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5 things to know before you go whale watching – the dos and the don'ts

Whale watching can be a life-affirming experience that will remind you of your own humanity as much as the beauty that Nature harbours deep within it. The beauty that we miss every day in the humdrum of our lives. Whale watching is also a once in a lifetime experience that should absolutely be a part of your bucket list. Here are a few dos and don'ts that you should know.


Time the trip right!

Whale are migrant animals, they traverse oceans every year. Mind you, it's not like going from city to city, they actually cross oceans. Each type of whale has a different migrant pattern too. You may not see blue whales or humpback whales, but you may see killer whales. It all depends on their migration patterns. So if you're planning on whale watching, make sure you time it right to fit their migration patterns. Do your research, or you may be disappointed.


Wear as many layers as you can!

It's colder than you think on open water, especially waters that are deep enough for whales. If you were born and raised in colder climes, maybe you would be able to stand it, but don't underestimate the combination of winds over water and the combined temperature drop around deep water. So wear as many layers as you can. You can take them off, but you cannot conjure clothing!


You don't always have to wake up early.

Like migrant patterns, there are time patterns within a day that whales follow. It isn't like a wildlife safari, where mornings are your best bet at the watering holes. When you're whale watching, try to time it right within the day as well. So, you don't have to always wake up super early.


Find your sea legs!

Travelling on the sea is very different from travelling on land. You may be prone to seasickness and never know about it until the waters turn rough enough. So make sure you stock up with the right medication – preferably anti-nausea medication before you set foot on the boat. Also, remember to listen to your guide at all times. He/she has been doing it long enough to know what is safe, what is doable and what is not. So listen to the expert.
Sri Lanka is an island, so being surrounded by waters all around has its advantages. One of which, is the fact that there are multiple points on the island off which you can take a whale watching tour. So, if you're in Sri Lanka for Wildlife Tours, be sure to check out Nature Odyssey while you're here!


You may not always see whales

Like in a wildlife safari, don't expect to always see the creature you wanted to see. Remember that whales are not creatures that have to surface often. While you may be dreaming of that one awesome photo of a whale surfacing, only to crash back into the water, you may not be able to always see that. So, hope for the best, but don't expect too much! But, you likely have a better chance of seeing pods of dolphins. So you may be vying for one experience and get one that you never knew you wanted!

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