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Travel essentials to take during your holiday – Globetrotting

You've booked your ticket and your rough guide is ready, the next step would be choosing what to pack. This largely depends on where you're going but here is a brief guide to help you.


Travel documents

This is an absolute must. Pack your and the family's passports and other travel documents in one secure hand luggage. Just in case, take photocopies of your passports and other documents and pack those separately. Once you get to your destination, you could leave the documents in a locker with a security code at your hotel. Bayswater London hotels such as the Berjaya Eden Park London Hotel, for example, might provide you with a safe in your room for this purpose.


Tech gadgets

While it is a good idea to stay disconnected from the digital world during your holiday, there are few essentials you must pack. Don't forget your phone charger and camera. You should take a plug adaptor based on your destination. You can download some movies and music to while away long waits at airports. Packing your tech gadgets all in one secure bag and putting it in the hand luggage is a good idea.


Some essentials

There are numerous essentials that can make your journey infinitely more comfortable. You could save money and contribute to saving the planet with a refillable bottle for water. If you are going on a beach holiday, sunglasses and a sun hat fall into the essential category. Here is a list of some of the essentials you will need to enjoy your holiday without unnecessary worry.
• Sunglasses
• Sun hat
• Refillable water bottle
• Antibacterial hand gel
• Antiseptic cream
• Tissues
• Medication you may need along with the prescription
• Eye mask, ear plug and a travel pillow for long flights
• First aid kit
If travelling with children:
Keep little ones comfortable and entertained on your travels with snacks, toys and games. Don't forget a spare change of clothes for the journey, as well as any nappies, wet wipes and medication you may need



You can, of course, buy toiletries from a supermarket or a shop but since they may not have your favourite brand, it is a good idea to pack your own. You can have peace of mind and save time otherwise wasted on trips to the store. Here is the list.
• Toothbrush (Bamboo if possible)
• Toothpaste
• Dental floss
• Face and body lotion
• Deodorant
• Insect repellent
• Perfume of choice
Travelling with kids
If you are travelling with kids, especially toddlers and babies, the packing list becomes rather substantial. You have to think about their comfort as well as the fact that you will have to keep them entertained. When you are travelling with kids, always take a change of clothes. You can pack entertainment items depending on your child's preference. Here is a list of items to pack for the kids.
• Spare clothes
• Wet wipes
• Underwear or nappies
• Medicine
• Snacks and milk
• Toys
• Games
• Books
• Sun hat
• Sunscreen for kids
• Their comfort toys or blankets

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