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Mughal emperor Babur was not a much-acclaimed crusader at his home turf and in fact he is more remembered as a loser of Ferghana who had come all the way to India leading a small army in pursuit of riches, the riches which he had only heard. Leading a small army of just 10,000 warriors he wrote a saga of victory against the might of Rajput warrior Rana Sangha.

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Maintaining Sanctity of Learning – Blog | Saluja Gold International School

Teaching is a noble profession. In fact, the success of any nation depends on young children, how they are brought up, their attitude and mindset etc. But now the catch here is the education system is no longer how it used to be. Schools and educational institute due to the proliferation of materialism have turned into profit-making machines. The children are treated as customers and efforts to foster a healthy student-teacher relationship are totally given a back seat. It is hugely vital that sanctity of learning is maintained so that future citizens of our country develop a selfless rather than a selfish approach towards life. A school should be akin to a temple of learning where children come to learn valuable lessons along with various skills of life.