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Digital Fabrication websites

Interesting stuff related to the emergence of what is known variously as 3D printing, additive manufacturing, digital fabrication, etc.

Manufacturing: The new maker rules | The Economist

“YOU can carry your own head in your hand,” enthuses Bre Pettis, inviting customers to try out a three-dimensional photo booth that will scan their head and then...

NAE Frontiers of Engineering Spring 2012 issue on Additive Manufacturing

3D Printed Snake, Gears, Art, Wrench and more.. - YouTube

Sam Green of the Objet blog ( explains the whole range of capabilities enabled by Objet's advanced 3D printers - from full assemblies ...

3D printed car is strong as steel, half the weight and nearing production (Wired UK)

3D printed car Urbee 2 could revolutionise parts manufacturing while creating a cottage industry of small-batch automakers intent on challenging the status quo

eBay unveils 3D printing app Exact

Internet auction giant eBay has raised the 3D printing stakes with the beta release of eBay Exact - an app that allows you to customize 3D-printed products including iPhone cases, jewellery and figurines. Simply select one of the available trinkets, choose a design, and then you can add your own personal touch to create an one-of-a-kind item.

Innovation in Manufacturing Takes a Village | MIT Technology Review

For expensive manufacturing research on solar panels and 3-D printing, a new push toward shared pilot production facilities.

Economist Ricardo Hausmann Says U.S. Should Reinvent Manufacturing | MIT Technology Review

Economist Ricardo Hausmann says the U.S. has a chance to invent the manufacturing technology of tomorrow.

Additive manufacturing: Print me a jet engine | The Economist

CONFIRMATION as to how seriously some companies are taking additive manufacturing, popularly known as 3D printing, came on November 20th when GE Aviation, part...

Three Dimensional Policy | Why Britain needs a policy framework for 3D printing

Monitor: The PC all over again? | The Economist

TINKERERS with machines that turn binary digits into physical objects are pioneering a whole new way of making things—one that could rewrite the rules of... - 3D printer and 3D printing news, trends and resources. provide in-depth information about 3D Printing, rapid prototyping, rapid manufacturing, 3D Printers, 3D software, 3D services, 3D designers, 3ders, 3D printer price, 3D printer price compare, 3d printer price comparison

TCT - Additive Manufacturing & Industrial 3D Printing Intelligence

TCT is the magazine for the Additive Manufacturing and Industrial 3D Printing industry, with news, views, incisive commentary, learning resources and jobs. We cover applications of additive technologies for product development, engineering and manufacture.

Part of the Rapid News AM and 3D Printing Group: 'Additive Tech from Hackerspace to Aerospace'.

One Per Cent: 3D print yourself something big, piece by piece

If you believe the hype, 3D printing means that no one is ever going to need to go out shopping again for that spatula, laundry basket, kitchen table or even gun. But there's a problem. The size of the objects you can print is limited by the volume of your 3D printer. [..]

BBC News - From toys to cars - what will you make on a 3D printer?

Just as consumer tech has helped many of us become photographers, DJs and even journalists - could 3D printing remove the barriers to production itself and allow us to make what we want at home?

3D-printing pen turns doodles into sculptures - tech - 19 February 2013 - New Scientist

The 3Doodle, which launched on Kickstarter today, lets users draw 3D structures in the air which solidify almost instantly

BBC News - Gun parts made on 3D printer

As the gun debate around automatic rifles continues in the United States, one company has decided to combat possible legislation by designing a gun that can be made at home.

3D printing 'bigger than internet' - ft business - companies -

Proponents of 3D printing say it has the potential to alter radically a number of industries. Peter Marsh, FT manufacturing editor, talks to one such supporter - Abe Reichental of US-based 3D Systems - to find out how it works and if it really is a 'disruptive technology'.

Patient has 75 per cent of his skull replaced by 3D-printed implant | Information, Gadgets, Mobile Phones News & ...

A MAN has had 75 per cent of his skull replaced with a custom-made 3D-printed implant.

3D Printing Coming to Vending Machine Near You

for Discovery News If vending machines can dispense beer, pizza and movies, why not 3D-printed objects? Combining the hyper-local convenience of Redbox with cutting edge technology, Dreambox is a vending machine that aims to fuel the 3D-printing revolution from the bottom up.

3D Printing

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How to Make Almost Anything

In recent decades, the world has been rocked by revolutions in the digitization of computation and communication. Now the physical world is being digitized, thanks to new technologies that can turn data into things and things into data.

A Look at the 'Inside 3D Printing' Conference in New York [PICS]

For two days, New York became the center of the 3D-printing world, with some of the industry's leading companies gathering at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on Monday and Tuesday. 3D Systems, Makerbot, Stratasys and many more attended the Inside 3D Printing Conference.