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Step2 Direct is the longest serving distributor for all Step2 products within Australia.

Toys That Can Help Kids Get More Exercise

If you want your kids to get enough exercise, all you really have to do is give them something that will keep them entertained while they are moving, just like this kids ride on toys from Step2 Direct. There is no need to make things like getting exercise a chore, when it can be more fun than the thing that prevents them from getting exercise in the first place.

How To Inspire Your Kid’s Imagination?

If your kids love to play with toys, you can always consider getting them different toys that will help raise their creativity skills, such as the kids easel set. With this set, your kids will start to pain different pictures, and use their imagination as they come up with different stories in their head while transferring that onto the paper.

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How To Encourage Your Kids To Play Outdoors?

The most important thing about kids playing outdoors is that their immune system will become stronger. Of course, this is very good in the long run, as your kids will be less sick and have an overall healthy physic.

We all know that kids do not understand what is good for them, they are just kids. Maybe your kids are not the fan of the outdoors, and you do not know what to do. Well, you could always consider purchasing them a toy that works only in the outdoors, such as the swing and slide set, or any other toys your kids show interest in.

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This Is Why The Children’s Playhouse Is The Best Toy

Today, there are so many toys for kids, that it could be rather difficult to choose a toy that is perfectly suited for the little ones. Of course, there are a lot of things that you should take into consideration, from their age to their interests, but there is one toy many believe it is the best option for toddlers and preschoolers.

The kids playhouse can be rather entertaining and there are many stores who sell the finished product. You can check out the online stores that deliver to your doorstep, or you can go to your local store instead, whatever is the easiest for you.

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Best Toys For Kids To Expand Their Imagination

There are all kinds of toys out there that can provide quite a lot of entertainment to kids, but the best ones are always those that will allow them to use and expand their imagination more than any other toys, and getting your children a kids playhouse is definitely something that every parent should do.

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Safety Guidelines When Choosing Toys For Babies

Toys are the joy and treasure of every child. Kids tend to put anything that fits their mouth, thinking it's food or they're just really curious if it tastes good. Just because you're scared your child might swallow any small object from toys, doesn't mean you shouldn't buy them one. Toys also help in developing the skills of children. Choosing the right type of toy is important to keep your baby safe from swallowing or choking from small objects that come with it. You should also consider the chemicals that can come in contact with your baby's skin.

You can buy toys online Australia from Step2 Direct, most of their toys have specifications to assure you of quality and safety.

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Why It Pays To Give Sports Toys To Your Kids

In this digital age, a lot of children no longer get to have quality kids sports toys from Step2 Direct for them to play with. Instead, kids tend to prefer smartphones, tablets, and computers wherein they’ll find games and other activities to play in. And while exposing your little ones to gadgets are okay from time to time, extended use of any gadget results in pressing concerns involving the children’s mental and physical health.

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Five Answers Why Toys Are Important For Children

Because of the possible health risks from exposure to too much radiation, it is always recommendable to have children play with toys that they can touch and play with outside the convenience of their homes. Things such as kids outdoor toys that are offered in various toy stores across the globe with the pursuit of enhancing or developing the skills and abilities of children.

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Amazing Hot Wheels Push Around Racer For Kids At Step2 Direct!

Amazing Hot Wheels Push Around Racer For Kids At Step2 Direct!

Watch as mini racers speed off in style with the Hot Wheels™ Push Around Racer by Step2. With realistic Hot Wheels™ styling and decals - little racers can have their very own, life-size Hot Wheels™ car!

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Things To Consider Before Purchasing Outdoor Toys For Kids

Parents always love to see their children having fun with their toys. They believe that it gives educational lessons and unleashes the creativity of a child. But, there are things which need more consideration before parents buy toys for outdoor. As the safety and security of a child is the prime concern, it’s only for the best that parents always look for things that may cause harm.

And while quality outdoor toys Australia are a fantastic way to let children have a good childhood, it does not mean to disregard safety precautions. Toys are usually made of plastics and have been a product of thorough process from different factories. It may have substances within which either is good or bad for the health of the children.

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  • Step2 Direct is the longest serving distributor for all Step2 products within Australia. We are committed to providing a fast, professional and reliable service. Step2 is the largest American manufacturer of preschool and toddler toys and the world's largest rotational molder of plastics.

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