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Headline for Top reasons why Sri Lanka is the No. 1 country to travel to in 2019 - An Alluring Haven
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Top reasons why Sri Lanka is the No. 1 country to travel to in 2019 - An Alluring Haven

Sri Lanka’s picturesque hill country is always an engrossing area to explore. Here you will find many attractive places to visit that will appeal to the visitor who desires to experience the area.



No visit to Sri Lanka’s hill country would be complete without touring the splendid city of Kandy. Located in the very heart of the hill country Kandy inherits a rich historical and cultural legacy. It will also appeal to the sightseer with its many remarkable attractions. The splendid Temple of the Tooth takes pride of place in the city, housing the priceless tooth relic of the Buddha which is considered to be one of the nation’s most important treasures. As Kandy is a focal point for the local culture, religion and the arts it offers many interesting sights that will enthral the visitor. This is one of the best places to stay in Sri Lanka, thus, choosing to stay at brands the likes of Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts would be a good idea.


Adam’s Peak

Adam’s Peak is a greatly venerated mountain in the hill country that is considered to be sacred to the people of the nation. Buddhists believe that a footprint of the Buddha lies at the summit of the mountain, and accordingly innumerable devotees make the demanding climb to the summit each year. It is also an attraction for sightseers as the experience of climbing the mountain makes for a unique and memorable experience. If you arrive at the peak before the break of dawn you may have the opportunity to experience the amazing natural phenomenon known as the ‘Shadow of the Peak’.



Ella is a picturesque village in the hill country that offers a number of attractions for the visitor. This attractive village is always a delightful place to visit, featuring a unique ambience that resembles the atmosphere of a country village in England. Although the hand of development is altering the appearance of the area, the village still displays a great deal of charm for the visitor. However probably the most remarkable of the village’s attractions is the spectacular view that visitors can experience from the Ella Gap, which is the name given to the small opening in the mountains which offers this attraction.


World’s End

Nature lovers should make it a point to visit the amazing Horton Plains National Park which never fails to entrance the visitor. On this windy, bleak plateau the foremost attraction is the spectacular scenery, rather than the actual wildlife. Here you will find a mysterious and forbidding landscape punctuated by occasional areas of forest. This park is renowned for its outstanding hiking opportunities, with the long hike to World’s End being a highlight. At this spectacular viewpoint, the mountains give way to a sensational drop to the lowlands below.


Tea Plantations and Lipton’s Seat

To the east of the quaintly appealing town of Haputale, you will find the extensive tea plantations which belong to the tea factory known as Dambatanne. This picturesque factory may be toured by visitors; you will also find countryside lanes which extend from this establishment to Lipton’s Seat, which is the name given to a remarkable viewpoint in the area. This viewpoint has been named honouring the well-known tea tycoon who is said to have frequently visited the location so as to savour the amazing views. These attractions make the hill country a delightful area to visit.

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