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Empire Private Security, Inc.

Empire Private Security, Inc. is a leading Private Security Company in California; founded and operated by an experienced Security Company Manager/Security Officer who has also worked with the United States Army as a Cultural Advisor and Linguist in Combat Zones. The founder is also involved in providing combat training to the United States Army.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Security During Events

You might have had prepared a guest list that sums up the people you want at your party, but you had best believe that won’t deter certain individuals from intruding.

4 Ways You Can Keep Your School Campus Safer

A school is where young minds come to learn about the skills that will prepare them for what the future has to bring.

Why Entrust Safety Concerns to a Private Security Firm?

Building your own security team from scratch requires tons of work. You’ll need to put up ads, do interviews, go through extensive background checks, and train them. Most importantly, you have to fulfill the proper legalities.

Crimes, Your Business and the Importance of Security

Crimes are one of the risks you have to face when you’re running a business, particularly if it’s related to selling products and services. But getting the services of a Private Security in Orange County, California can help in minimizing or eradicating these threats.

The Importance of Security in Places of Worship

Mosques, synagogues, churches, and other faith-based institutions are never exempted from having security concerns. These places of worship are targeted for many reasons, a few being that they house priceless relics and artifacts from ancient times, are located in an intolerant neighborhood, or are simply seen as an easy target.

The Benefits of Having Personal Security

Empire Private Security, Inc. is a firm that offers Private Security in Orange County, California. If you or a member of your family needs protection or a private bodyguard, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

A 5-Step Guide to Improving School Security

Did you know there was a time when more than 5% of U.S. students skipped classes at least once in a 30-day period because they were scared for their safety? While this isn’t something any school would want their students to feel, such fears are well-founded. With shootings and bullying incidents occurring on school campuses, what steps do school administrators need to take to better protect their students?

How to Improve Hospital Security

One of the things that make hospitals vulnerable to security threats is that visitors are constantly entering the facility 24/7. To add to that, hospitals also house tons of valuable equipment. So it isn’t really a surprise that these combined features would require these establishments to have more advanced and stringent security measures.

Risks when Your Apartment Doesn’t Have Security

Whether you own an apartment or renting one in California, risk threats are real without Security Patrol Services in Orange County. The security needs of every establishment are unique, and so are the needs of your building. This means that getting security personnel to protect your place can be crucial.

How Security Benefits the Hotel Industry

It is undeniable that security is a key component in the hotel industry. Due to the influx of their guests and other visitors, security issues can be a real problem. However, with proper security, the confidence of the guests is strengthened, and the profitability of your hotel also increases.

4 Tips on Mall Security

Malls usually mean two things: a lot of foot traffic and a ton of valuables to protect. Now, to manage this kind of traffic and to make sure visitors have a safe and comfortable experience, the ideal security measures need to be implemented. This can help ensure that any suspicious behavior is identified and the crowd is properly controlled.

What You Need to Know About Executive Protection

Reputable providers of Private Security in Orange County, California know how important it is to choose top-notch executive protection in this day and age. Empire Private Security, Inc. can offer politicians, celebrities, and other important people executive protection professionals who have been trained to expertly safeguard individuals of the highest social standing.

How to Stay Safe and Secured in Public Places

People often go in their day-to-day activities unguarded, whether it’s enjoying plans with long-time friends or simply going to their usual daily routine. However, a random act of violence can deliberately ruin your daily plans and potentially risk your life, except if you have a Private Security in Orange County, California.

Top Qualities of Good and Effective Security Guards

Security guards play an important role, whether it be inside the mall or at the entrance of a school campus. Empire Private Security, Inc., a Security guard company in California, makes sure that their personnel are well-trained in security skills and can provide good customer service in terms of professional conduct. 

Retail Security and Loss Prevention Tips

Loss prevention is one of the major challenges for retailers. Retail establishments can lose profit in many ways, the most common of which is shoplifting. Other reasons for profit loss are through employee theft, administrative errors (such as incorrect pricing), and vendor fraud (where external suppliers attempt to swindle retail outlets).

Construction Site Security: Equipment Robbery Prevention

Construction sites are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment and materials. Unfortunately, despite the availability of security cameras, construction sites are still easy targets for stealing because of the lack of proper security and loss prevention practices. If you don't want your site to become a costly statistic, here are some tips that will tighten up construction security at your sites to better prevent robbery:

Safety Tips to Ensure Security at Home

Safety issues are not just common at banks, hotels, and malls. Even at home, safety precautions must be implemented. Staying safe and secure at home may sound like a daunting task, but there are simple strategies that you can follow to help protect your family at home.

Ways to Prevent Burglary and Other Crimes at Home

With a lack of proper security at home, any burglars or intruders can easily take advantage of all your belongings and other important possessions at home, such as money, pieces of jewelry, expensive collectibles, and more. 

Tips When Choosing a Security Agency

If your business has been growing steadily, you already know by now that along with growth is the increase of security risks. Big or small, your business needs to be safe, and working with a security company that has your interest in mind is crucial. But finding one you can trust can be difficult. So, Empire Private Security, Inc., a provider of private security in Orange County, California, listed a few considerations when choosing your security agency.

Restaurant Safety and Security Tips

Excellent service and delightful foods are the main driving elements of every successful restaurant. However, some restaurateurs focus only on these two aspects that they tend to forget one essential element of the thriving restaurant business: security. Get your safety and security measures up because it’s one way you can draw customers and build a good reputation.

Tips to Become a Successful Private Security Provider

Finding private security in Orange County, California can be tough, especially when you don’t have any idea what you’re looking for besides safety. Below are some important tips to help you find the right private security company:

How to Find the Right Private Security

Your safety is your top priority. The uncertainty on what the future holds is feared because you will never know what happens next. Being safe is one thing, but being protected is another.

Why You Need Vehicle Patrol Services

When it comes to residential and commercial properties, vehicle patrol services are among one of the essential security solutions. Unfortunately, a number of clients opt not to pursue getting vehicle patrol services due to the notion that these will cost them a huge sum.

What Should Every Security Patrol Vehicle Have?

When choosing security patrol services in Orange County, you should choose a company that makes safety a top priority. This is exactly what we do at Empire Private Security, Inc. Whether you need security for your commercial or residential property, we will do whatever it takes to ensure protection and safety.

At-Risk: When to Hire a Private Security Team

Some people might find it overboard to hire security patrol services, but when do you actually know that you’re at risk and need to hire one? Here are some things to consider according to