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Resources for Diversity in the Classroom

Some resources I may use when I become a teacher to promote a diverse and equal classroom.

I'm New Here – Charlesbridge ( Informational text: book)

Starting over at a new school is hard, but when you are the child of an immigrant family and don't speak, write, or understand the language, friends help. Maria, Jin, and Fatimah are new to their American elementary school. They feel lost and alone, but soon they start realizing how much in common they have with their other classmates. Their classmates and teacher are really supportive and help the students feel more comfortable. Throughout the story, the children are able to learn a lot about different cultures and realize that friendship has many faces.This book will help immigrant students feel more comfortable and will help the other students be more aware of how the new students are feeling. This story will also help teach the class about different cultures. This relates to class because we learned all about immigration and the immigrant children in classrooms and what they have to go through.

Bullying Awareness Campaign ( Multimedia )

This video brings awareness to bullying at school. It talks about the percentage of students being bullied and highlights the areas where most bullying occurs. It also tells students it is okay to talk to adult and tells them not to be afraid to stand up to bullies. This video relates to class because we watched a PSA on bullying and how it affects students.

NEA - Strategies for Closing the Achievement Gaps ( Informational text )

The National Education Association wrote a paper on their website all about closing the achievement gap. The achievement gap is the observed difference between educational performance among subgroups of students in the U.S. The text gives information on how teachers can help close the gap. Some examples are strong district support, supportive schools, comprehensive support for students, etc. This relates to class because we talked about the achievement gap and how we need to close the gap.

Exploring Cultures in Your Classroom: Fun Activities to Try ( Resource for teachers )

You can celebrate diversity, and engage students in the study of different cultures, with these interactive activities. This website gives teachers helpful ideas on how to incorporate culture into their classrooms. It lists activities that can be used in the classroom to help teach the students about culture in a fun way. Some activities include teaching the students a new phrase in different languages, making art projects based on different cultures, eating snacks from around the world, etc. This resource is really helpful to teachers and relates to what we learned in class because we discussed the importance of embracing students culture in the classroom. We also discussed some of the different cultures that we may see in our classrooms.

National Domestic Violence Hotline | Get Help Today | ( Resource for parents/community members)

National Domestic Violence Hotline can help victims, survivors of domestic violence. Call 1-800-799-7233. Chat w/ an advocate on our website. This website and hotline is a helpful resource for parents and community members who are victims of domestic violence or have witnessed it. This hotline is a safe place to call when someone is in need. The website also shares stories of survivors, gives help to victims, teaches people how to get involved to help stop the violence, and makes the website safe so no one can monitor what they are doing. This relates to class because my group gave a PSA presentation on domestic violence.

How To: Recognize The Warning Signs of Child Abuse and Neglect - Teachingcom

Statistics show that in the last year approximately 1 in 10 children have experienced some form of maltreatment.* Teachers and school staff are have a unique ability to monitor children's health and well-being on a daily basis. Sudden changes in mood, behavior, or health may only be apparent to those closest to the child. Many abused or neglected children are too young to articulate what has happened to them, or to understand right from wrong. Even teenagers may not understand that it is illegal to be sexual with adults or beaten by a parent. This website provides a helpful guide for teachers to see the signs of child neglect. This is important because as a teacher you need to be there for your students and report any signs of abuse or neglect. This relates to class because we saw a PSA on child neglect and we also learned about our role as teachers to report anything we see that can harm the students.

Teenage pregnancy: Helping your teen cope - Mayo Clinic

Find out how to help your child deal with teenage pregnancy. Teen pregnancy happens all around the world, but the United States has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the western industrialized world. Teen pregnancy can be really hard on students and make them want to drop put of school. This website is a helpful resource on how to help teens cope with the pregnancy. Some methods are to provide support, discuss the options, promote proper prenatal care, prepare for the future, etc. Teen pregnancy can be a huge stress on students and they need support and people to help them out in a way they can. This relates to class because we discussed teen pregnancy and how it can affect the students.

Welcoming Immigrant Students Into the Classroom | Edutopia

Since all immigrant children are guaranteed K-12 access under U.S. law, let's build relationships with students and their families, as well as relevant, inclusive curriculum. Immigrant students can feel left out and alone. As teachers, we need to make sure we provide support and care for all of our students. We need to include everyone and make sure the students feel welcome and safe. This text includes helpful ways to include our immigrant students and ways we can help them out. This relates to class because we discussed immigration and discussed how new immigration laws can start affecting our students.

Bookshare | An Accessible Online Library for people with print disabilities

Bookshare makes reading easier. People with dyslexia, blindness, cerebral palsy, and other reading barriers can customize their experience to suit their learning style and find virtually any book they need for school, work, or the joy of reading. Bookshare provides free membership and helps students with learning disabilities enjoy reading. It is an amazing resource that helps students in need . This relates to class because we discussed how students with disabilities may need more help in the classroom and we as teachers need to make sure they get the help they need.

Coco Official Final Trailer

Coco is a great movie about Hispanic culture. This movie will be a great way to show students about a different culture and their customs. This movie will teach students about the holiday Dia de los Muertos ,or Day of the Dead. It will help teach diversity in the classroom and show students other customs that different cultures have. This relates to class because we learned about the importance of diversity in the classroom and how we should embrace student's cultures.