the Bandcamp are not so convenient. In this article, I’ll tell you the perfect answer for that – Bandcamp downloader. The best three Bandcamp to MP3 converters for you to download and even edit Bandcamp songs are introduced in the article, they are all practical, clean and easy-to-learn.

Accomplish a Perfect Google Photos Video Upload with a Practical Google Photos Video Uploader

“Does Google Photos store videos?” that’s a common question of most Google service users. The answer is yes. But how to accomplish Google Photos video upload in a fast and stable way? This article gives you a perfect answer – A proper Google Photos uploader.

The Best AVI to WebM Converter for Splendid AVI Webpage Playback

If you’re trying to upload AVI files or embed AVI videos to your website, better do so in a more appropriate way by converting AVI to WebM instead of the direct upload because WebM is much better than AVI in the compatibility with browsers. I’ll show you how to manage a perfect AVI WebM conversion with the best AVI to WebM converter in this article.

PS3 Video Converter: Make All Your Videos PS3 Playable

Having trouble playing a video on PS3? It could be the result of unsupported video file formats. Converting your videos to ps3 supported video formats is the best solution. I’ll introduce a perfect PS3 video converter to solve your problem and show you how to properly operate it step-by-step.