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Fleet Management System

Top Fleet Management Companies

Looking for the best telematics and fleet management company for your business? Get a demo of a FleetUp for a complete telematics solution.

HOS Software

FleetUp provides eld fleet management system to maintain the ELD compliance and one of the best HOS software with GPS tracking. Free Demo Available!

Fleet Management API

This Fleet management API document describes APIs for third-party developers to utilize FleetUp data. Know more about API list and access token.

Workforce Management System

Manage your workforce by efficiently assigning jobs, optimizing work schedules and tracking employee downtime, all in a single fleet management platform.

Smart Equipment Management

FleetUp provides engine specific fault codes directly to your command center so you can plan ahead and avoid costly repair or vehicle outages.

Vehicle Temperature Monitoring

Keep track and monitor temperature, humidity, and battery level of your vehicle with easy-to-install temperature sensors and avoid costly spoilage.

Workforce Management in Fleet Management Solution

FleetUp's has recently developed a Workforce Management tool that is accessible directly from it's FMS dashboard within a single software platform.

Engine Light Status

With FleetUp’s new wave of smart devices, fleet managers can now rest easier knowing why the Check Engine Light came on with real-time diagnostics.

Reefer Trailer Temperature Monitoring

FleetUp announces new line of cargo sensors to monitor your reefer's temperature and humidity levels and transmit a signal that notifies fleet managers.

Fleet Management Platform

The benefits of fleet management platform industry can revolutionize the way companies do business, increasing productivity and efficiency. Know how!

Full Fleet Management System

FleetUp provides full fleet management system that includes GPS tracking, IFTA reporting, and HOS-optimized dispatching with complete visibility.

Benefits of Fleet Management

A cellular-based full fleet management system allows you to improve business performance with actionable and extensive data.

GPS Asset Tracker

Track Portable Assets, Trailers, Packages, Pallets, Containers, Construction Equipment, Mining Equipment, Forklifts and more with our asset tracker!

ELD Compliance

FleetUp's ELD is the first electronic logging device to be registered with the FMCSA. Know how it ensures the HOS compliance in eld regulations.

Fleet fuel efficiency software

Save fuel and reduce costs with FleetUp’s fuel AI dashboard as it measures driver fuel waste and displays actionable data in an easy to digest format.

Fleet Mobility Solutions

FleetUp's Fleet MaaS (mobility-as-a-service) is a tracking system that covers a full spectrum of a business demands in all-in-one single platform.

16 Hour Rule

Understand the benefits that come up with the dot 16 Hour rule and short-haul exception and what the fines and rules are to be fulfilled.

ELD Violation Fines

Avoid ELD violation fines by complying with ELD and understand what should drivers, carriers and fleet managers expect to happen next?

Understand the benefits that come up with the dot 16 Hour rule and short-haul exception and what the fines and rules are to be fulfilled.

Check out the requirements of eld short-haul exemption explained for the operation within 100 air-mile or 150 air-mile radius.

FleetUp Trace is a complete mobile workforce solution designed specifically for commercial drivers that empower drivers with one-click access.

If you have considered using a Bluetooth ELD to keep your fleet and drivers compliant with the FMCSA mandate, we urge you to reconsider.

FleetUp offers a patented, FMCSA compliant suite of integrated telematics, GPS, and electronic logging device (ELD) applications.

Try a free fleet management software demo. Fill out the form to request a demo of fleet management system and hos tracking device.

FleetUp provides the best vehicle fleet management system for the construction industry to build efficiency into your construction fleet.