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Updated by Allen Brown on Apr 05, 2019
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5 Benefits of Buying from Your Local Jewellery Shop

Online shopping can be a great convenience, but it doesn’t always promise quality like instore shopping. Buying from your local jewellery shop provides first hand customer service and quality designs. With expert jewellers present while shopping, the service you receive is incomparable to online jewellery shopping.

Explore the benefits of buying from your local jewellery shop below:


Quality Inspections

Quality Inspections

Instore jewellery shopping will give you a much more reliable idea of its quality, especially when compared to shopping online. When instore you can get a real feel for the piece and see its true colours behind the photography. Unless you have seen someone else wearing the exact same piece, it is always worth visiting your local jewellery shop yourself.


Greater Customer Service

A local jewellery shop will offer you first hand customer service which you cannot get online. Being present instore with an expert jeweller will allow easier communication if you have lots of questions. It will also allow them to make more accurate recommendations and show you more of their jewellery collections in detail.


Custom Designs

If you have a particular design in mind, visiting in store can provide you with greater guidance. They may be able to recommend a readily available design which isn’t available on their website. Alternatively, they could also guide you through their custom design service to create your bespoke piece. Either way, visiting your local jewellery shop will allow greater flexibility and guidance while shopping.


Secure Purchases

When browsing online for the best deal, you may come across a few scam websites. In return for your money, you may receive a fault, unauthentic or low quality design unexpectedly. Being scammed online is never a pleasant experience, which is why paying in person is always preferred. With a local jewellery shop you can source reviews from nearby residents and examine the jewellery yourself before buying.


Straight Forward Shopping

Seeing your jewellery in person before purchasing means it you are less likely to need a refund and wait too long for your money back. You can also be measured by the jeweller, so you don’t need to worry about incorrect sizing. Additionally, you can ask about any available offers that may not be advertised online, to get the best deal possible.


Finding a Local Jewellery Shop

When searching for a local jeweller, choose someone with experience and confidence in their expertise. Look for a wide range of pieces to choose from, with positive reviews from trusted sources.

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