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21 Budget Friendly Investments That Will Help You Up-sell Your House

While the real estate situation in Perth is not in favour of the sellers at the moment, this doesn't have to mean there is no way for you to sell your house for less than you bought it. A few investments will not only help you get more potential buyers attention but will also help you sell it for a much better price than when you acquired it. It's all about return on investment!


2 words: curb appeal

2 words: curb appeal

The first thing people see is the front of your house. Few people will step in your house if the front of your house doesn't look the part in reality or even in pictures. There are different levels of investments you can endure. the first one is time investment: take the time to clean up your windows, leaves, roof, and cobwebs. Garden a little: prune your trees/plants and get rid of the dead plants. A few weeks prior to the visits, water your lawn more often, spray some weed killer. If you are willing to spend some money in your garden, replace your patchy grass with artificial turf or mulch and buy a few plants if your garden bed looks empty.
Driveway and paths should be cleaned up as well so there is no mould or weed between the pavers or cracks. You can also freshen up the whole look with a brand new exposed aggregate driveway or concrete pathways or steppers. These will have a strong visual impact and do not cost as much as you think.


Get a garage Door that is appealing and practical

Get a garage Door that is appealing and practical

A lot of people in Perth never actually use their front door. Instead, they go in and out their house through the garage. If your door is not automated, not working properly, or looks like it had a really long life, consider replacing your garage doors with an automated one. Styles can vary but custom-built garage doors in Perth will allow you to pick colours and materials that really matches your house style to the point it could become of the selling point.


Replace your worn out flooring throughout your house

Replace your worn out flooring throughout your house

Life goes in the way of flooring: pets, children, furniture, cooking, or normal wear and tear will usually make sure your flooring looks tired, stained and worn out within a decade. Consider replacing your flooring with new carpet, or if you want to opt for a less fuzzy options with Vinyl, laminate or tiling.
Some affordable options are durable and create a big visual impact like luxury vinyl tiles and planks should be on your list. They can perfectly mimic wood and stone patterns while costing a fraction of the price and being super easy to clean and care for.


Renovate your bathroom

Renovate your bathroom

Alarms bells are probably running through your head right now but hear me out. Bathroom renovations do not have to be ultra luxe. An old bathroom with dirty grouts, scaled tapware, or vanities that do not close properly or have a few marks will not help you sell the house. Because the moment people see that, they will think: we would have to renovate the bathroom. When you'll get offers, they will take in account the cost of a bathroom renovation. Consider renovating your bathroom so it is nice on the eye, clean tidy and practical. Think about who you are renovating for: a family, elderly couple, young couple?
If your bathroom doesn't need renovations but needs fixing, get a one of the many Perth plumbers. there is nothing more annoying than a leaking tap!


Create an entertainment area

Create an entertainment area

Perth is one of the sunniest places in the world. Give people the feeling they get more liveable space by renovating your backyard. Big or small an alfresco area that allows people to sip their coffee in peace or organise a full on barbecue is definitely going to score some points in the eyes of potential buyers. Consider tiling the alfresco area or pour some concrete and do not forget to make the rest of your backyard appealing as well. No one wants to spend time around dead grass, cracked concrete, and a plain fence.
If you need to get some concrete cutting or someone to drill your concrete, you can either rent the proper tools, should you want to go the DIY way, or get a professional concrete cutter that can handle all this for you.


Tidy up your house for visits

Tidy up your house for visits

Before your real estate agent come to take pictures of your house, tidy p your place. Send some of your bulky pieces of furniture to storage, clean up your mess and buy some more neutral small pieces of furniture so people can see a house they could live in, and not a house that belongs to someones else. A more neutral tidy environment allows people to project themselves in the space. Add some colour and life by having fresh flowers delivered before every visit. They are some great fresh flower delivery options in Perth that can get you some bright and fresh flowers to your doorstep.

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If you haven't done it yet, install an aircon system

If you talk to the right people, you will be able to have several price points to pick from. In Australia, while it's ok to spend your winter without heating (though most people end up with an electric heater or a gas heater, it is hard to make it through Summer without air conditioning system Perth. People who own kids or indoor pets will discard not put your house on top of the list because they either won't imagine buying this house at all or have to keep in mind they need to ibnvest some money in a system before even moving in.
Consider systems like split air conditioners, ducted air conditioners or inverted air conditioners.

We provide a range of superior quality residential air conditioning brands and models in Perth. Enquire today for AC repair and installation costs!

Tidy up your Garden and front yard

Do you need to get rid of an awkward cracked concrete slab in your garden? Then stop postponing it and get on to it. If you have damaged concrete in your garden, you might as well remove resort to concrete cutting and removal Perth. Better to have a clean garden, than a hazardous and ugly flooring that could make people trip or require to be taken care of anyway.
Expert Concrete Cutters With Over 25 Years of Experience in Civil Construction in WA. We do Concrete Cutting, Sawing, core drilling and GPR scanning.

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If your business has a lot of windows and sunlight coming through, select a flooring that can resist the exposure. Why do we mean by that? We mean a flooring type whose colour won't fade away, contract, melt or burn up. Laminate, LVT, hardwood, hybrid flooring, and concrete are all good options to look at.

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If you don't want to change it all - rethink your furniture and freshen up your space

If your bathroom tiles and plumbing are still in good shape what about simply replacing a few piece of furniture? Chosen wisely, a new bathroom vanity and bathroom mirror cabinets can do wonders and might even make you re-think your move! It's a few hundreds dollars that would be very well invested. Even a new set of shiny mixers and shower heads would do good to your bathroom because heavy limescale deposits you can't get rid of would put any buyers off.

Make Your House a Little Smarter

It won't wow your potential buyer but it will certainly help your house to stand out from similar ones. It's one thing to have a good looking sectional garage door, it's another one to have one that you can keep in touch with any time of the day, wherever you are.

"Sell it to them this way: have you ever wondered if you closed the garage door in the middle of your workday? We don't, because we can check anytime, and if we forgot, we can close it straight away. No need to drive home" - This should speak to any buyers, especially the busy parents or the forgetful ones!

Remove the fear of not closing the garage with some smart door technology that lets you operate the garage door from anywhere at any time.

The best part about all of this? you don't need to buy a new motor! Some are only an add-on that is compatible with any types of garage door openers! Small investment, big impact!

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A good way to ensure your house visits go well, beside a good staging is to ensure that some odour doesn't linger in the air. A prime culprits are you air conditioning unit filters. A good way to check is to open your unit and clean what blocks the air from flowing properly and without a smell. It could be dust, it could even be mould, either it's not healthy and it doesn't create a great image about your house. Do yourself a favour and either book a air conditioning servicing or clean the filters yourself. Whether some buys the house or not, your air is cleaner - it's a win-win

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