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Customised Blockchain Development Solutions to Solve Business Problems

Top blockchain application development company encompasses everything from private blockchain solutions to decentralized applications. The company blockchain developers are well-versed in blockchain application development that helps to secure data and strengthen the process of verification.



What is blockchain?

What is blockchain?

In simplest terms, blockchain is a complex, promising, evolving digital method for conducting, tracking and validating chains of transactions or activities in a way that is open, public and trustworthy and eliminates the need for intermediaries. Like the internet, it is a foundational technology on which other applications can and will be built. Today, it is best known as the technology underlying cryptocurrencies.


Why is it important?

Because blockchain is in its infancy, it is too early to predict the path its evolution will travel. Nonetheless, corporate leaders need to take note because U.S. entities like IBM, Amazon Web Services, Walmart and the federal government are exploring and/or investing in the technology, and thought leaders are predicting massive disruption that will spawn winners and losers.


What are the most likely applications?

While financial services, logistics and other supply chain-related functions seem to lead the pack, explorations already include but are not limited to advertising, cloud storage, food safety, healthcare, insurance, medical records, personnel management, pharmaceuticals, real estate, regulatory compliance, retail, ride sharing, transportation and voting.


How will it impact your business?

Hundreds of millions of dollars have already been invested by some of the world’s biggest companies on the future of the blockchain.
JPMorgan has a blockchain program. Barclays’ Accelerator, a 13-week program for startups organized by one of the world’s biggest banks, has provided space and funding for a number of blockchain-based fintech companies. Businesses working on blockchain-based services include IBM, which is trying to build a tracking tool for shipping companies and retail chains, Eastman Kodak, which is experimenting with the blockchain to create repositories for stock images, and Spotify which wants to use the blockchain to manage copyrights. Investors in blockchain projects include Peter Thiel, Sequoia Capital and Andreessen Horowitz, as well as Google, Goldman Sachs, Visa and Deloitte. All of those companies and experts are betting millions of dollars that a decentralized ledger can do things that other forms of technology just cannot.


Blockchain Development Services

Custom Development
Our blockchain app development encompasses everything from private blockchain solutions to decentralized applications. Our experts work towards creating optimal solutions.
Blockchain Security
Our blockchain developers are well-versed in blockchain application development that helps to secure data and strengthen the process of verification.
Smart Contracts
The use of smart contracts simplifies enforceability of contracts in a distributed environment. Our team of blockchain developers have the skills to create smart contracts solutions.
Our team’s expertise extends to Ethereum. The platform can be used for a range of applications that go beyond cryptocurrency and smart contracts.
Besides being the first distributed blockchain worldwide, Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency. We have experts who have worked with Bitcoin Core.


Types of Blockchain Development

Public Blockchain
This type of blockchain development solution has no restriction on access. It works on consensus protocols. The network has open participants and validators.
Private Blockchain
Private blockchains require permission for access, which is granted by invitation only. Participants and validators have restricted access to the network.
Public Blockchain
This type of blockchain is semi-decentralized. Participants need permissions to access the network. Consensus protocols are required for certain nodes of the network.


Why Choose TechAhead As Blockchain Development Company?

At TechAhead, we have worked on several blockchain projects for clients in diverse industry sectors. We are aware of the various aspects of the blockchain framework, including its strengths and weaknesses. Our blockchain app developers are experienced in various blockchain technology solutions and can analyze the best alternative based on your requirements.Give us a call to get started on your blockchain app development project.