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Updated by Universal Piling Company on Feb 10, 2021
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shoring works

Our Shoring Experience extends to depth of 30.0 m & wall thickness of 1.5 m. Our expertise in design development allows us to offer value added solutions.

Shoring Works - Shoring Contractors in Dubai - Universal Piling Company

Our team at Universal Piling Company has competencies in excellent shoring services. With our shoring works, your crew gets a concrete surface to stand on at the time of excavation from trenches during the construction process. Our offerings include H Beam wall shoring, sheet pile wall shoring, secant pile wall shoring with excavation depths of up to 30m. We also provide contiguous pile wall, mini pile wall shoring.

What Are Important Considerations Of Shoring Work?

In the real estate construction business, shoring works do not get much of the credit but it should be provided with the credits for all the hard work done by the activity. In the Pacific Northwest kind of regions where there is a hilly terrain along with the ever-increasing density, shoring is the only option and is the single most design ingredient that is very important which allows the construction otherwise the land would have been declared tight sites or the prohibitively steep. Since there is a shortage of the land area in the urban locality, challenging sites are becoming more and more appealing to the homeowners as well as the builders which also resulted in the increase in the reliance of the builders on the shoring work.

Know more about the leading Shoring Contractors in Dubai

We are experts in trench shoring and excavation projects for your construction needs. We have the expertise, tools, and resources to reach a depth of up to 30m and wall thickness of 1.5m. This makes us suitable shoring contractors in Dubai for a wide array of construction projects. Our shoring solutions span a range of offerings like H Beam Wall, Contiguous pile Wall, Mini pile Wall, and Secant pile Wall. We offer the apt shoring solution after a careful consideration of the surface and topography including the subsoil conditions. This is why our shoring solutions are durable and offer amazing performance.

Where to Find Reliable Shoring Contractor in UAE?

At Universal Piling, we offer a wide range of piling and shoring services. We are experienced in all types of piling and shoring work in limited access and low-headroom conditions. With highly professional engineers on staff, we have the proficiency, understanding, and experience to design and construct your complex earth retention, shoring or underpinning project. We have a diverse customer base, and up till now, we have completed almost 300 projects in UAE and around. Connect with us if you are searching for reliable piling company in UAE.

The best secant pile wall shoring

At Universal Piling we provide custom made hydraulic drill. Our drills allow us to install secant piles of ranging from 200 mm to 1500 mm. These secant piles of various sizes fit in well and can accommodate every need. We use powerful rotary drive and long casings that give precise and efficient over cutting of primary piles. Due to the precision and efficiency we can give you the best secant shoring. Our experience with secant shoring piles in circular shaft construction extents up to excavation depth of 30 metres; for every secant shoring need. Contact us today.

learn about a sheet pile dubai for best experience

At Universal Piling Company, you can learn more about sheet pile Dubai. We deal in an array of shoring services like H beam wall, secant pile wall, and sheet pile wall. We factor in the subsoil condition and stability of ground surface, before suggesting the apt shoring services for your specific construction project in Dubai. Call us at Universal Piling Company and get the best quality wall shoring services that elevate the overall real estate construction experience for your company.

5 Reasons Shoring is Important

Have you ever thought how bridges, buildings were made in Dubai? How did the architects and engineers come up with a stretch of solid rightly curved bridges supported only by a few foundations? The secret behind it is shoring.Shoring is not only utilized in bridges and buildings but it also used in provisional support of a structure, trench, or a vessel. All this is made possible with the help of the horizontal, vertical, or angled shore that provides support to the weight of the mentioned structures.

Receive Secant Pile Wall Shoring Services From Universal Piling Company

Universal Piling Company provides their clients with high quality and cost-effective contracting services and secant shoring service is one of them. The contractors of Universal Piling Company are expert and experienced in this field. The contractors use powerful rotary drive and casings to obtain perfect and appropriate over cutting of primary piles. They can install secant piles ranging from diameter 200 to 1500 mm with the help of custom-made hydraulic drills. The digging depth will be up to 30 m.

Trustworthy shoring services in Dubai and UAE

Shoring solutions can be the only aid to complete your construction work. Besides, the options in shoring solutions may make it a difficult choice. Not all shoring companies have all the options, in a situation like this, you may have to resort to a lousy solution. At Universal Piling Company, we offer Shoring Works that will give you all of the best shoring solutions. We offer you H beam wall shoring, Sheet pile wall shoring, Secant pile wall shoring.

Get The Best-Quality Secant Shoring From The Most Experienced Company

Looking for the most experienced hands to complete a Secant Shoring job? Call in the experts from Universal Piling for your construction project. They have the most modern machines to install secant piles of diameter up to 1500 mm. The use of potent rotary drives and long casings by their technicians ensures the most effective and precise over cutting of the primary drives. They have experience of constructing a circular shaft of depth 30 meters using secant piles. They are the most popular and go-to Company for any type of shoring jobs.

Take Up The Shoring Work From Universal Piling Company

Shoring is a way to provide temporary support to a trench, building, vessel or a structure, when it's on the verge of collapsing. The Universal Piling Company is a master of Shoring Work and provides all kinds of shoring to its customers. Their experience in shoring extends to a thickness of 1.5m and a depth of 30.0m. They have experience in design development that enables them to provide value-added services as well. They also have a team of professionals who will help with the shoring process.

  • When it comes to SheetPile Dubai services, Universal Piling Company stands out as the best providers. We offer outstanding sheet pile shoring services to all our interested clients and customers. We equip all the fleets with Vibro hammers that come in a different frequency. After that, the fleets, are weighed, so that we can meet all the requirements. When we work with sensitive structures, we adopt the reduction or vibration control procedures. We have plenty of experience in this area and guarantee to provide top-notch service.

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