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Headline for Things You Need to Know Before Going Surfing for the First Time – Surf the details to surf the waves
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Things You Need to Know Before Going Surfing for the First Time – Surf the details to surf the waves

Surfing is known as cycling on the ocean, if you are able to balance then you are bound to fall in love with what you can do with it.


You don't need to be a professional swimmer

Yes it is vital to be able to float and swim before you decide to go swimming but it is not necessary to be a professional swimmer in order to try surfing. If you are planning to try surfing while on a holiday or join a surfing class then you only need to be able to swim so that you can swim out of the water once you get wiped out. If you are planning to try surfing while on vacation you need to go to a reputed tour organiser such as Nature Odyssey who are able to arrange your first surfing session with an experienced instructor.


Importance of the correct board

Beginners must keep in mind that it is absolutely vital to find the correct surfing board especially on your first day. Choosing the right board is not about choosing the brand new model or having a new board; it is about using a board that has the right volume and rocker. The volume is the measurement which determines the floatation the board has, which mainly depends on the length and the width of the board. When you are starting for the first time it is best to have a board that has lot of volume. The best board for first timers is a 7"4 foam-board which is thick and wide but not too long, so you won't be finding yourself nose diving in.


The correct surf spot

Finding that adequate surf spot is vital but as a first time surfer you will not be able to determine this as it takes time and experience to be able to figure it out. If you are travelling around Sri Lanka and would like to try diving, then most diving tours for first timers are arranged at the safest and most comfortable locations in Sri Lanka. Diving tours are a good option to go with as they will have experienced professionals guiding the sessions rather than individuals who are opting to teach tourists for a quick buck.


What do you need

Being excited about your first experience on the surfboard is a good sign but you do not need to purchase all the equipment in order to try it out. Once you have tried it you will know if you want to pursue and then you can look into purchasing a wetsuit, the board and the rest of the gear that are needed. There are so many locations in surfing societies that rent surfing materials which is a great advantage. Most of the places also offer to rent wetsuits that you can wear over the bathing suit or bikini you are wearing and if you do not want to wear a rented wetsuit you can always wear a t shirt over your bathing suit to avoid getting bruises from the board.


Be practical

Don't have high expectation on the very first day. If you are lucky and a fast learner then you might be able to catch a few waves on your first day itself however, the chances are that you might not be able to catch at least one wave during your first session. Surfing is not for everyone, if so everyone would be doing it but what is important is that you give it a try and then enjoy each and every moment you are in the water getting your hands dirty.

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