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Resources on diversity in my future classroom

Ten Resources to use in my classroom to teach diversity.

The Colors of Us- by Karen Katz/Read Aloud by Sheri Alcordo

This endearing story, of a girl and her mother who take a walk to discover the delightful differences of skin tones that make the world beautiful. This story can be read as a way to enlighten children that there are different skin tones and that each one is beautiful. This story shows that everyone has different skin tones and there is nothing wrong with that. In class we discussed how skin tone and assuming someones ethnicity based on that skin tone is wrong.

Anti-Bullying Elementary School Video (Dunsford)

Grade 6 classroom response to Amanda Todd and Bullying. The video is titled "Strength in Numbers". This video in an anti bullying PSA that shows how words hurt and pile on. Words are not just words and can have a damaging effect on kids. Friends and peers can help take away the weight of these words. In class we discussed the importance to be understanding in the classroom and the damages bullying has.

This discusses discrimination in a school environment. Specifically how to deal with it as a parent, the schools steps that are taken when receiving a complaint about discrimination and how to help the child. This text is for parents on how to handle a situation that may deal with discrimination. For parents it is important to know their rights, talk to school leaders and those that can help change policies. In class we discussed what discrimination is and how to avoid it as a teacher. We should teach all students fairly and create an environment where they all feel safe and heard.

Although the school grades don’t officially count, they are creating a public perception problem that could affect ev...

A record number of South Florida schools received F-ratings on the state-issued grades released this year. Although the school grades don’t officially count, they are creating a public perception problem that could affect everything from home sales to economic development. This map shows what we discussed in class on how the children are not going to worry about homework, when they go home to a house with no electricity or water. The video by Frontline titled "Poor Kids" showed he conditions most kids in the states are going through. This is a map of the Frated schools in florida and the darker the red in the map the higher the poverty rate in that area.

Connect With Students and Parents in Your Paperless Classroom | Edmodo

Edmodo is an easy way to get students connected so they can safely collaborate, get and stay organized, and access assignments, grades, and school messages. This was used when I was in middle school an d it allowed me to discuss assignments with students and peer and allowed parents to log on and check student grades and talk to the teacher. It is similar to D2L and promotes a community in the classroom and a good relationship between parents and teacher.

Stereotypes in teaching and how teachers are viewed - The Educator Blog

It’s difficult to deal with stereotypes in your personal life, but when it transfers over to your professional teaching life it can be tough. This article discusses the stereotypes some teachers have faced while in school. Some african american teachers felt they were hired to specifically deal with at risk african american students. Males are stereo typically more disciplinary than women so as a male teacher they may get students with behavioral or disciplinary problems. The truth is that stereotypes are everywhere and can hurt a persons perception of people. It is better to hire based on a persons strengths and weaknesses rather than their race and gender.

Lessons From Public Schools Succeeding in Helping Immigrant Students Become Americans | The 74

Young immigrants to this country — legal and illegal — often have one common experience: attending an American public school. The right set of supports in and around that school can put a newcomer on a path to self-sufficiency, academic success, and options for the future. This website describes lessons to help teach immigrant students. Salt Lake City Granite schools made a program to teach students how to ask to use the restroom, how to ride the bus, how to open a locker and how to respond to safety drills. This two week program gives them the basics on how to behave in school and what happens in school. There were also classes for parents to learn english and how they can help their children succeed in schools. They also taught parents about the bus and other things in the school to help their children. This is important for us to know as future educators to help our students that are coming from different places that may not have been to school or know english.

Individual Education Plan (IEP) Lesson Plans | Verbs - Pictures to help students communicate | Share My Lesson

This is to help students with disabilities that are nonverbal. These cards can be made and printed out to help the child communicate. Imagine not being able to communicate that you are sad, angry, thirsty or happy. My dad works with preschool age children that have disabilities and some of his kids are non verbal. He made cards like this and just put bathroom, food, water and the block area after winter break. Now my dad has more than 25 cards that has emotions, actions and places and the kids are trying to talk more. This shows that even though a child may not talk does not mean that they are unable to communicate.

Agnes And Clarabelle - Booksource

Booksource is the premier trade book distributor to K-12 school classrooms across the country. We offer discounted pricing, free shipping and unparalleled expertise and customer service. Agnes and Clarabelle are unlikely friends and in this beginner chapter book, they support each other and guide each other through various activities. As a child this can show the importance of having friends that are different and that even though we are different we can still find things that are alike. Similar to my previous book, The Colors of Us, this book discusses diversity in an underlying way.

Learning Styles & Multiple Intelligences: Theory Integration

This video discusses the seven learning styles by Howard Gardner and how each one can be applied to best suit the students that have that learning style. For example, intrapersonal learners are more likely to do better when they can make the decision by themselves and work alone.