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Provide a high quality services and products to our customers at the lower cost possible without sacrificing customer service.

Parts, Repair Services, and Rentals - Servicore GS Corp

Whether you’re looking for an aircraft GPU Plug, shear bolts for tow-bars or a PCA adapter, you can count on us to find it for you. May haps you need aircraft potable water truck accessories, we have couplings from AIRLINX and other consumables to help in your operation.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Airplane Air Conditioning?

There are many benefits that come with using the air conditioning provided in airplanes. This is especially so because air conditioners provide extra air to the cabin which can prevent the passengers from fainting during the flight since the human body cannot breathe properly in high altitudes. Turning on the air conditioner also recycles air, lessening the chances of you getting sick on the flight.

The Five Best Pieces Of Equipment For Ground Handling Services

There are many pieces of aircraft handling equipment that perform all of an airport’s tasks efficiently, making the arrivals and departure flights work. These pieces of equipment are sold by many distributors for both private and public use.

4 Different Aircraft Tugs For Different Aircrafts

The piece of equipment mentioned above has actually become obsolete mostly because newer innovations in aircraft tugs can move aircraft faster in a shorter amount of time. The towbar also became an obsolete instrument as well; it has been abandoned by airline companies for a new innovation which is far more sophisticated.

How to get Used airport baggage Trailers for Rent

All machinery has to be maintained to maintain its efficiency; GSE rental companies provide this maintenance to its customers. This relieves much of the burden of having these machines at your disposal because the additional cost for maintenance can get quite pricey.

Online Aircraft Pushback Tractor & Tow Tugs for Sale

There are many advantages to renting used ground support equipment, primarily that customers are paying for equipment that has been used in the field of aviation. You have to think about used vehicles in a different way; it is not the same as a used car. Used equipment especially trailers and other vehicles in the field of aviation is an attraction because it has been proven to work in the past.

Unit Highlights:

• Low noise operation level

The Many Different Types of On-ground Airport Equipment

Baggage trailers have a few requirements that are necessary when transporting luggage to your airline. Airports would not run smoothly if it was not for baggage trailers. That is why backup baggage tractor replacement parts are important to have handy just in case a tractor has complications.

Facts to Consider When Buying a GSE

A ground power unit allows aircraft to connect to a DC or /or AC power source when on the ground. The ground power unit is connected to the aircraft with a 3 phase 4-wire insulated cable capable of handling 261 amps. Mechanics use it to provide routine maintenance such as fuel loading. There also may be a need for critical repairs that grounded the airplane.

Online Airport Baggage Carts & Trailers For Sale - Servicore GS

Looking for aircraft wands and chocks? At SGS, we offer replacement parts and services for luggage carts. Place an order for diesel engine heater @

Advantages of a Fixed Ground Power Supply System

Most people who frequent the airport or travel by air often do not consider what goes into preparing an aircraft for safe travel. This is because most of this happens before you arrive at the airport for your travel destination – it is mostly behind the scenes work that happens while an aircraft is on the ground.

Is Electric Ground Support Equipment Truly The Future of Aviation Industry?

Electric ground support equipment often features an “inching device,” that allows operators to approach the hitches of other equipment in an extremely safe and easy way compared to traditional baggage tugs. It is a small platform that sits on the back of the baggage tug or vehicle and an operator is able to stand on the ledge as the driver positions the equipment correctly.

Refurbished Aircraft Pushback Tractor

Here at Servicore GS Corp, we have the equipment you need to run your ground handling operations. Visit our equipment page for a full list of the equipment available, if you don’t see it here please email us your need.

What You Need To Know About Food Trucks Before You Buy One?

If you are going to search for a used food truck then you will need to consider many more variables. Depending on how old your truck is, it might not only need catering truck parts, but it may also require one or more Hobart ground power parts to power your appliances.

How Does An Aircraft’s Air Conditioning Work While The Plane Is On The Ground?

When an airplane's engine is not on, and therefore its A/C is not running it usually will be hooked up to an external power source that will pump in conditioned air. These aircraft air conditioning units or ACUs can be as large as a van or larger and are wheeled up to a parked plane to provide air conditioning.

Online Aircraft Cleaning Supplies, Airport Ram Safety & Tug - Servicore GS

At Servicore GS, we offer baggage tractor parts and services. Order aircraft passenger stairs and ramp accessories online from

BodyGuard - Servicore GS

We are glad to declare the offering of BodyGuard, an aircraft damage prevention system for belt loaders, traveler stairs, freight loaders, and providing food trucks made by TriLogical ™ Airports.

Facts Before Buying Your Ground Power Unit

Surprisingly enough, one of the first follies when it comes to buying ground power units for sale, buyers prefer the one’s price tagged the least. We can’t blame them since investing in GPUs does not come buying and is an expensive affair.

Facts to Consider When Buying a GSE

Ground power units can be purchased, rented or lease. Experienced retailers are available to advise and assist. They are versed in its technical specifications, proper usage, and suitability for a multitude of recommended uses. If a company does seasonal work on aircraft, it may be feasible to rent the equipment.

How to Get the Most of your Electric Baggage Tugs

This is left to the workers to move at a pace that can allow the plane to take off before the passengers have taken their seats. To make the most out of your electric baggage tugs, you want to have a proactive team to load and unload the bags onto the trolley in a safe and timely manner.

The Needs of a Catering Truck

A catering truck is a large van, truck, or trailer that cooks and prepares for a large sum of people. Catering trucks are a lifesaver for any party planner and event. They set up large batches of food at a time in a beautiful display.

Airport Equipment Passengers Often Overlook During A Vacation

Going on vacation might be one of the most exciting occasions a person can experience. Even the day before, the anticipation builds. Vacations are truly an event; from the excitement of being in a new country to the strains of airport security - it’s very rare that you’ll find anything like it.

How Do You Get Water and Power On An Aircraft?

To get water, light or food, our forefathers would’ve had to stop, set up camp and rest before carrying on their journey. Nowadays, we can do all of this while we are still on our journey. We also know where we are going and even have an estimated time of when we should arrive. Similarly, now we are traveling at ridiculous speeds and covering great distances in just a few hours.

What You Need To Know About Food Trucks Before You Buy One?

Some trucks are set up to work with gas which is great, but some machines just will not work with gas. So if gas will work for what you plan to do, then, by all means, consider that. You can save yourself some time and maybe some money by opting to find a truck that utilizes gas appliances.

Things You Need to Know About Jet Engines

Yes, jet engines are massively powerful. But how much power can they generate? The Guiness Book of World Records lists the GE9X engine that is mounted on the Boeing 777 line of aircraft as the most powerful jet engine available for civilian aircraft. When used with a jet engine air starter, the engine produces 134,300 lbs of thrust. Usually, jet engines have a power of 70,000 to 120,000 lbs of thrust.

  • Servicore G.S Corp. provides aircraft ground support equipment worldwide. We are based out of Miami, Florida but we ship through ocean and air, making our services limitless. We offer on site repair and training for your in house staff, ensuring that you don't have to contact us for the same issues again and again. This will also help you in saving big bucks out of your pocket and then you can invest the same for future benefits. Our company also has its own ecommerce, making shopping for gse easier and convenient.

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