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Labour Market Statistics, May 2013 | Paydata Ltd

The latest Labour Market Statistics have been released by the Office for National Statistics.

Output decreases in the Construction Industry April 2013

Construction and Business Services | PAYstats and National Statistics The volume of construction output decreased by 4.7 per cent compared with the same three months a year earlier. The Construction Output April 2013 Construction output estimates are a short term indicator of construction output by private sector and public corporations within the UK.

Do inflation expectations currently pose a risk to the economy

All | PAYstats and National Statistics Expectations of inflation People's expectations about future inflation play an important role in determining the current rate of inflation. There is a risk that the recent prolonged period of above-target inflation, which the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) judges is more likely than not to continue over much of the next two years, may cause inflation expectations to become less well anchored.

Protecting your Pay Review Data

All | Pay Review and Analysis Pay review time is a time of year when the HR function comes to the fore. Of course you would love these few weeks to run smoothly, both for your department and also to create a good impression on the rest of the management team.

Blog: Continuing to engage | Paydata Ltd

Following the series of articles on employee engagement that we featured at the end of last year, we thought it would be worth starting the New Year by highlighting a couple of recent developments on the same subject.

PAYstats December 2012 now available for download | Paydata Ltd

PAYstats December 2012 Edition is now available for download

Blog: Employee Engagement…promotion and reinforcement | Paydata Ltd

This is the third article in our short series on employee engagement, based on some questions we asked in the autumn 2012 edition of our UK Reward Management Survey.

Latest inflation rates released | Paydata Ltd

The latest inflation statistics have today been released by the Office for National Statistics.

Bank of England maintains Bank Rate at 0.5% and the size of the Asset Purchase Programme at £375 billion | Paydata Ltd

The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee today voted to maintain the official Bank Rate paid on commercial bank reserves at 0.5 per cent. The Committee also voted to maintain the stock of asset purchases financed by the issuance of central bank reserves at £375 billion.

Labour Productivity, Q3 2012 | Paydata Ltd

The Office for National Statistics has released initial estimates for Labour Productivity in Q3 of 2012.

Jobs growth to reach 30 million, report suggests | Paydata Ltd

CIPD’s labour market barometer unpicks ‘enigma’ of past year

The UK's National Minimum Wage | Paydata Ltd

The UK’s National Minimum Wage arguably represents the Labour government’s most significant intervention in the labour market. In the latest contribution to CEP’s ‘big ideas’ series, Alan Manning describes the Centre’s role in providing the intellectual context for the policy, advising on its implementation and evaluating its impact.

Female executives paid £15,000 less than male counterparts | Paydata Ltd

The average female executive will earn £400,000 less than her male counterparts over her career lifetime, according to the Chartered Management Institute's (CMI) annual gender salary survey, based on data from XpertHR.

How HR managers can prepare for changes to executive pay | Paydata Ltd

Executive pay has received significant attention over the last 12 months and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has consulted extensively on further regulation of director pay in quoted companies.

Blog: Executive Reward - where advice ends and responsibility starts | Paydata Ltd

In recent weeks the so called “shareholder spring” has seen an increasing number of shareholders either voting against the Remuneration Committee report or indeed the reappointment of directors themselves.

Equal pay case could cost council £2m in compensation | Paydata Ltd

Civil court to deal with cases to avoid six month tribunal limit

Workshop: Managing the 2013 Pay Review | Paydata Ltd

Paydata are holding a workshop on managing the 2013 pay review, taking place at the Royal Institute of British Architects, London, on 13 November 2012.

Moderate fall in Construction output levels for the start of 2013 | Paydata Ltd

The seasonally adjusted Markit/CIPS Construction Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) posted 48.7, unmoved from December’s six month low. UK construction companies indicated that 2013 started with a moderate reduction in business activity, although the pace of contraction was unchanged since December.

UK service sector records modest growth | Paydata Ltd

A return to growth of the UK service sector was signalled at the start of 2013 as volumes of incoming new business increased and companies boosted capacity by adding to their payrolls.

Latest inflation rates released February | Paydata Ltd

The latest inflation statistics have been released by the Office for National Statistics

PAYstats February 2013 is now available for download | Paydata Ltd

PAYstats February 2013 edition is now available for download, featuring the latest pay and labour market statistics.

CIPD Employee Outlook – Winter 2012-2013 | Paydata Ltd

This CIPD survey explores the reasons behind the drop in employee engagement figures and the corresponding increase in more negative attitudes towards senior leaders.

Labour Market Statistics – February 2013 | Paydata Ltd

The latest Labour Market Statistics have been released by the Office for National Statistics.

Retail Sales Statistics for January 2013 | Paydata Ltd

The latest Retail Sales Statistics have been released by the Office for National Statistics.

Latest Inflation Report February 2013 | Paydata Ltd

The Bank of England has just published its February Inflation Report.