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Headline for 20 family-friendly beach activities - For a fun-filled vacation with your loved ones!
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20 family-friendly beach activities - For a fun-filled vacation with your loved ones!

Beach is everyone's go-to place if you want to get away from all the hustle and bustle of day to day life. So, if you are someone who's planning a fun weekend by the sea, keep reading!


Water bucket relay

You can alternate your everyday old egg and spoon race with a water bucket relay. All you need is a carrying tool and bucket for each one of your children. Give your kids the carrying tool and get them to fill their implement and then fill the bucket.


Go fly a kite

There's isn't a single child who doesn't love flying kites. They can run along the beach and watch the kites take flight. You can buy these from roadside vendors or make them at home.



All you need is a set of plastic pins and balls. Your kids are going to love this sport. Also, they can develop their throwing skills. If you don't have plastic pins, you can just bring along some empty plastic bottles that you see around the house.


Sand darts

Draw a large circle on the beach with several concentric circles. The player must stand a few feet away from the circle and throw pebbles trying to get close to the centre.


Beach golf

You can use anything you can get your hands on for this game; umbrellas, plastic bottles and so on. It's simple, yet you can make it as complicated as you like. Place the objects on the course and have your family members hit the goals.


Treasure hunt

The beach is perfect for this game. Bury some old coins or costume jewellery in the sand and leave clues for your family members that would lead them to the buried treasure!


Beach volleyball

This is the most traditional sort of beach activity anyone would like. Draw a line in the sand and start lobbing the ball over the line. Also, if you are in another country looking to have fun at the beach, it's always better to find lodgings in a place like a Mount Lavinia beach hotel (if your destination is Sri Lanka for example) – to be more specific, Berjaya Hotel Colombo – so you can get to the beach whenever you like.


Channel race

Dig a channel in the sand and place ping pong balls towards the starting point. Pour water into the channel and watch the balls slip down the channel.


Shell sort

Let your kids gather as many shells as possible. Draw a grid in the sand and get your kids to sort the shells out.


Take a nap

Put on some sun lotion and lie on the beach and work on the tan you've always wanted to get.



This is the most obvious activity you can do at the beach. Put on your bathing suit and swim into the sea.


Tug of war

Get a skipping and draw a line in the sand. Give your kids the ends of the rope and t have them pull.


Inflatable pool

If you are worried about letting your kids swim in the sea, get an inflatable pool and let them swim right next to you.



Build sandcastles with your kids well into the evening.


Barbeque party

The combination of music, good company, the setting sun and good food is always the guarantee of a fun evening.


Pass the water

Get your kids to stand on a line and give them plastic cups. Have them fill the cup and pour the water into the next cup until it reaches the one at the end.


Draw pictures

You and your kids draw pictures in the sand. You can use a stick, shovels or your own hands.


Enjoy the street food

If you are in an Asian country, you can walk up to the street vendors lining the beach and enjoy some street food.


Board games

Play chess, snakes and ladders with your family members enjoying the sea breeze.


Other activities

Surfing, diving and snorkelling are on the menu too.