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Updated by US Consumer Attorneys on Feb 25, 2020
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Timeshare Cancellation Lawsuits

Consumer Attorneys Timeshare Lawsuit - See our recent past, current and pending Timeshare Release Lawsuits filed on behalf of our Clients.

Getting Out of a Timeshare Contract When Reality Strikes. by Us Consumer Attorneys - Issuu

So often, the Timeshare sales pitch is so good we fall for the dream. We sign the contract, pay for it and then reality hits and we want to get out of the Timeshare contract. If you are that person, read on to find out how.

Do You Have a General Consumer Problem or Complaint?

Learn how to cancel your timeshare contract – Fill out the quick form here to schedule a consultation. One of our Intake Managers will contact you soon with the steps necessary to get rid of any timeshare.

How to Cancel Timeshare Contract?

The Timeshare Resale market is not "Hot" and it is unlikely there is a buyer ready and willing to buy your timeshare. Be careful about working with specific organizations that offer to "Help timeshare owners" by offering your timeshare for sale or rent. Some of these companies make heaps of grandiose guarantees about getting you out of your timeshare.

How to Cancel Timeshare

Get rid of Timeshare dispute easily with US Consumer Attorneys, we will explain how to cancel timeshare and how you can get out of timeshare disputes.

Timeshare Lawsuit

US Consumer Attorneys is listed in top law firms in San Diego that offer the finest legal advice for a timeshare cancellation. We provide affordable service to resolve the disputes of timeshare resorts, vacation clubs, and other timeshare rentals.

Timeshare fees

Use this calculator to help you analyze your ever-increasing Timeshare expenses. Enter the amounts of your Timeshare Initial Cost, Months of Payment, Downpayment, Timeshare APR, Start Month and Year, Maintenance Fee, and/or any Assessment Fees, then click the Calculate button to see how much you must spend over the next few years.