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Updated by Kobi Karp Architecture & Interior Design Inc on Sep 20, 2023
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Kobi Karp Architecture & Interior Design Inc

Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design has been providing unique, creative and innovative design solutions to renowned clients.


How to Start an Architectural Design Firm by Kobi Karp

Starting an architectural design firm presents itself as an exciting challenge and new opportunity to share your talents with the world! The steps to building your own business are relatively simple, with hard work, intense drive and a lot of creativity- you will be on your way towards making your idea become a reality!

Why You Should Hire an Architecture Designer for Your Office

Choosing to hire an architecture office interior designer creates the potential to change so much more than just the four walls you see every day. You have the opportunity to enhance your work performance, realign the energy levels to increase creativity and reduce the amount of negative energy that may have previously followed you around like a dark cloud.

Tips for Promoting Your Architectural Design Business

While it may seem daunting at first for an architectural and design firms to create an in-house marketing plan- it doesn’t need to be! Thanks to social media marketing and local networking opportunities in the local area- it is now easier than ever to expand your company’s market reach!

How to Grow and Expand Your Architecture Firm

Expanding the growth of your architecture company does not need to be a challenging experience or drain the company expense account. It does do not matter if you are a new startup or an established firm in your area- you have the potential to take your company to new heights with a lot of talent and a little bit of strategy!

Things To Consider When Choosing An Architect

Are you planning on altering, moving, or enlarging a building? You will need architects to do the heavy lifting for you, no doubt about it. Architects play a very important role in our ability to innovate and create. Whether you want to replace, repair or maintain a structure, they are going to be there for you to carry out your vision. The best architects in Miami will ensure their work is professionally done while being aesthetically pleasing.

Kobi Karp Interview: Were you ever interested in any career other than architecture ?

Check out what Mr Kobi Karp response was, when asked whether he ever intereseted in career other than the field of architecture and interior design.

Kobi Karp Interview: What advice would you give to young people wanting to be architects?

All young people who wants to be an architect, must see this video and find out about the advise given by the award winning architect Mr Kobi Karp.

Kobi Karp Interview: What are some of the unique problems you faced on The Surf Club project?

Find out about the unique problems faced by Mr Kobi Karp during the the surf club project in Miami when he satrted the project.

Steps You Need To Follow When Choosing An Interior Designer

Going with a more specialized firm will benefit you if your project is directly targeted to a single room or part of the house. When remodeling showers, a small bathroom firm may be able to assist you better than a full-on interior design architect.

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As a distinguished residential architect, we have earned accolades for our comprehensive services in architecture and interior design. Our firm is renowned for crafting real estate masterpieces that consistently yield exceptional outcomes in the realm of residential living.