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24 Hour In-Home Senior Care Services

Newport Home Care takes great pride in providing the highest quality home care at competitive and affordable rates. By using licensed and qualified professionals, caring for yourself or your loved one is no longer a frightening responsibility.

7 Questions to Ask Yourself When Looking for Senior Care

Finding the right senior care can be overwhelming and confusing for families and seniors. Here are 7 questions to ask yourself when looking for senior care.

7 Questions to Ask Yourself When Looking for Senior Care

Senior care involves addressing the emotional, psychological and physical well-being of an aging adult. Finding the right senior care can be overwhelming and...

How to Ensure Complete Home Safety for Alzheimer’s Patients

Alzheimer's patients need to be handled with patience and compassion, in the comforts of their homes. However, the home environment which was once safe for t...

Welcome to Our 24-Hour Home Care Services in Newport Beach

We provide high-quality 24 hour in-home care services to our clients in Newport Beach, CA. We offer rates starting at just $19/hour and a FREE in-home assessment.

How to Deal with Dementia Patients who is Aggressive | Newport Beach, CA

A dementia patient takes time to collect words and communicate. So you need to be patient when they are speaking to understand them in the right way.

Early Signs of Dementia: Things You Need to Know

If any older adult you know is experiencing any dementia symptoms, it can be an alarming situation. Here is a list of early signs of dementia you can follow.

5 Signs You May Need Senior Companion Care

Here are 5 signs indicating you may need senior companion care:

7 Tips to Prevent Social Isolation in the Elderly

Social isolation and loneliness in seniors affect approximately one-third to one-half of the elderly population. Here are the 7 steps to help senior loved ones avoid social isolation.

Preventing Alzheimer's Disease: All You Need to Know

People often get worried about developing Alzheimer's disease or an associated dementia disorder as they grow older. Researchers are learning about various approaches to prevent or delay Alzheimer's.

How Does Reminiscence Therapy Help Seniors with Dementia?

People with dementia suffer from a short term memory loss, but they can still recall older memories. Reminiscence therapy is found to be very helpful to seniors with dementia.

Senior Fall Prevention: Things You Need to Know

All of us know how risky falls can be for older adults. Since the risks are severe, many seniors and family members want to learn about effective senior fall prevention methods.

Fun Halloween Activities for the Elderly Loved Ones

Halloween is a fun time to dress up for the night and try to scare friends and family. Here are 5 Halloween activities for the elderly that will help you make Halloween memorable for them.