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23 Most Common Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some very common and popular teacher interview questions. If you are planning to appear for an interview for a teacher's job profile, check out these questions and answers.


Teaching philosophy is the gist of your perspective on education. It must reflect the essence of your teaching method, thoughts, and ideas.

You can use the following examples as the reference point around which you can develop your own unique teaching philosophy.

Possible Answer - 1 (For Primary School)
I believe that every child is unique, and a classroom should be an environment which enables each student to understand their strengths and reach their highest potential. By providing students with a safe environment in which they are free to express themselves, we give them a key to unlock their true potential. My teaching philosophy is to include such methods & techniques in our curriculum that help students to express themselves and find their true calling.

Possible Answer – 2 (For High-school)
A classroom is a complex social environment and students must be treated as complex and intelligent individuals. I think that the purpose of teaching is to provide students with a framework with which they can test the limits of their intellectual prowess. I will include methods like debating, activity-based projects, problem-solving games, etc in the curriculum through which students can explore their intellect.

This is one of the more common questions that you may encounter in a teacher interview. Here are a couple of examples that can help you answer this question.

Possible Answer - 1 (For Primary School)
In my view, it is important for teachers to be patient and flexible to manage the unique needs of different students, and discipline is just as important for maintaining order in the classroom.
The most important thing, however, is to have a good perception. If learning issues of children are identified at an early stage, they can be corrected before they become severe. But for that to happen, teachers must have knowledge about learning disabilities and a good perception to identify them.

Possible Answer – 2 (For High-School)
First & foremost, teachers must have superior knowledge on their subject. A teacher whose understanding of a subject is half-baked is inexcusable. Apart from that, a teacher must also possess qualities like flexibility, patience, and discipline which help them in managing the complexities of a classroom environment.

The purpose of this question is to test your classroom management capabilities and to see if you are enthusiastic and passionate about teaching. You can use your creativity and/or experience to answer this question. Here is a suitable example

Possible Answer - 1
I think that a classroom is a perfect canvas for me to share my teaching philosophy. I will create a welcoming & enabling environment in my classroom by putting up a large “Welcome” Poster. I will also put quiz posters and other visual aids to engage the curiosity among young students. Apart from that, there will also be a long list of rules so that discipline is maintained in the classroom.

Possible Answer - 2 (High – School)
To begin with, I will talk to the senior teachers of the school and try to understand the level of understanding of students and also what motivates them. In the classroom, I will have a small introductory session in which I will hand out my contact details to the students. I will also prepare copies of the syllabus, and discuss the same in the classroom so that students get an overview of their curriculum and clear their doubts about the same.