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Diverse Classroom Rescources

Resources that I can use when I graduate college and begin my career as a high school teacher.

Same But Different: Teen Life on the Autism Express by Holly Robinson Peete

Same but Different is a coming of life book illustrating the difficulties of teenage life being an autistic teen.
"Being a teen is hard enough. But when you have autism--or when your sibling is struggling with the condition--life can be a topsy-turvy ride. What happens when you come face-to-face with dating, parties, sports, body changes, school, and kids who just don’t get you? Where do you turn when your sibling with autism is the butt of jokes, the victim of misunderstood social cues, and the one everyone thinks is weird?"
This book is good to explain mental differences between students.

Diversity Lesson Plans

Diversity lesson plans and activities for teachers at the high school level.
This article offers lesson plans to teachers who would like to explore the differences between their students in the classroom. Cultural differences, ability, gender, immigrants, and over coming prejudice and stereotypes are all offered. This is useful for higher education students.

Teaching Diversity: A Place to Begin | Scholastic

Janet Gonzalez-Mena sharing tips on teaching diversity in the classroom. This article is geared towards parents who's children are going to school. This covers all age groups and offers tactics for all families to explore. Using this article for parents to read and share with their children can help create a healthier classroom environment.

An Acquaintance by Saba Syed

A novel about cultural differences between two high school students and dealing with the backlash from family.
"An exciting story of a smart, driven young Muslim girl living in small town America who falls for the new guy at her high school. Family and friends misunderstand their developing relationship and Sarah struggles to be faithful to her moral code."
This story illustrates how cultural differences can create boarders around an individual especially when seeking out a love life.

Celebrating Diversity | Einstein Multimedia

Celebrating Diversity, a multimedia video on diversity for young adults. This video explores historical events and includes guest speakers from different cultural backgrounds. This video is useful for a high school level classroom because it embraces an older audience with deeper understanding.

Comprehension | Teaching Diverse Learners (Brown University)

An article from Brown University informing teachers how to aid ELL students. The subject of this text is comprehension and how to work with students who are from immigrant families to ensure they do not fall behind in lessons. Choosing material they can personally relate too will keep interest and avoid frustration. Slowly introducing experiemental activties to ELL students can inspire them to delve into harder materials.

A study on different materials teaching diversity in the classroom and how students responded. This PDF article illustrates what methods of teaching students about diversity was most effective. Everything is broken down between twelve teachers who are using different materials, the interest of the students is being measured and explained.

Diversity Around the World

"The Media Diversity Institute Portal is a free online resource for the global Media and Diversity community. It includes news and resources related to Media & Diversity, plus networking, blogging and debating facilities, to bring the global media and diversity community closer together and to allow them to share information, ideas and views"
This is a good resource for students who have to do research on diversity. This website offers real life articles on todays issues involving culture and changes in the world.

Support Autism Speaks goal to enhance lives todayand accelerate a spectrum of solutions for tomorrow.

"Autism Speaks is dedicated to promoting solutions, across the spectrum and throughout the lifespan, for the needs of individuals with autism and their families. Your tax deductible donation will support advocacy efforts, increase acceptance and understanding of the condition and advance research into better treatments."
Information about autism and how it effects young adults who have it. A good source for teachers to understand how to interact with students they may have on the spectrum. A positive article about mental diversity and extremely informational for those who don't know much about autism.

Strategies for Teaching Culturally Diverse Students - TeacherVision

"A descriptive list of behaviors and strategies for teaching culturally diverse students."
A good source for teachers to reference when teaching a classroom with very diverse students. This article highlights behaviors and how to interact with all students equally to ensure a healthy learning environment.