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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for Top 10 2019 travel destinations - That don't burn your wallets clean
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Top 10 2019 travel destinations - That don't burn your wallets clean

Travelling the world is not a luxury reserved for people with deep pockets. Listed below are some of the world's most fascinating budget-friendly destinations waiting to be explored in the year 2019. Read on and you will be amazed at where you can go on a small budget.



Indonesia is just too good to be true, a country which offers gorgeous white sand beaches, first-class scuba diving adventures and beautiful environs to explore. Indonesia, where $1 can be stretched to maximum is one of the world's cheapest travel destinations to explore; a fact that many tourists find hard to comprehend, especially while indulging in the delicious cuisine, chilling on a sunny beach, trekking through verdant paddy fields or exploring rustic jungles.


Xian, China

Xian was thrown into the limelight as one of China's most popular tourist destinations with the discovery of the Terracotta warriors. The ancient capital is not as large as Beijing and can be explored by foot, helping you save heaps on travel costs. Entry fees to one of the worlds most treasured archaeological finds are next to nothing, and the sight of the Terracotta Warriors is one to cherish. At night the vintage buildings located throughout the city are lit up in a myriad of lights and costs nothing to walk around and explore. With hotels in Asia offering customers a variety of offers in many parts of the continent, it is easy to add more locations to your itinerary. Many accommodations like Silka Hotels, are something to look at.



With a very affordable cost of living, Mexico is a fab destination to visit on a budget. Not only does the place offer a diverse range of attractions from stunning beaches, to unhealthy but utterly delicious food but is home to loads of exciting places to visit and explore. A diverse nation, the attractions in Mexico are limitless, and if you are considering a low-cost backpacking adventure, there is no better destination, where you can look forward to waking up in different environs, such as a sun-kissed beach, exotic desert-like wilderness, and rustic little towns. Food and drinks are extremely cheap making your stay all the more satisfying; consider buying your own groceries and cooking like a local for the best experience and maximum savings.



A destination to which many travel agents in Sri Lanka offer tour packages to, India is a land of exotic charms and beauty. Chaotic, colourful and utterly befuddling at times, you will either love or hate the country. One thing is for sure, the country is perfect to explore on a budget. From discovering world-famous landmarks to chilling on crowded or isolated beaches and relishing traditions, cultures, and customs, Indian will fill you with a million memories. Besides, all this the food is extremely cheap, accommodation varied and affordable and if you dare to challenge the crowds, public transport is the perfect option for budget travel across the large nation.


Sri Lanka

The relatively small island of Sri Lanka also offers much for budget travellers and backpackers. While you do get luxury and boutique hotels, it is easy to find small rest houses and hostels, especially in popular tourist areas near the beach or even in the mountainous central region. Apart from low-cost accommodation, local food is also inexpensive as is public transport be it train or bus, making this an ideal destination for those on a budget.