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Updated by Divorce Without War on Oct 10, 2019
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Divorce Without War

Divorce is one family law that shatters the entire family. It can easily disturb both the parents and the children. Want to avoid court hearings and save some pennies? Call Divorce Without War at +1-305-615-3845 for a free consultation and we'll help you in getting through your divorce peacefully.

Divorce Without War Expands Franchise Availability

Divorce Without War® recognizes the importance of each couple’s concerns, needs and priorities, providing couples with an appropriate, private setting to discuss their options. With a full support system and experienced attorneys serving as divorce mediators, Divorce Without War® offers mediation fees at a fraction of what it would cost for a couple to hire opposing attorneys.

What Questions Should You Ask Before Hiring A Divorce Mediator

Asking these questions can help you determine if they are truly a individual to hire for their divorce mediation services in the Miami area. A good law firm that offers these particular services is the Divorce Without War firm. Contact them today to receive a free consultation on what their mediators can do for you!

What Are The Benefits Of A Collaborative Divorce Lawyer?

There are many benefits of hiring a qualified collaborative divorce lawyer, like the ones at Divorce Without War, in the Miami area. Not only does collaborative divorce mean that you are able to avoid any court proceedings, but it also reduces the time and money that goes into the divorce and the impact that it can have on the mental health of you, your partner, and your children.

Experienced Divorce Lawyer Improve Your Case

An experienced lawyer can help you by fighting for more benefits for you. If you choose to file your divorce case alone and get agreed with what is being offered to you, the settlement won’t be in your best interest. However, an affordable divorce lawyer will fight for you and hard work to get the best-expected outcome. You may also get more alimony or this may help to keep more of your income.

Simplify Your Divorce Process In Florida With These Helpful Tips

The divorce process requires you to collect a massive amount of paperwork and records, that includes, birth certificates, property deeds, bank statements, property papers, personal documents, among others. While it’s crucial that you start collecting this paperwork as early as possible and access these documents.

Reasons That You Need a Good Divorce Attorney

In most divorce cases, spouses feel a great deal of resentment towards each other. In these cases, the spouses will reduce communication to almost zero. Poor communication often occurs between friends, siblings, parents or even children. This type of communication is not productive and will not be helpful for the divorce proceedings. A good Attorney Divorce in Tampa will be able to help you communicate with your spouse during the divorce process.

How To Find Legal Help When You Can't Afford A Lawyer?

In some cases, a lawyer will be provided to you, free of charge. You will get a court-appointed Affordable Family Law Attorney in South Florida if the stakes are high – The Supreme Court has ruled that it is constitutional that you have a lawyer to defend you. Usually, court-appointed lawyers work in criminal cases.

Find The Best Divorce Lawyer in Miami

Hiring an experienced divorce attorney in Miami offers you with the best guidance to successfully proceed with a divorce case, assuring you a much better opportunity for more positive outcomes.

Litigation Or Collaborative?

There are many attorneys in the Miami area that can assist you in the process of a collaborative divorce. Miami offers many firms with free consultations for you and your spouse to lay out the details for your separation. Choosing who receives custody of the children, property, and other fees will lessen the stress compared to sorting that out in front of a judge.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce - Divorce without War

Before being able to understand the benefits of hiring a lawyer for a collaborative divorce, you must first understand what collaborative divorce is. It is a type of process under family law that is generally an option for couples who wish to work out their settlement themselves but still want legal representation to ensure they are still protected.

Divorce Without War

Divorce Without War has been providing couples with an inexpensive, peaceful alternative to litigated divorce and family law. We offer peaceful solutions for couples facing divorce and issues relating to divorce.

Divorce Mediation: What Is It and Why Do You Need A Lawyer To Do It?

Divorce mediation is the new and best way to come to an agreement between you and your spouse without the use of litigation. A mediator tends to resolve most divorce issues and in some states is required. You will speak to the mediator in a private and secure setting. Because they are a neutral party, they can adequately listen to both sides and will come up with equal and workable solutions.

Divorce Without War

Divorce can be a messy and elongated situation. There may be some confusion about the process to go about a divorce and finding a lawyer that can negotiate in your favor. The largest concern between spouses are about the assets and where they go.

Methods Of Divorce

Divorce Without War provides couples with an affordable, smart and peaceful alternative to litigated divorce. We guide you through the entire journey, mediating all issues related to divorce.

Hiring an Experienced Divorce Attorney in Miami

Divorcing are likely to take serious issue with property and assets division, and if children involved, child custody becomes major issues. When divorcing, you should choose a divorce attorney to perform all the formalities you are not able to perform yourself. One of the foremost and essential duty of a divorce attorney is to help his or her clients navigate most of the complicated divorce process in the court system. Hiring an experienced divorce attorney in Miami offers you with the best guidance to successfully proceed with a divorce case, assuring you a much better opportunity for more positive outcomes.

  • Divorce Without War has been providing couples with an inexpensive, peaceful alternative to litigated divorce and family law. Divorce Without War guides couples through the divorce process, mediating simple and complex issues related to the dissolution of marriage. Our experienced professionals are trained in facilitating fair agreements between willing participants. We are dedicated to a peaceful, pro-family approach that empowers couples to address concerns and make informed decisions within their own time frame in a safe, informal and confidential setting.

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