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8 Best Plumber & Electrician Websites in Australia (You won’t believe some of them)

A list of the top 8 plumbing and electrical websites in Australia, rated from design, lead capture forms, website load speed and overall feeling. Rated by top developers and designers in Australia this is the complete, and top rated list. Featured on the list are some of the bigger players in Australian Electrical and Plumbing but included in that are some smaller guys really making a stand!
Featured sites:

  • Stag Electrical
  • Fixed Today Plumbing
  • Gold Coast Plumbing Company
  • Advanced Plumbing & Gas
  • Woolf Plumbing
  • WP Plumbing
  • Big Blue Plumbing
  • Precision Electrical and Plumbing
  • All Wiring Solutions

Fixed Today Plumbing

Fixed Today Plumbing

Fixed Today Plumbing has done a fantastic job of Hyper-local SEO, from content, image geotagging and on page markup that makes them one of the highest ranking Sydney Plumbers. Not only that, their website design is great, their illustrated plumber adds character and relatability to the page.

  • Great appealing offers
  • Icons within Buttons, buttons are correctly coloured
  • Great call to action locations
  • Awards clearly displayed

Take a look at Fixed Todays Website.


Stag Electrical Solar & Refrigeration

Stag Electrical Solar & Refrigeration

The Stag Electrical website is not only brilliant from a visual perspective but intuitive in design. Key elements that make the design work so well:

  • Pulsating Call Button
  • Easy call to action enquiry form
  • Responsive design
  • The countdown timer on offer
  • Driving Van across the screen.

Take a look at the Stag Electrical Website.


Gold Coast Plumbing Company

Gold Coast Plumbing Company

I love the Gold Coast Plumbing website! No one can deny they have done a great job, it's relatable, straight to the point and easy to read. It's simple yet effective.

  • Easy to find phone number
  • Quick loading
  • Effective slider image and caption text
  • Engaging icons throughout their pages
  • Easy navigation

Take a look at Gold Coast Plumbing's website here.


Big Blue Plumbing — Sunshine Coast

Big Blue Plumbing — Sunshine Coast

The design itself is a visual masterpiece, utilising a 1440px desktop width, with full responsive views right down to the smallest of mobile devices.

  • Great use of colour palette and visuals
  • Utilisation of physical location using HTML5 geotags.
  • Interactive user experience with sliders, visual aids and more
  • Great navigation with informative content on each page.
  • Easy to find call-to-actions on all responsive breakpoints.

Take a look at Big Blue Plumbing.

Advanced Plumbing & Gas — Brisbane

The website is quick, easy to use and makes great use of above the fold content.

  • The navigation is well positioned and call to actions are easy to find
  • The website is extremely quick to load pages.
  • Great use of displaying offers and coupons
  • The Main enquiry form is well positioned and easy to use.

Woolf Plumbing & Gas — Perth

Woolf Plumbing & Gas — Perth

Woolf Plumbing makes use of clean navigation, a large call to action and a unique colour palette and design elements.

  • Great use of the Woolf throughout the website.
  • Large Call-to-actions make it easy to communicate.
  • Easy to use navigation and content.
  • Unique colours that work very well in the plumbing industry.

Take a look at Woolf Plumbing & Gas.