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Updated by Focus Litigation Consulting, LLC on Feb 14, 2020
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Focus Litigation Consulting, LLC

An elite national jury trial consulting firm; Focus Litigation specializes in mock trials, jury research, focus groups & jury selection. Offices in South Florida.

Which Research Protocol Works for You?

The Ideal Research Protocol is to begin with a few of Focus Groups or Case Fact and Issues Studies to acquire the juror and case knowledge that you requirement for settlement discussion and strategy purposes, and after that, in the event, the case does not settle, do Mock Trial research to test and fine-tune your trial strategy.

Speaking on Jury Selection at U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission National Trial Attorneys Conference

Focus Litigation Consulting provided the federal organization with a 1 hour CLE introduction designed to teach attorney members critical voir dire methods on effectively, productively, and precisely seating a case-fruitful jury panel deselecting “terrible” jurors so as to accomplish the most ideal result in a trial.

8 Tips for Using a Litigation Strategist

Jury selection and trial aid are provided by litigation specialists. Valuable services during this phase of the case include construction of questions to select juror who will be more sympathetic to the client’s case. Years of experience in this area inform specialists to design questions that identify jurors’ attitudes, predispositions, and bias

Why Do I Need a Mock Trial Image Consultant?

There is a common body of information that consultant, attorney and client use to define strategy during arbitration. The process also provides valuable insights into the opposition’s options. These insights can be used to position the client for a better outcome.

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Change Of Venue Survey

Some of these procedures include the jury selection process, where attorneys analyze and interview potential jury members on various points of their lives and personality to rid the jury of bias and prejudice.

There are a lot of feelings that come about after a legal trial has come to a conclusion, and these feelings can be a good way to see how the jury came to the conclusion of the verdict. These interviews and inquiries are called post-trial juror interviews, and they can help attorneys and legal consultants get insight into how the prosecuting or the defending attorney can improve their legal dexterity, as well as other things. .

Post-Trial Juror Interviews | Focus Litigation Consulting

Post-Trial Juror Interviews After a verdict, jurors often tell you what they think you want to hear, or filter their comments through social considerations. Where allowed by law, post verdict interviews conducted by one of our consultants allow jurors to relate their true feelings.

Investigative Utility of the Cognitive Interview - Focus Litigation Consulting

The jury selection process greatly affects the outcome of any jury trial. So, if you are looking at a criminal trial in the future, it’s a wise idea to know that how to select the best possible jury.

Best Professional Jury Selection Consultants in Broward

Jury selection consultants are integral to the complicated legal process even much before a trial actually begins. The professionals are responsible for researching the juror’s background, creating their profiles and assisting with the overall jury selection process.

Most Important Elements of the Litigation Process

With litigation, all aspects of a trail can get complicated fairly quickly. Lines can be blurred and many people can get hurt in the process. In layman’s terms, strategic litigation is the process of a counsel bringing a certain party to court and pressing a lawsuit for reasons that imply the need for significant changes in pattern or behavior. The endgame for the trial may not strictly result in monetary compensation alone for the party involved.

How To Conduct a Community Attitude Survey that Works

The consulting firm must be able to draw upon experienced trial lawyers to advise on how best to use the survey findings. Strategies must be developed on when and how the findings will be presented. One page summary of the findings allows the court to view your summarized argument.

The Benefits of Hiring a Trial Consultant

Trial Image Consultants are a very helpful tool in the legal process. There are many benefits that allow you to project the right image and gain an edge during the trial, whether it’s in Denver, Colorado or Jacksonville, Florida.

5 Benefits of Hiring a Litigation Consultant For Your Trial

The lawyers are divided into two categories litigation and transactional. A litigation lawyer also known as trial lawyers represents the client for a case and handles all the responsibilities starting from the investigation, the pleading phase, pre-trials, trials, settlement and the appeal.

Benefits of Litigation Strategist - Focus Litigation Consulting, LLC

To pursue a commercial litigation case is always associated with risks and high amount of uncertainty. The nowadays majority of law firms are opting for a new form of financial aid to bear the cost related to litigation. It is known as litigation financing. It provides with the steady cash flow to bear the operational cost between the client and the firm where they aren’t able to or reluctant to take the financial risks.

Strategic Lawyering and the Benefits of Long-Term Planning

Modern lawyering is now fairly different from what it was more than 50 years ago when Thurgood Marshall won the Brown v. Board of Education case. Now, Orlando litigation strategists are specialized, working on precise legal topics and focusing on specific legal aspects. Hyper-specialization is the centerpiece of modern corporate lawyering.

Using Post-Trial Juror Interviews to Find What Is Important in Trial

Good post-trial juror interviews in Broward will feature systematic questions, usually open-ended, specifically designed to gather more information about the verdict and the legal proceedings behind the case. A good interview will also gather information on deliberations as experienced by each individual juror.

Community Attitude & Change Of Venue Survey At Focus Litigation

Focus Litigation jury trial consultants conduct community attitude & change of venue surveys nationwide & locally in South Florida (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach).

How To Improve Social Science Input In favor of Venue Decisions

Decisions regarding the location of a venue can be imperative in the outcome of a trial. Community attitude surveys are normally utilized at all points during the litigation process. This includes picking an appropriate area to use as the venue. For instance, a change of venue survey in Miami and a change of venue survey in Ft. Lauderdale can be based on the situation of the defendant.

Why Should We Use A Consultant For Witness Preparation?

Using a consultant for witness preparation is paramount because it can help provide more structure and organization within a trial. In an area like South Florida especially, there is always something causing an uproar within the news or community, which can lead to detrimental legal ramifications. Witness preparation consultants in Broward are always readily available to aid those afflicted with the responsibilities of witness preparation.

Know About The Litigation Consultants

According to the expert litigation consultants, the number one question is to determine the nature of the adversary’s interest in the technology. It also includes that one must understand the economic means, and use these two against the strength of its position. Now this can be done in both ways that are passed infringement and the liability in the future. For instance, an individual who has no participation in the invention or is not participating in it, it shall be appropriate to pursue litigation in a special and unique manner.

Reasons Why You Should Work With A Trial Image Consultant

Trial consultants are a prime example of having someone that is both reliable and knowledgeable, making it much easier to depend on their areas of expertise in a court of law. The primary goal of a trial image consultant is to help their clients in preparing a strong case. Say, for instance, there is a trial going on in Jacksonville, Florida, an attorney would use the skills of a trial image consultant in Jacksonville to help offer input on a criminal case.

How Litigation Strategies Affect The Profitability Of Your Business

Businesses encounter a plethora of ups and downs. This comes with the nature of the job, and there are improvements that can be implemented to help improve the morale of your company. As it pertains to legal firms, hiring a litigation strategist can be the difference between a poor business and a great business. Litigation is when cases are taken to a court of law so that a sound decision can be made.

Why Do I Need a Mock Trial Image Consultant?

The consultant must determine if the case is winnable. The consequences of losing such a case must be weighed with the benefits of going into arbitration. In order to make a final judgment, the consultant may engage peers, managing partners, and the entire mock trial team.

Experienced Jury Selection And Trial Consultants

The jury selection process greatly affects the outcome of any jury trial. So, if you are looking at a criminal trial in the future, it’s a wise idea to know that how to select the best possible jury. Although there is no simple formula for picking the right jury, this blog post offers a few effective tips to help you choose the best for your case.

Why You Should Use A Consultant for Witness Preparation

Witness preparation is one of the most important tools a lawyer can use in order to prepare his or her case. This process is particularly important for high stakes cases, where there the financial implications are great.