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Updated by Bernie Goldbach on Oct 10, 2017
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Inside Facebook Graph Search

Official announcements, expert analysis and practical examples of Facebook's third pillar.

Audioboo / Facebook Graph Search

Web Analytic s Assignment

An observation of Facebook's upcoming new search feature and the privacy issues that may arise for people when it is rolled out.

Audioboo / Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search. Is facebook new feature safe?

Audioboo / Facebook Graph Search

Facebook's New Social Search Tool in Development - Head on over to Facebook Graph Search Beta at and join the waiting list

Audioboo / First impressions of Facebook Graph Search

The impact on businesses and users with the new Facebook Social Graph

Audioboo / Facebook Graph Search

A great optimization tool for the modern stalker or a new direction for Social media/Business media targeting? #litwa


Advertising and Marketing Dreams come true

Advertising and Marketing Dreams come true

This new feature is something that can be used by advertisers and marketing teams to narrow down the people they are advertising to. If they are advertising a theatre event in town they can now search all the people who are interested in theatre and then they can target those people. It would be cheaper for the companies as they are spending money on the people who will be interested only.
Listen to this Audioboo for more of my thoughts on the Facebook graph search!

Audioboo / facebook graph search

New facebook graph search, bringing back the 'like' in business marketing

Reviewing Social Graph

A quick review of Social Graph, the new search feature by Facebook

Audioboo / Facebook Graph Search is Awesome

Facebook feature gives people the tools to “map out their relationships with the people and things they care about.”

Audioboo / Report on Facebook Graph Search FAcebooks veru own social search engine for cm yr3 web analyics module

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Audioboo / Meghana Mouli WebAnalytic Assignment

this is about Facebook Graphic Search Assignment Where it is all about the people using Graphic Search

Audioboo / facebook Graph Web Analytics

Created for Bernie Golbach Web Analytics Module,
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Audioboo / FacebookGraphSearch

Facebook Graph Search - Missing Tribe Found!

Audioboo / Facebook Graph Search

Runs On Likes That Advertisers Have Already Paid For

Chatting to Jim O'Neill about Facebook graph in LSAD, Clonmel

A piece about Facebook Graph recorded in LSAD Clonmel, giving you a little insight into what it is.

Audioboo / Thoughts on Facebook graph

Facebook graph search is not getting very good press before launch as it is another way for people to find that post you wrote when you were drunk in 2009. #litwa #facebook #graph

How Privacy Works with Graph Search | Facebook

Graph Search helps you find people, places and things—and explore Facebook in a whole new way.

Audioboo / Audioboo / why using facebook graph search

#litwa advantages of using facebook graph search

Facebook's Graph Search Allows Users To Sift Through Social Data

Facebook has announced a new search feature dubbed Graph Search, a service which is built atop the network's Social Graph. CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the company has been working on Graph ...

Introducing Graph Search Beta - Facebook Newsroom

Facebook Newsroom - Today we’re introducing a limited preview of Graph Search

Audioboo / Facebook Graph Search Restaurants

A realisation on the potential impact that Facebook Search Graph could have on my wife and my Social life.

Getting Started: The Graph API - Facebook Developers

This is the official API for the new facebook graph to accompany the Audioboo by Ross Bolger.

Facebook Graph Search leaves little privacy and no opting out | PCWorld

Facebook's new Graph Search service is still in beta test, but the social network carefully prepared for its launch by removing users' options to not be included in search returns. When Graph Search becomes widely available, so will all your random