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Mobile App Development

Mobile Application will dominate 2019, here we Update the Latest technology List in mobile application development such as IoT, Wearable, AR, Gaming , Augmented reality, and Virtual reality. We at Topdevelopers also introduce Top Mobile App Development Companies around the world. Thus at TopDevelopers, we render simple and lucid searching options so that the visitor gets the best possible result according to their query and search.


React Native Vs. Flutter: The Epic Comparison between two trending Frameworks

React Native and Flutter are the two top cross-platform mobile app development frameworks that are highly rated and widely used to develop applications. It’s safe to place a bet on any of the frameworks, but a selection should be made knowing the strengths, weakness and most importantly the objective. Here we have described certain aspects to help you decide which framework is better suited for your app development project. Making the right decision in selecting an apt development framework could go a long way to help you gain a more comfortable ground in the market with the groundbreaking application.

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We research nonstop and this time on the resourceful Node.js development firms and found these 21 firms first-rate in terms of service and professionalism.

White label vs Custom solution – The parameters to make a wise choice! |

White label App or custom app Development, a dilemma most businesses have today and making a decision to select one would vary depending on the parameters and solution required by the businesses.
Both White label and custom solution have their advantages. So, it’s important to choose your development partner wisely as the quality of the code will depend on the reputation of that company. Things can work or they won’t, so choosing a good strategy is important. We understand that a major part of your budget goes into building a custom app or getting a white label solution, so choose wisely and consider both options thoroughly before you put the hammer down.

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Why Flutter is the Future of the Cross Platform Development?

When you’re creating another application, you’re regularly involved into a troublesome decision: Do you build the equivalent application twice—once for iOS, once for Android—with the goal that you have an astounding background for the two platforms? Or on the other hand do you make one application from a common codebase that works cross-platform over the two platforms, yet doesn’t have the performance or user experience you were seeking after?

Flutter offers a third way: empowering superb user experience with amazing execution, alongside giving you a chance to express your designers’ plan and offer a common codebase. If you ask the expert Flutter developers, they will surely be able to speak at lengths about the features and advantages.

“Mobile development is brimming with trade-offs.”

Whether you’re a business visionary with another application thought, a developer who’s disappointed by the edit-compile-debug cycle of building an application, or a developer who needs to have the option to emphasize on new ideas, here are a couple of reasons why you ought to consider making your next application with Flutter.

Let's see the Features that make Flutter more sorted...

Top Reasons why Businesses ought to invest in On-Demand Delivery App

Since the last decade, the on-demand business model has gained immense popularity. Soon after Uber disrupted the taxi industry, businesses from various industries have adopted the on-demand business model to provide their consumers with ‘on-demand’, ‘same-day delivery’ option.

In fact, there are many on-demand delivery startups making it big day-by-day. Startups like Grofers, GrubHub, Postmates, Lyft, and many more seem to have broken the code to the on-demand success.

In general, on-demand delivery apps are actively disrupting the traditional ways of doing business by ushering the practice of instant gratification of consumers’ demands, making the waiting period for a product or service a thing of past.

Let's see what is an On Demand Delivery App Exactly? and why it will get you excited for launching your own on-demand delivery app startup?

5 Top Mobile App KPIs

KPIs are so very important for the success of the mobile app as they help in measuring and understanding the effectiveness of the app and how effectively it can be optimized to boost the user-base and bring it on the top of its category.
App analysis done through mobile app KPIs is vital for authentic mobile app development process and endeavouring authentic app marketing strategy.

More in Details: 5 Top Mobile App KPIs

The Impact of Mobile Technology in the life of a User

The adoption rate of the mobile technology by people from all classes especially the younger generation has well and truly become a global phenomenon. It is now an integral part of our day to day life and the most popular form of electronic form of communication. This has been a major reason why technology has turned into a social tool and has positively influenced people to organize their work dynamics, family and other important works...

There is no doubt that mobile technology is enriching our lives. It is providing authentic communication facilities to keep the businesses going and filling the void between the near and dear ones. They are instrumental in making business, social and political relations more competent across borders and amazingly bringing the world closer.

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Importance of Mobile App Development: The Marketers Perspective

In the recent past, there has been an acute surge in stature of mobile devices and mobile technology. Over the years, it (Mobile Devices) has evolved from a top driven toy to an immensely operative and functional business tool. With the advent of mobile technology, mobile apps have also become a household name. Studies show that there will be 20% annual compound growth in the global revenue generated by mobile apps. Also on the monetary front, apps will collect about $26.4 billion by the year 2020.
So, as the vitality of mobile apps are increasing, it is mandatory to know the importance of mobile app development from the marketers’ perspective.
Let's know more about mobile app and it's importance.

Immaculate strategies to augment the Mobile App Development process

It is an undiminished fact that the future of technology belongs to mobile. Mobile app development, more importantly mobile apps are playing a noteworthy role in enhancing businesses from tip to toe, irrespective of their size, genre or working method. Whether you look at e-commerce, retail, content curation, etc everybody is on mobile. Customers also are using their smartphones, tablets and other digital devices for navigation, accessing information or connecting with others.
In the present digital age, the mobile app development strategies must be designed in such manners that are highly convenient, relevant and preferable to the user’s need.

Here are the strategies that would help the companies in their mobile app development process.

Mobile Apps Amplifying Digital Marketing to reach its Pinnacle

In general English language “i.e.” means “That is”, but for mobile apps, the alphabet ‘I’ and ‘E’ can be considered as Innovative and Effective. And one can’t deny the fact that the essence of mobile apps is mighty important for the new age Digital Marketing. With the technology advancement, Digital Marketing is continuously changing its facets, but mobile apps are turning out to be the fulcrum and the game changing factor throughout.

With a high demand, organizations in today’s world are clinging towards mobile apps and especially for the marketers; Mobile app is the most vital ingredient in order to fuel their digital marketing process and enhance their customer retention and engagement process. Mobile apps can give your company a clear edge over the competitors by providing cutting edge technology and providing extraordinary services.

Thus, without much ado, let us hit the nail straight on the coffin and see in detail how mobile apps are amplifying digital marketing to reach its Pinnacle.

Data Driven Marketing: an important aspect to Mobile Apps ROI

With the ever increasing business trends and rivalries, the roles of stats and data have become even more pivotal and important. If I would say that ‘data is like oxygen’ for marketers, it would not be an overstatement. Whether it is B2B or B2C mobile app marketing, Data has always been an integral part of it. Moreover, in a word with deep acceptance, digital marketers highly proclaim data to be an important factor for improved returns.

The basic work of this marketing process is to eliminate the guess work and bring in more solidity by providing the needful statistics. This will help the digital marketers to get a detailed and clear view of their targeted customer profiles and their life-cycle.

This brings us to the point of exploring more into Data driven marketing and see its importance in increasing the ROI related to mobile apps...

Importance of Developing a Mobile App for your Business Model

Mobile app development has become so crucial for the modern day companies that it is just like a lifeline for them to survive in this cut-throat competitive scenario. The comprehensiveness and impact of the mobile technology can be gauged from the fact that mobile technology has increased the sophistication among enterprises and immaculately enhanced their work mannerisms and methods. With the majority of the workforce belonging to the millennials, using mobile apps and advanced technology, the employees can work from anywhere and has also increased the trend of BYODs.

Mobile apps are necessary as they play a big part in shaping things for businesses. Therefore, the entrepreneurs and even the big shots have to realize that more the grip and understanding they will have about their business, the more agile and effective mobile app will be developed.

So, let us head straight to our point of concern and understand how having precise business knowledge will impact the process of mobile app development in a positive manner.

Custom Mobile Apps: The ultimate Savior for your Business

Mobile apps are no longer the additional source that would help the companies or organizations to generate revenues. They have now become the mainstay for businesses around the world in gaining momentum and surging ahead of their contemporaries. Statistics also show that more than 80% of the business owners feel that custom mobile apps have helped their business immensely in earning the additional ROIs. Custom business apps can be fully or partially personalized so that their functionalities can suit any business.

The popularity of the custom mobile apps is no alien thing as it has a plethora of advantages that can take the business to its pinnacle. Let us now see some of the most immaculate things that prove that custom mobile apps are indeed the ultimate savior for businesses around the world.

Let us see in details about the custom mobile apps for business.

Real-time engagement with mobile apps: A crucial factor in Branding

To seize the attention of the customer, the organization needs to be nimble in their app branding strategy and mobile apps with their real-time engagement will be the apt ally for it. Although there is a steep increase in the number of app users around the globe, the average number of apps they use frequently is rising by the rate of a mere 0.3%.

As app branding is important not only for the big daddy’s but for the budding entrepreneurs, customer retention becomes a very big factor, and for apt customer retention, it the mobile apps and their real-time engagement that will provide the needful. So, let us take a deep insight and look how beneficial and crucial real-time engagement is for branding.

Let's read more about the real time engagement with mobile apps.

Mobile App Marketing escalating the growth of Businesses Worldwide

Let us start with a simple question: Have you ever wondered why your contemporary businesses are doing well selling the same product as yours. The answer is simple: they are using technology especially the mobile technology as the customers round the world are on the move and use mobile apps for most of their purposes.

The smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices provide plethora of news related to every section of the world, thus mobile app marketing is essential and very important in today’s business world. As far as digital information is concerned, mobile apps are they most prominent way in which people get in touch with the digital world.

Let us now see how mobile app marketing is escalating the growth of businesses worldwide;

The Upsurge and Evolution of Mobile app Programming

Ever since mobile apps made its way among humans, it has been rampant and amazing in the way it has evolved. Humankind owes a lot of thing to technology especially mobile app programming as it has made several things easier, faster and accessible. Ever since mobile phone burst onto the scene for the first time, it has been the fulcrum to technology evolution and is taking giant strides with every passing day. Today, as programming constitutes the major part of it, the evolution of mobile app programming holds a major role in upscaling it and making what it is today.

Let us have a detailed insight into the evolution of mobile app programming and see how it has positively affected the world.

Overcoming Critical Challenges in Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is a diverse field. It consists of various aspects, over the past few years, mobile app developers have simplified the process by making constant upgrades in various development plugins and tools. However, this field poses several challenges to all the novice as well as expert developers equally. Let us discover a few challenges that you might commonly face during mobile app development.

The need to adopt Agile App Development

With the evolution of mobile technology, there is a steep increasing the method of devising a mobile app. While some of these methods adopt a generic approach, others involve a more complicated process. Keeping this in mind, the mobile app development companies most preferred method is Agile App Development. The method is popularly known as the wholesome process of app development in the computing industry, which involves the aspects right from ideation to testing.

Now, Agile App Development process offers several benefits related to not just development but extends its positive effects towards customer satisfaction and team effort utilization. Let's see the benefits that it has to offer.

The impetus provided by Role based App Development

Mobile app development has seen some amazing changes over the years as it has evolved and blossomed to the core. Over the years the companies have been heavily relying on providing the best possible services to the customers in order to obtain a subtle customer base. The usage of mobile apps is becoming increasingly popular amongst all categories of organizations and businesses as it gives them a more synchronized and organized platform to perform their operations.

Role-based app development will play a pivotal role signifying and upgrading the involvement of the employees to a level so that they would be more useful and mature according to the organization’s need. It would also give a complete bifurcation about the role of the app in a hierarchal order so that the essence of the app goes down well with all the employees.

In the present business world which is highly competitive, the app needs to yield the best service from the word go. As the modern age customers have a plethora of options to select from, the companies need to be stringent in their approach in order to provide the best possible experiences to the customers yielding optimum results from enterprise mobility.

The Recipe to Develop a perfect Mobile App

As mobile apps are necessary, it is also necessary to develop mobile app in a correct manner so as to provide the correct momentum to the product. Mobile apps are fairly necessary to provide the much needed platform to the product so that it will have the best possible customer base. So what do they need in order to stay in the competition? The smart answer would be to be unique rather than being the best. And for being unique they need to have a competent technique to develop like the top mobile app development companies do.

Building a perfect mobile app needs precision from the word GO, as it is a niche process and needs finesse to the core? Therefore, let us understand the things and the recipe to develop a perfect mobile app.

5 magical qualities of a good App Developer!

Finding your right candidate who will don different roles of artistry and improve your business is indeed something that needs to be done with caution. Well! There are a few aspects that can point who can be your best app developer. The leading mobile app development companies today will have ample of knowledge and experience of looking for the best app developer differentiating the good from the best and then provide ample of opportunities to learn and grow further.

Let’s now get to know how to choose that multifaceted and highly creative app developer for your business.

Top 13 Trends in iOS App Development for the Future

With mobile apps serving multiple benefits in everyday life, the use and demand of mobile apps are surging. Apple undoubtedly controls one of the largest store for mobile apps i.e. the iOS App Store. There are hundreds of additions to the App Store every day. But it should be noted that the apps added to the App Store has to undergo a very strict process of approval and not all the apps are approved. There are strict guidelines to be followed and any app that does not follow the guidelines will not be approved. Apple is always known to provide a certain quality in its service and with App Store as well you can expect the same. With dynamic changes happening from time to time to fit customer demands and expectations, iPhone app developers need to keep in mind the creativity, productivity, and performance that an app needs in a highly competitive market.

If you are looking for inspiration to create a new app and want to be listed among the elite iOS app developers, you can check out these top iOS app development trends for the near future.

Top 4 Material Design Trends for Mobile Apps

The landscape of UI design is ever evolving to provide a refreshing look and feel to the digital solutions, be it website design or mobile app design. You never know when today’s design trends will become tomorrow’s faux. Keeping up with the design trends is all-important for the mobile apps to gain and sustain the prominence in the market.

Take a glimpse of material design trends that have taken mobile app industry by storm and definitely going to stay in the coming years:

Top 5 Aspects Where Android Oreo Fares better than Android Nougat

By and large, software upgrades are always touted to be better than the predecessors, no matter what the end result would be. It’s true in the case of Android 8.0 as well.Yes, Android Oreo that made its debut to the world after Android Nougat has made it easier for the efficient Android App Development Companies and also improved the Android user’s experience.

Android Oreo release has been amazing without a doubt, but still, there’s one thing that could make it more interesting. What’s that? It’s the major improvements that are packed in Android Oreo, which makes the latest Android OS release out do Android Nougat.

Let’s dig deeper to know the eye-catching improvements done in the Android 8.0...

Why is the demand for Mobile App Development Companies in India increasing?

Across the globe, mobile interactions are all the rage. With increasing mobility, the mobile app development companies are also increasing at a high pace that’s making market cluttered with plenty of options. It has become challenging to narrow down the choice to one. Is it true? Of course, in most of the cases.

Among the sea of app suppliers that are scattered around the world, the highest density of the app developers is found in India. Yes, India is the hub of app development and it’s the first name that comes to the mind of entrepreneurs when they wanted to get a mobile app built with a right mix of technologies, talented resources, and development methodology.

Take a look at the benefits that are alluring the businesses with an app idea to Indian app developers.