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Montessori School and International Baccalaureate in canada

Ashwood Glen offers 21st century learning. We believe, the continually evolving global society poses many challenges and it is imperative to prepare young minds to not only cope, but to lead and excel as competent, independent forces in a globalized, multi-cultural society.

Everything You Wish to Know about PreSchools in Canada

Preschool is a programme that is specially designed for toddlers to integrate learning with play run by professionally trained teachers. It is usually observed that children between the age group of 3 to 5 years are mostly enrolled in preschool. However, toddlers as young as two can enroll for this programme. Do you want to know how the preschool Canada concept started? Then visit us :

Montessori School of Education: A Classic Way to Infuse Learning with Creativity

Montessori school of education encourages children form groups apart from working independently to find out their exclusive skill sets and knowledge that sets them apart from others in the world. The ultimate objective of conducting this style is to ensure that children are able to develop their maximum potential. For more information regarding montessori education, Visit us :

Primary Years Programme: A Project that Fosters... - Ashwood Glen - Quora

Primary Years Programme also known as PYP is a curriculum framework that is exclusively adaptable to state and national standards. The IB (International Baccalaureate Canada) Primary Years Programme (PYP) is specially formulated for children that are between the age group of 3 to 12 years. It fosters and nurtures young children as kind, active participants in a persisting journey of learning. For more information regarding Ib pyp, visit :

Montessori School In Ontario, Canada | Ashwood Glen

Ashwood Glen is a Candian International School who follows Montessori school concept. Helping them grow physically, mentally and emotionally.

Preschool Canada Early Learning Program | Ashwood Glen

A preschool, also known as pre-primary school, nursery school, playschool is a learning space offering early childhood education.Preschool Canada Early Learning Program is for preschoolers. Our ib pyp curriculum encourages to question and be curious which make them confident. Call Us to enroll.

Kindergarten Learning Centre In Ontario, Canada | Ashwood Glen

Kindergarten is a preschool approach based on singing, playing, other practical activities like drawing, social interaction as a part of transition from home to school. Ashwood Glen’s Kindergarten Learning Centre focuses on positive thinking, inquiry based learning, teaching how to learn with our international baccalaureate courses.

Fostering The Young Minds For Embracing The Real World With Montessori Education

Maria Montessori, the founder of Montessori school believed that children can learn better in an independent environment. Montessori classrooms are filled with laughter and smile of the kids who enjoyed the activities with freedom. Establishing the roots of development, Canadian international school have made their way into the art of skill enhancement. Where classrooms are no more a place to sit quietly and learn the words from the book. Instead, you will see toddlers running around to explore their likes and dislikes.

International Baccalaureate Teaching: A Unique ... - Ashwood Glen - Quora

Preaching through books was a method which only poured information in the minds of the toddlers. The real learning comes when that information is perceived as knowledge and comes out in the nature of art. The ideology of bookish teaching prevails somewhere in every corner of the world. However, many learning centres have already entered the phase of teaching with International Baccalaureate Canada.

Is Private school better for your child? - Ashwood Glen

All parents are confused about which schools are better for their child, private or public?? Well, Canadian international school has a Solution for you. While both systems have their merit, there is no doubt that private institutions are able to offer a broader overall experience to their students due to their much larger resource base.

The Backstory of Montessori Education

Montessori is a strategy for instruction which is created by sharp logical perception of Maria Montessori. It is a youngster bit demeanor towards instruction. In the 1897, Maria went to courses in Pedagogy at University of Rome. She likewise begun her exploration on instructive reasoning and methods.She examined the hypothesis of training of past two hundred years. There are more than twenty-two thousand Montessori Schools everywhere throughout the world. There is a school named Ashwood Glen that pursues Montessori technique for training. It is a Canadian International School.

Find out How Montessori Education Helps Your Child To Grow Socially?

Such situation where you would be amazed to smell of preparing bread, youngsters controlling items, cards, understanding riddles and lively voices all around however yet the feeling of tranquility and reason for existing is basic at the Montessori Kindergarten learning center. Montessori training framework gives significance on bestowing autonomy, opportunity inside cutoff points and regarding a youngster's regular passionate improvement. The two key components of the technique are "the earth" and "quality instructors". How about we read further to discover ways how a preschool Canada can enable your tyke to develop socially.

3 Ways a Parent can be Involved in their Child’s Education

International Baccalaureate in Canada is joined by numerous understudies and this is one of the inclining course. Primary Year Program (PYP) is the place understudies find out about assuming responsibility for their very own learning. Educators collaborate with them to extend their learning and give them self inspiration. This program is for understudies matured 3 to 12 years. This sort of experience is trans-formative for schools and instructors.

Preschool Canada Early Learning Program | Ashwood Glen

Preschool Canada Early Learning Program is for preschoolers. Our ib pyp curriculum encourages to question and be curious which make them confident. Call Us to enroll.

Ashwood Glen provides International Baccalaureate in Canada. The IB PYP curriculum is designed to empower students for every aspect of their lives. Enroll Today.

Montessori and IB: The Perfect Duo - Ashwood Glen

The combination of Montessori Education Schools and International Baccalaureate(IB) Program are the perfect duo for the childrens. The celebrated Montessori arrangement of training, begun by Maria Montessori is a settled fruitful way to deal with structure certainty and sustaining excited youthful personalities through encouraging their curiosity.The incredibly famous International Baccalaureate or IB, endeavors to advance universal mindedness and make worldwide residents, however engaging understudies to ask about themselves and their general surroundings.

When Comes to Education, There are No Academics like Montessori | Ashwood's Site

A school is selected in which the child’s overall wellbeing is considered rather than focusing only on certain grades or certain activities. So if you are planning to get your child’s admission in Montessori school, let’s see what are the benefits you can achieve in the future.

Montessori Education- Way to Your Child’s Success

People have started to understand how much a Montessori school helps a child in his or her overall development. If the parents are still looking for a Montessori school in their vicinity then Canadian International School is offering Montessori education all around the world.

International Baccalaureate- A New World Of Education: ashwoodglen

International Baccalaureate is an educational foundation that has developed a whole new world of education in itself. It gives a very different kind of education. It helps students to self learn and develop with the guidance and support of teachers and parents. Why is International Baccalaureate…

“Why’s” And “How’s” Answered For Choosing Montessori For Kindergarten » Dailygram ... The Business Network

Parents send their children in kindergarten learning center for the social growth of a child and also expect their children to enjoy. But, for toddlers, it is really difficult to handle this transition. It keeps daunting them to interact with the small circle of peers.

The Journey Of International Baccalaureate: Pros And Cons

Parents perform microscopic investigation when it is about the old staples and newly minted education methods. Parents prefer to choose a child-centric approach, but at the same time do not want to pay hefty(Read: Worthy) fees.

Since many factors at play, it is a tough decision to choose the International Baccalaureate Canada for all good reasons. Incepted in 1968, this program is adopted by approximately 1876 schools across 124 countries. This program offers for 3-grade levels, namely the PYP(Primary years program), the MYP(Middle years program) and the IB(International Baccalaureate program). Varying from schools to schools, they may offer one, two or all the three programs.

Which One Stands Out And Why? Montessori Vs Traditional Education

Montessori system integrated French and Spanish languages in their curriculum which children are not just taught but made to understand the same.Traditional schools include the French language in grade 4, while, Montessori Kindergarten Learning Centre have French classes from the age of 3.

4 Trumped-Up Stories About Montessori Education – Ashwood Glen

You must have heard this kind of myths through grapevines and if you are not familiar with Montessori School then you must be thinking about what is true and what is not. So here are some myths and rumours going around which will help you learn the truth.

3 Traits which will Ratify Why You Should Choose Montessori School

People have a habit of setting their mind according to the society. That is why they are not concerned about what kind of school their child is graduating from. While the others who manage to look beyond that mindset of society strive to give the best education to their child. It is very important that you give your child the best education from the start.

The Montessori school will not only provide your children with the best education but it will also mould them into well-behaved individuals. Here are some reasons why you should choose Montessori preschool for your children.

Top Factors that Make Montessori Program the First Choice For Kids’ Learning

Different from the traditional teaching method, kids are motivated to make their own choices. There are multiple reasons that make the Kindergarten Learning Centre a perfect education destination. Read on to find some benefits of the Kindergarten education system.