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HAR "کام" KO"ٹھا" KARO! Pakistan's online marketplace for getting any and every "Caam" done through trusted people"

“Essential Skills to be an Event Planner | How it Will Give you Success” — Articles For Website

The most demanding and perfect job to become successful is to be an event planner. Usually, people do many efforts to achieve their goals; an event management person can make this possible easily. Those who are in this work field, or are planning to become an event organizer, it’s a carrier which gives incredible rewards in every path.

Guide For Professional Home Services in Lahore

Home services and renovations are the complicated, time consuming and a challenging task. In Lahore when it comes to planning home repairs and renovation then multiple options are around you regarding the handyman, carpenter, and workers. The cost of the repairs and maintenance services varies from area to area like in DHA, Gulberg and Bahria town you may experience the high cost of maintenance services as compared to Shalimar or Nishtar. You do not need to worry about because your best and reliable partner CAAM Solutions will assist you to find the reliable, quality and affordable home maintenance services in your area.

Commercial cleanings services are difficult as compared to domestic cleaning, because it includes the critical and difficult task. Like cleaning windows of a mall or plazas, cleaning apartments, pets control, vacuum cleaning and a lot more. For the commercial cleaning trained, experienced and well equipped staff is required to have a contract with them for the quality of services. CAAM Solution connects the customers with the cleaning services providers in Lahore to facilitate each others to make a good deal.

Are you looking for the maid? Or need to hire a cleaning lady for home? Cleaning services or domestic cleaning is almost the main requirement for everyone. Especially for the working women and living in a big house and its management can not a piece of a single person. For the house maintenance and cleaning, you must need a helper or the cleaners whether on a part-time basis or for a full day it depends on the need and requirement as per the space you have. In Lahore competition is increasing with the increase in the geographical area and population. So you can locate the cleaning services around you easily.

Cleaning and maintenance is a basic need of households, commercial property, apartments, offices, schools, and other public places. Without cleaning services business cannot give the best customers experience and business development. In Lahore geographical area is expanding very fast, a number of new housing schemes residential and commercial are launching and people are moving from side areas to Lahore city. In increase the competition as well as the requirements of basic necessities in which cleaning services is one of them. CAAM Solutions is the customer's priority choice to locate the best house cleaning services in their nearest approach.

Furniture shops and showrooms need furniture movers and services for their customers and suppliers. Some of them have their own furniture delivery services and another hire the third party to get the delivery and cargo services around the city. Are you interest in locating the reliable cargo in your approach? Or looking for the contract with furniture delivery services? CAAM Solutions is your own platform which accommodates you to find the best available options around the city. You can find out the cargo services in your area and contact them to make a permanent or contractual deal.

For small business and for the retailers and whole sellers, transport services are necessary especially good transport services. They need to transport and deliver the goods from their store to the buyers or from the suppliers to other suppliers. For the transportation of goods and to get the delivery and shifting services they need to hire the best and reliable transportation services with the best and insured transportation services providers in Lahore. Now there is no issue to locate the reliable one, CAAM Solution will accommodate you to locate the quality goods transport services in your approach.

You want to shift your house or office from one place to another? Looking for the packers and movers in your approach? Or want to need professional assistance regarding the packing or unpacking services? Here you got all your answers to the questions regarding the packers and movers services around you. CAAM Solutions will accommodate you with the reliable, professional and insured transportation services in Lahore. An expert will give proper consultancy to avoid the damage and risk of loss.

House renovation is such a difficult and challenging task, most considerable thing is to find out expert handyman for the job done. Are you planning to renovate your place? Need expert and skilled labor for the home renovation? All your questions and queries are just solved right away from the single click. CAAM Solutions provide the complete database of the home renovation services providers through their website. Just visit the site and locate the best and reliable services in town in your nearest approach.

Interior renovation and repairs are no doubt a difficult task but the exterior renovation and repairs are the challenging one. When it comes to repair and renovate the house from the outside you have to consider most of the things which may affect the interior of the house as well. It does not look good that from the inside of the house you did the renovation and leave the exterior which impacts the visitors first. You can find out the expert advice and repairs services in your locality through CAAM Solutions.

Packers and movers are professional services to transit the goods from one place to another. In Lahore city, multiple companies are working on this project that they pack you're a product with the professional assistance and deliver it where you directed them. Are you looking for the transport services for the goods delivered? Or need to shift your place anywhere in Lahore? Best and reliable packers and movers services are just one click away.

Are you looking for the best dry cleaning services? Or require the laundry for the business or personal use? All the questions just got the answers right at the platform of the CAAM Solutions portal. We provide the database of the best and professional dry cleaners and laundry services just a click away. We give a two-way platform to our customers and services provider to connect each other and exchange of the services through us. You can locate the best laundry services at DHA, Gulberg, Bahria town, Johar town, and model town, Nishtar, Samnabad and Shalimar as well.

Are you looking for shipping furniture moving services? Need to hire expert delivery services? All your questions got the answers just right at your one click away. CAAM Solutions is a platform through which you can locate the best delivery and shipping services around the city. We help you out with the reliable and trusted names that are committed with high-quality services. In today's era of competition, everyone believes in services and quality, for the growth of business shipping services plays an important role. Whether it relates to the services within the city or to move out from one city or another, quality and secured shipping services are highly in demand.

A huge day with a lot of works. We can’t even say that those tasks are important or just filler but we surely do them. This is why to have extra support just for the wedding days; it makes you feel less tensed and helped.

The wedding event planner is the team that helps you in every aspect. Whether it’s a decoration, have to pick the bridal dress or even with the tits bits works of the home by the parents of the bride or groom.

Difference between the Wedding Planners and Wedding Designer

People say that it is the same. As they both just arrange the wedding events and help us to get the best within budget. Comes up with the best ideas. Cop up with all worries and little bits of problems. They are the extra but most important helping hand at any wedding. Some love to hire them, some people thinks thrice before doing so, and many even don’t hire it, which they regret later on.

The event is a planned activity or occasion to celebrate something or a source for the people to meet and greet. In every society, the event has special importance. Everyone arranged the events according to their own customs and values. CAAM provides a platform where customers and event planner can interact easily.

Wedding day, a day, this is so special for the couple. Every couple becomes more excited and joyful for their wedding day. They plan together about all the wedding decorations that should be done properly and according to their dream wedding style. Some may choose a perfect theme for this, or others just want simple and decent stuff on that day. Just to make it unique and memorable, the decorations and management should be on point. To get perfect decor, you must think of a style or theme that you want for the particular day of the wedding.

Top 5 Events | Offered by Event Management

These are the ongoing normal functions nowadays that people celebrate normally. But hiring an event management company, you can have more fun and thrill added to your party and day. So, bring colors to your function through all Kaam (work) done by our team workers.

It’s your big day, and all you required and wished for this is “TO BE PERFECT”. From food to decoration, dress to jewelry, invitation cards to staging outlook. Everyone wished it to be perfect and to the point. This is a big day, and for big days, huge responsibilities are sat on your shoulders. Parents get worried for little matters and the mood swings go on.

It is not an easy go way to just hand over your best day to someone with all trust. Now a day, there are many frauds then actual work. People say that they provide this, that and whatnot, at the time of the meeting. But when it’s the time to select one best out of all event management companies, then it’s a tough job.

To have the best wedding decorations for your parties, wedding, Farwell, bridal showers, bachelor's party. Simply call and book your meeting with our very talented and experienced team of

It is not compulsory to make your big day a great fuss of money investment. If you are much creative you can utilize things from home. To make a great outlook of the stage, the entrance of the hall and even the whole hall/marquee. To go with easy steps only a few can outrageously build something new out of old. But for the ones, who don't know, here is a list of all those things you can use to have your wedding decorations a huge blast:

Many big organizations arrange meetings to discuss important points at a high level. Even they do it, especially when a great honorable guest is going to come up on stage for a few words about the company. But to make a professional effect, they do arrange it outside in a profession place. There are many places where you can set the corporate events easily. But the important thing is, book it first on time.

Event management responsibilities stuck here when it’s a talk about financing. People get worried a lot to give money. And still, require the best of all. Now the thing is, much the honey, sweetest the dish will be, must have heard this quote. The best part is, to provide them outcomes from every budget. Ask the family about their finance set and at the spot tell them the outcomes will be this. Do this through homework from pictures and rough estimation.

Responsibilities are a great thing to accomplish on time. As imagine if you forget, what to keep in bag and what not? Disasters can take place at the very moment. The same is the case with the team of the event planner. They have many tiny aspects to be noticed that can affect the whole event badly. Yet, they can set it on time with all perfections, but trust me; the guilt never leaves you after that.

Top 5 Home Repair Services provided by

Everyone hesitate to indulge their hands-on electronic devices or boards to fix anything. Whereas, our experienced and highly professional team workers, are trained enough to do your task within minutes. It has been observed that finding a man to fix in the refrigerator, Air conditioner, microwave, baking machine or other electronic equipment is very difficult now a day. Some say that they don’t have any idea about the latest technology or many even complain that they are charging too much. So, people are the only company that will come up with all your requirements with positivity and respect, even in suitable charges that benefit both.