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What You Should Know Before Taking Vitamin Supplements

A lot of people take vitamin supplements whether on a daily basis or occasionally. Many of them take such supplements to ensure that they are getting the right nutrients necessary for good health. Most vitamin supplements can be bought and taken with or without a prescription from the doctor.

Blog Medical Prescription in Cleveland, Ohio

When you are at your local pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio, there are many different choices of medications available to you. However, they can be broken down into two different categories. You have the pricey brand name medications and you have the more affordable generic medications. So, why are generics so easy on the wallet?

What You Need to Know About Medication Dispensers

Independence is a valued condition for our aging loved ones as they prefer to live at home in the years ahead. However, when they’re taking medications on a daily basis, they can be at risk for non-adherence due to forgetfulness, diminished dexterity to take the correct dosage, and not having their medicines refilled on time.

Tips: Ensure Medication Safety in Your Home

Our medicines help treat illnesses, pains, and discomforts. For that, we make sure that our medicine cabinet is well-supplied with the basic treatments for fever, cough, and infection, among others. However, when the medicines are not taken as required, they can also be unsafe.

Why Your Family Should Get Flu Shots Each Year

How necessary is getting flu shots for your family? This question can be pressing for parents like you. When it comes to your family’s safety, you would want to know of more ways to protect them from harm, illnesses, and infection.

As a Pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio, we encourage you to ensure that every member of your family is getting flu shots. It is best to take this vaccine every year. Here are the advantages of getting flu shots as a family.

Essential Supplies for a Diabetic Patient

Diabetic patients need to be always on guard with their blood sugar level. This is part of the health care monitoring that our Pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio can help them with.

Do you have diabetes? If you are, you need to ensure that your diabetic supplies are always complete.

Improving Your Cholesterol: Top 3 Lifestyle Changes

High cholesterol can increase your risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases. Medications can help improve your cholesterol. However, if you would rather make lifestyle changes to improve your cholesterol, Tony’s Pharmacy lists down 3 changes that you should consider.

Tips: Daily Diabetes Management for Life

Being diagnosed with diabetes can be discouraging at the start. Yet, it’s important to remember that diabetes is a manageable disease. There may be no complete cure for diabetes yet, but you can still live a quality life with proper management. When it comes to implementing diabetes management care, you are the most important person in the team. Ensure that you do your part in learning about diabetes and researching more about the condition.

Why Should You Try Special Packaging?

If you take a lot of pills and don’t enjoy sorting them yourself, this service is for you. Of course, those are not the only features special packaging has to offer. Tony’s Pharmacy encourages you to try this option, because:

4 Easy Ways to Remember to Take Your Medication

So, you have to take several medications at different times of the day. How do you manage to not miss a dose? Tony’s Pharmacy, a reputable pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio, offers some tips that may be able to help you.

4 Changes in Your Diet to Combat Spikes in Sugar Level

High blood sugar level often leads to serious diseases, and it can be dangerous if left unmanaged. But there are options for prevention. Medications like metformin help regulate blood sugar. Consult a pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio, to learn other medications that help stabilize blood sugar.

Tips to Stick to Your Diabetes Medication Routine

To keep your blood sugar levels under control, you need to take your diabetes medications as prescribed. However, we also understand that there are instances where you tend to forget about taking your medications for some reason.