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EyeOn, LLC

EyeOn, LLC in Snoqualmie is a company that specializes in Magnetic & Optical Recording Media. Our records show it was established in Washington.

Pole cameras are becoming the route for inconspicuous surveillance. You can place them anywhere in the vicinity without them being spotted. In fact, these cameras will lower crime rates significantly because of their ability to capture perpetrators on film without being noticed.

Investigators can use video footages for clues that create forensic opportunities. Surveillance systems such as CCTV are a quintessential tool in crime scene investigation, that can also accelerate the speed of the investigation solving time.

One of the devices that hold utmost importance for law enforcement is a tactical video camera. These cameras allow military personnel and police forces to safely peer into the most dangerous, darkest, and remote places during tactical operations.

Rapidly investigate rooms with insignificant physical site arrangement or unsettling influence with tactical pole cameras. It’s gotten so much easier to look into the rooms and investigate even in the darkness with this remarkable product.

Wireless video surveillance systems are what you need to upgrade to. These tactical camera systems come with various ground-breaking features to help officers in their operations to effectively monitor hazardous environments.

Camera poles can be used for taking pictures of architecture, sports and for promotion. For all these you may need to get your camera up. You can get poles that can let you take pictures up to 10 feet, which is an excellent advantage.

A pole camera would then help you to achieve the desired objective by giving you access to images. You can simply hold the pole in an upside-down manner and witness all that is going on inside the side you see.

For law enforcement, incorporating the most advanced and efficient gear is crucial to ensure their safety and improved practice. One of the recent innovations that have taken the military world by surprise is a tactical video camera.

EyeOn offers one of the best pole cameras mount in Issaquah area. The pole camera mount will attach any GoPro, camera, DLSR, action camera, or even a Smartphone so you can get the shot every time.

Shop for camera poles at EyeOn. Find here best prices of camera poles and buy online. This pole features a motion detector and IR lighting system. Strong, easy to use, and portable carbon fiber telescoping camera pole for aerial panoramas.

Buy Online Surveillance Wireless Camera System

Here are the best surveillance camera systems that allow you to watch the inside and outside of your home from any Internet connected devices. Wireless surveillance security cameras add a powerful extra layer of protection on top of our systems. Keep your home safe with wireless security camera systems from EyeOn.

If you are looking for a criminal during the night in a dark apartment, you would have to work with complete silence. You would need all your safety tools and attacking devices, a night vision and definitely a surveillance camera poles.

Video camera poles are well equipped with an onboard video display monitor, night vision, color or black/white camera head, and a hard-shelled carrying case. If you are looking for a portal camera to view under, above, and around, choosing video camera pole is the right option.

Camera poles are tough poles that are built to provide sturdy, steady security monitoring platform for your house, or any other residential or commercial building. They are designed in a way that reduces the amount of movement that might be found on mere light poles.

Surveillance wireless camera system is a good option when you want a complete security. The main benefit is the convenience and the ability to view a live video feed remotely over the internet. It is designed to perform at the highest level in the tactical law enforcement environment.

The pole cameras record all the events in visual form with clarity which deters the chances of ambiguity. The pole camera comes with an efficient battery charger which will enable you to charge them as and when required. With all the facilities, you no longer have to worry about a difficult space.

The Pole camera mount will also attach with any GoPro, DLSR, action camera, smartphone so you can get the shot every time. Pole camera mounts to fit the ends of round tubes and rods. These all stainless steel mounts allow piece of mind when your camera is in the air.

EyePole Tactical Surveillance For Optimum Safety And Security Where there is a hint of crime, EyePole tactical surveillance is the first to witness the site and seal the evidence with the help of advanced tools and integrated computer systems.

Installing an Eyepole tactical surveillance pole camera at your office or personal establishment reaffirms safety even in the tiniest, darkest, most dangerous and remote corners of your operating environment.

Look for These Configuration Options When Buying A UDC

The surveillance of dark, unlit rooms can become easy with the use of a light scale wireless system that is specifically designed to provide the operators with the possibility to explore activity beyond closed doors. Such scenarios require a pole cam along with an additional investigation support system.

Buy Tactical Cam and Get Free Shipping on EyeOn,LLC

If you are looking to shop for an advanced tactical cam, make sure you think no more and invest in the Eyepole and make covert operations and tactical operation a success every time. So if you want to shop for the advanced tactical camera, make sure you choose EyeOn,LLC Under Door Camera today.

Shop Here Best Pole Cam online| EyeOn,LLC

Fixed pole cam surveillance can incredible help investigators and law enforcement agencies in analyzing and solving their cases. Buy pole cam and surreptitious surveillance camera online at an affordable price.

Shop Best Security Pole Cameras Online | Camera Poles

EyePole is an online store that offers best pole cameras. You can easily buy pole cameras and surreptitious surveillance online at an affordable price. While installing cameras you should keep in mind that you don’t violate anyone’s privacy.

3 Significant Law-Enforcement Equipment Used to Spy

With the advancement in technology, law enforcement forces have also started using smart equipment to take action against criminals. In today's world, it is possible to control the crime, bust the criminals, and take other actions without putting the life of our people in danger.

ameras that are equipped with thermal imaging capabilities are devices that have the capability to translate thermal energy (read heat) into visible light so as to study or analyze a specific object or a scene.