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List of Alternative Medicines Explained – What is Alternative Medicine?

List of Alternative Medicines Explained – What is Alternative Medicine?
Referring to any health treatment that falls outside the boundaries of conventional Western medicine, alternative medicine is been used by more and more people all over the world.



Essential oils made using concentrated extracts of seeds, leaves, plants, roots and blossoms are used in aromatherapy to reduce aches, pains and cure depression. Each of the concoctions has its own benefits and are either eaten, rubbed in to your skin or inhaled.



Dating back to 1700 BC and also referred to as hydrotherapy, Balneotherapy is an alternative medicine that is performed using water. The healing properties of water are believed to help cure swelling, pains, and anxiety. Wraps, mudpacks and douches are some of the tools used in this alternative medicine.



Needles are used in acupuncture to stimulate various parts of the body. Some practitioners will even use electricity to stimulate the needles that penetrate the patient’s skin. This technique has shown to cure depression, chronic pains and is commonly used across the world.



This technique is very similar to acupuncture but does not require needles. The practitioner will use their feet, elbows and hands to apply pressure to areas of your body that chi energy or “meridians” flows through to remove any blockages and correcting any imbalances.



This is a popular technique that is more of a complementary medicine rather than alternative medicine as it used together with traditional western medicine. The nervous system and musculoskeletal are the main areas that this technique focuses in order to ease aches and pains in the legs, arms, muscles, joints, neck and head. Spinal manipulation or applying a controlled amount of pressure to the joints that have a limited amount of motion is one of the most common procedures conducted by chiropractors.


Ayurvedic Medicine

Conducted using various massage techniques and herbs, ayurvedic medicine is a common type of alternative medicine found at ayurvedic hotels and resorts that offer integrative medical services in the league of Kaya Sri Lanka. The focus of ayurvedic medicine is creating a balance between mind, body, spirit and nourish a sense of overall wellness through your entire body.



Doctors who practice naturopathy are trained in both alternative and conventional medicine. They focus on understanding the physical, spiritual and mental condition of a patient and utilize nature’s healing power to cure them. Behavioural change, acupuncture and herbal medicine are some of the tools utilized in this method by naturopathic doctors.



The logic behind homoeopathy is small amounts of a substance can help treat illnesses caused when large amounts of those substances are used. It is a technique that is commonly utilized in conventional medicine like Ritalin, a drug given to people suffering from ADHD.



Bodily functions that happen involuntarily like muscle tension, heart rate and blood pressure are controlled in Biofeedback to improve chronic pains, headaches and high blood pressure. The patient’s condition will be observed using electrodes that are attached to their body during initial sessions. Once their condition has been assessed the practitioner will recommend mental exercises and relaxation techniques that they can practice without the help of equipment or a therapist.


10. Reflexology

Pressure is applied to the ears, feet and hands in reflexology which believes that these areas of a person’s body can have a positive effect on their overall health and organs. Massaging the arch of your foot, for example, is said to be good for bladder functions. This is a technique that lots of practice either on their own or with the help of a reflexologist. It complements conventional medicine and is said to help cure asthma, cancer, anxiety and kidney function.