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Updated by Walkin Closets of Florida on Nov 12, 2019
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Walkin Closets of Florida

Looking for Closet Organizer Systems in Miami? Walk-in Florida is one of the leading Closet Installation Company. Now Design Your Own Closet with our Professional Closet Design Consultation. Browse our Exclusive Closet Design collection and get in touch with us today.

What is the cost of a custom closet - Walk-in Closets of Florida

To put your mind at rest, some national distributors like Organizers Direct offer a Lifetime Warranty and a Price Guarantee. To get an in-home estimate of your closets or other storage cabinets from your local Organizers Direct in South Florid.

Full Garage Makeover Combining Cabinets, Flooring and Slatwall

South Florida in garages often play the same role as basements in Northern and Midwestern states, serving as long-term storage, handy or office workspace, or family or entertainment rooms.

Benefits of Custom Kitchen Cabinets & Pantries

If you are in the Southern Florida area and interested in transforming your kitchen you are in luck. There is a company that specializes in kitchen cabinet designs, pantry designs and even closet designs head over to Walkin Closets of Florida.

Custom Pantry Design Ideas to Keep Your Kitchen Organized

Depending on what you want in a pantry, you can always mix and match. When designing a pantry, it is important to keep in mind the amount of space you have and the amount of space you need. Making sure your design tailors your specific wants and needs will make it more accessible and you will adapt better to the changes.

What To Look For When Hiring A Custom Closet Company

The Walkin Closets of Florida is a company dedicated to designing the best possible spaces and ensuring that the projects they are tasked with are completed in a way that provides total satisfaction to their clients.

4 Most Popular Home Office Design Ideas For 2019

Corner office desks are another example of a popular home office idea due to the fact that it has a variety of benefits. One reason why this particular design is so popular is due to the fact that it can maximize the amount of space available in the room.

Laundry Room Organization

Organize your laundry room with custom cabinets and shelves designed by Walk-in Florida in Miami. Our Custom Laundry Room Designer are here to help you. If you are looking to organize your laundry room then contact us now.

Top 4 Unique Advantages of Kitchen Storage Cabinets

With custom cabinetry, we can modify the width of the stile and rail (the pieces that make up the frame) so that they do line up. If you know specifically what matters to you to complete your vision, you should strongly consider custom storage cabinets.

8 Tips for an Efficient Custom Closet Systems Design

An efficient closet should be able to change and adjust depending on the items you put in it. Being able to add more hanging rods if necessary will be a feature you cannot live without. Furthermore, the different seasons require different kinds of clothing. Coats take up a considerable amount of space, so being able to customize for the season will help improve your efficiency.

Benefits Of Having Custom Closet In Your Home

Everyone can benefit from a well-organized space, and every smart buyer is well aware of this fact. While many homeowners pay close attention only to bathroom or kitchen renovations for adding value to their property, don’t overlook the importance and potential of having a custom closet at home.

3 Different Closet Systems for Your New Home

This type of closet is seen a lot in all different types of homes. They do not take much space and can be organized in a shallow depth. Inside the reach-in closet, you can have a vast variety of custom closet systems, a variety of shelves and racks for hangers that should suit your needs.

How Closet Shelving Systems Can Maximize Your Space

There are many companies out there that specialize in closet organizer systems and will deliver the best product as possible, taking into account all your needs. Many people think this kind of service is beyond what they can afford, but in reality, companies like this have a wide range of budgets and it is not hard to find one that fits into yours.

Custom Garage Storage Systems Organizer

Make garage organization easier with smart garage storage closet solutions at Walk-in Florida in Miami. We provide Garage Wall Storage Systems that can be a great help with organizing your garage.

Why Murphy Beds are the Hottest Trend in Interior Design?

Murphy beds are comfortable and add value to your home if you decide to sell it. It is also an item that you can take with you. Many companies that sell and install custom Murphy beds will be willing to disassemble it and take it to your new residence.

Unique and Smart Kitchen Storage Resolutions

Maximize the use of vertical space. Your kitchen storage cabinets need space on your walls and should ensure that it is not too high or low for the homeowner. These high spaces are often empty or covered with paintings and mementos from travels.

Custom Kitchen Pantry Installation | Kitchen Pantry Storage Solutions - Walk-in Closets of Florida

At Walk-in Florida in Miami we offer the best Kitchen Storage Solutions. Our Custom Kitchen Pantry Designer are here to help. Utilize all the available space to truly maximize your storage with a custom kitchen pantry. Give a new look to your pantry with Pantry Accessories & Cabinet.

Benefits of Having a Custom Closet

There is nothing more arduous than trying to rifle through a cramped, unorganized closet. People aren’t always in control of the size of their closet, but for the select few that can help it, having a home closet design can prove to be both rewarding and exhilarating. Closets serve a variety of functions.

Laundry Room Storage and Shelving Ideas

Having sufficient storage in your household is imperative because we all need ample dedicated storage space to store and hold our personal items. Take for instance our laundry rooms. These are rooms in the house that normally get overlooked or disregarded as minuscule or unimportant rooms because we are only there for one reason and one reason only… to wash and dry our dirty clothes. However, for the minority that wants to spruce this area up and implement extra shelving and storage units, this could prove to be worth the time and investment. Laundry room storage cabinets and laundry room storage shelves could prove to beneficial for an active household that is constantly in and out of the laundry room.

Walkin Closets of Florida

Walkin Closets of Florida is a distributor of Organizers Direct, a leading national manufacturer of in-home closet, home office and garage storage solutions. For a free consultation on the design, call us directly at: +1 (786) 999-2043.

Popular Home Office Design Ideas For 2019

There is a multitude of ways that an office can be designed and decorated so that it reflects your style/taste while also keeping it operable. Here are the four most popular custom home office design ideas for 2019.

7 Things to Consider When Hiring A Custom Closet Designer

Good closet companies offer a wide selection of colors, including a variety of wood-grain and textured finishes. Prices vary depending on the finish, but make sure you have options. Smaller closet companies may only have access to a few melamine finishes without the specific color you want.

Things to Consider When Designing a Garage Storage Cabinets

The garage is so frequently used as a catch-all for home improvement projects and off-season gear, these easy cabinets will be well worth your time and money. His is one plan for an easy storage system that can be modified to suit any garage.

Walkin Closets of Florida

Walkin Closets of Florida is a distributor of Organizers Direct, a leading national manufacturer of in-home closet, home office and garage storage solutions. For a free consultation on the design, call us directly at: +1 (786) 999-2043.

The Importance of Choosing Customized Cabinet Solutions

Cabinets are usually instrumental pieces of furniture in a garage. People usually store various items within their garage cabinets so they have to be functional and useful. They are also the most visible pieces of furniture in one’s garage, so getting a cabinet which also looks great is something to consider .

Top Reasons Why Custom Office Furniture Increases Productivity

Our body suffers and we constantly try to find a more comfortable spot. In the process, we lose concentration and can no longer work productively. We are constantly looking for a comfortable position – our back hurts, our necks become strained and our feet hurt. Good, comfortable, ergonomic chairs and custom office desks improve comfort and increase productivity.

  • Your garage is the place where you store most of your extra things. Some might even use it as a workshop for cars or even space to store gardening supplies. You will need an exceptional organizing system to keep everything in place. Need help now? Contact Walkin Closets Of Florida today! We create custom garage storage cabinets, overheard storage racks, shelves, wall panels and much more. Need slider doors? We have them too, we also offer full extension drawers, workbench counter tops and a lifetime warranty. For a free consultation on the design, visit our website or call us directly.

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