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FTC and FDA Warning Letter Issued: Is CBD Safe to use Nowadays?

Do you Know that FDA & FTC warning letters arose on false medical claims? The report is focused on fake claims made by few CBD companies on treating diseases consisting of most Cancers and Alzheimer. Click here for more details.

Examining FDA and FTC Warning Letter for CBD False Claims: Is CBD Still Safe to Use?

Do you Know that FDA & FTC warning letters arose on false medical claims? The report is focused on fake claims made by few CBD companies on treating diseases consisting of most Cancers and Alzheimer. Click here for more details.

Recognize How to Deal With Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

Do you Know about CHS?. You need to be capable of know what are the actual Causes of cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. Many more read to in our blog about CHS.

CBD And THC Benefits: Helpful to Cancer Patients ?

Do Know you which marijuana compound is more Beneficial? CBD & THC helping to Cancer patients managing pain, nausea, fatigue and other side effects. To more details visit our blog.

Comprehensive Guide: How To Grow CBD Marijuana

Do you know how to grow marijuana? Here are some best tips for growing CBD marijuana like genetic features, early testing. To learn more, read our blog.

Countries In the World where Marijuana and CBD are Legal?

Many countries in the world have different laws and regulations regarding the use of CBD. Read more to know the Legality status of CBD & Marijuana across the countries.

Is CBD a good option For Parkinsons Disease Treatment?

How can CBD help with Parkinsons Disease prevention and know what are the symptoms and causes of parkinson's disease. To more know read this blog:

What Is Legality Status And Future Of CBD In Next Years?

Do You Know what is legality status and future of cannabis in next years? CBD legal status—a confirmation that its future is bright and beautiful. To see more details, read this blog:

Perfect Beginners Guide: What is CBD And How To Use It?

Do you Know what is CBD? CBD is a natural and wonderfully powerful medicinal property that many people are using on a daily basis. It is available in various forms such as oils, edibles, and infusions. To know more details visit this blog:

CBD Is Legal For Pets Or Not?

Should we feed CBD to our pets? We shared some facts on CBD and how is legal it for your pets. It is one of the 400 chemicals which are found in hemp plants. Read more details in our blog:

Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana

Do you know what is the difference Between Hemp & Marijuana? Marijuana has a higher percentage of THC when Hemp contains very low levels of the psychoactive compound THC. To more details visit this post:

The Most Common and Prevalent Cannabis Compounds

Do you know which type of compounds present in Cannabis? Although all the compounds in the cannabis plant have properties that help in the medical field like THC, CBD, CBN. To know more details read this blog:

Flying With CBD: You Must Know Rules and Regulations Before Fly With CBD

Can I fly with CBD? CBD is legal in some states of the U.S.and a few other countries, there are a lot of countries where it is illegal. To know more information in this blog:

The Complete Guide: How to Make Cannabis Cooking Oil and Use it in Food & Drink

Do you know how to make cannabis cooking oil? If you are a cookaholic then you can prepare your own CBD using basic ingredients and steps that you can use every day. You can use the oil in food and the residue as a part of salad dressing. To more info read this blog:

Texas Stops Issuing License For New Marijuana Dispensaries

Texas has always had a bumpy relationship with marijuana and with the laws concerning it. But in June 2019, a House Bill 3703 signed by Governor George Abbott came into existence that made room for more conditions that qualified for the use of Medical Marijuana. For brief detail read this article.

Police Advice: Check Your Kids Halloween Candy!

Halloween is a fun time for the kids, it is turning out to be a little more stressful than usual for the parents. Johnston Police Department in Pennsylvania issued a warning to check the Halloween candies of kids, as some THC edibles looked similar to a few popular Halloween candies.

Massachusetts Will Plan to Start Marijuana Cafes & Delivery Services Soon

There was a time when marijuana was considered very taboo but On 24th September’19, the Cannabis Control Commission of Massachusetts voted 4-1 to approve regulations that allow home delivery for marijuana for the state. For more details read this article.

Marijuanaspan: Brand story & Review About John’s CBD

John’s CBD was started with the vision to distribute CBD products in Texas and spread awareness about this cannabinoid that can be used to solve and manage many health issues. It is one of the best CBD Distributors in Texas. Today its Omni oil products online as well as in multiple stores across Texas.

More Than 400 Cannabis Business License Suspended by California Govt.

BCC suspends licenses of 394 marijuana businesses. The reason - Tardiness. BCC gave enough time to complete all the procedures in order to get a permanent permit.

Thailand Starts Legalization Process of Marijuana

Thailand citizens might be getting the benefit of growing cannabis at home and selling it to the government. This article briefs you about medical marijuana in Thailand.

The US House Committee Passes Marijuana Legalisation Bill

Last week a House committee approved a bill that legalizes marijuana at a federal level. If the bill passes the senate, many people will be benefited. For details read this article.

DEA Allow to Grow 3.2 Million Grams of Marijuana in 2020

Last week DEA finally drafted plans to allow the cultivation of 3.2 Million grams of marijuana for scientific and medicinal research. Read this article to get detailed info

State Regulators Granted Illinois' License For Marijuana Dispensary

A new year comes with happiness for Illinois because state regulators granted nine licenses for a stand-alone recreational marijuana dispensary. Read it here in detail.