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How To Stay Fit(Women): Health, Fitness, Exercise And Family

These are some Tips for womens to stay Fit, Health and Inspired. Check Out my List

Who is more likely to have breast cancer?

The number of women who die of breast cancer is increasing in recent times. Although modern medical facilities are available, it is still not possible to reduce the disease from the body.

How To Stay Fit During Your Pregnancy - Foods And Exercises To Follow | POPxo | POPxo

Pregnancy fitness is important. India's leading fitness coach and Bollywood celebrity fitness coach, Yasmin Karachiwala show you how to stay fit during your pregnancy and what diets you should follow during your pregnancy.

Uses Of Vitamin E Capsules - Benefits For Hair, Skin & Side Effects

Thought that the benefits of Evion capsules were limited to good health? Well, they have umpteen hair and skin benefits too, read on to find out more to get luscious hair and flawless skin.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas - 20 Unique Gifts To Make Your Mom Feel Special

Mother's day is around the corner and we all want to make our mom's feel special, be it by gifting expensive things or by making a handmade personalized gift for her. It is her day and she has to get the proper attention and special treatment.

10 Creative Mother's Day Gift Ideas To Make Her Day More Special

Mother’s day is around the corner and it a really special day for all the moms, but this day is even more special for the moms who are celebrating it for the first time as a new mom, so the gifts they receive must be special too.

Gift Ideas For Mom To Be - 10 Unique Gift Ideas For Expecting Mothers

Mother's day is around the corner and is a really special day for moms, but this day is even more special for expecting moms. So, to bring happiness to the face of expecting mothers, here are some amazing gift ideas for mom to be.

Benefits Of Antioxidants - Functions, Benefits And Its Different Types

Antioxidants play a major part to keep us healthy. Know about the nutritional benefits of antioxidants, natural food sources for antioxidants and antioxidants supplements. Read everything about them here in the easiest way possible.

What Are Panty Liners - 6 Benefits of Panty Liners You Must Know

Different from your regular sanitary napkins, panty liners are slimmer variants that provide you protection from a variety of things. Since they are narrower and slimmer, they can be used in instances when you don’t need the high level of protection provided by sanitary napkins.

The benefits of chamomile tea in Tamil

In many ways, chamomile tea is very much for you. With your breakfast, you have several factors to drink tea in chamomile. With its many health benefits, these chamomile flowers are beautiful.

Are you a rice cooker everyday? Benefits of rice water in Tamil

Here you can find out how much rice water we have in body and appearance. You can use it to slaughter in the kitchen and in other cases

Benefits of drinking water in the morning on an empty stomach

As a result of drinking water in the empty stomach, the growth of red blood cells and increasing excess oxygen will be with our body.

Some of the most important foods that can not eat too much

Find out what the consequences will be if you do not eat it too well

Castor Oil Benefits In Tamil - விளக்கெண்ணெய் என்றால் என்ன? அதன் நன்மைகள் மற்றும் பலன்கள்! POPxo! | POPxo

The "Castor" plant used to take the castor oil is widely cultivated in oil in all parts of India. This type of chilli that is chilled to the body is embedded from the seeds of oil castor.

Designers Shantanu And Nikhil Mehra’s Idea Of Luxury Is Unique And Sentimental

No one marries a traditional Indian aesthetic with a contemporary outlook like designers Shantanu Mehra and Nikhil Mehra. We got together with the duo to talk fashion, unforgettable travel stories, the trends that need to die and more.

How To Reduce Arm Fat: Most Effective Diets, Exercises & Lifestyle Changes

Arm fat is very common and nothing to worry about. But if you are feeling uncomfortable with it, you can do a lot to reduce this fat. We are recommending some healthy ways to reduce arm fat

How To Reduce Face Fat - Diet, Exercises & Natural Ways to Reduce Face Fat

Not able to get rid of stubborn face fat? Everything you need to do, everything you need to eat and everything that you can try to reduce face fat is here. Find out how you can lose face fat fast with Home Remedies as well.

Are you suffering from gas pain (acidity)? These tips will be relieved

Acidity, gas pain, and gastric trouble. 'Gas is not a problem but it's not a big problem' but it may be a hint of another problem in our body.

HIV AIDS ( Cause, Prevention, Treatment, Symptoms) - Everything You Need To Know

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is an infection that can weaken the body's immune system & Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is a syndrome that puts your body and life at great risk. Here's everything you should know.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Beetroot In Telugu

If you know about the health benefits of eating the original beetroot, we talk like this. Those who suffer from anaemia suggest that beetroot should be part of the diet and beetroot juice. What's the great nutrient that seems to be in the beetroot? #BenefitsofBeetrootintelugu

Cottage cheese contains medicinal properties - Coriander Benefits in Marathi

We will tell you about the benefits, remedies and disadvantages of cottage cheese in this article. First of all, know how cilantro is helpful for caring for your health #corianderbenefitsinmarathi

Benefit of Fenugreek Seeds For Hair, Skin & Health in Marathi

fenugreek seeds were also used to make medicine in Ayurveda. It is still used for medicines. Fenugreek contains many nutrients such as carbohydrate, calcium, protein and iron. Methi is used to maintain blood sugar levels for diabetics. Similarly, fenugreek is also used to increase the milk supply in the body of women who are currently breastfeeding. If the taste of real fenugreek seeds is quite bitter, then the aroma is very good. #BenefitsOfFenugreekSeedsInMarathi

Everything You Need To Know About Chamomile tea In Tamil

The chamomile flowers that are calm are pretty blossom at the beginning of summer. It is found in Asia, Australia, Europe and Wada. #Chamomileteabenefitsintamil

How to Get Pregnant Fast - 6 Effective & Easy Tips To Conceive Baby & FAQs

Getting pregnant isn't as easy as movies make it out to be! Now that you've decided to start a family, here's a list of things you can try to speed up the process #howtogetpregnantfaster

10 Simple Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat In Tamil

The belly is not just your shape, but also your health. And some people think that they can only dissolve fat in the body by controlling food. But dietary supplements can also be done by adjusting stomach fat. For this, you need to do spend one hour of your day doing these exercises #howtoreducebellyfatintamil

13 Early Signs Of Pregnancy (Initial Symptoms) That You May Have Missed

With all the confusions between the symptoms of PMS and pregnancy, here we give 13 signs of early pregnancy that you MUST take note of before consulting your physician for a definite answer #earlysignsofpregnancy #signsofpregnancy