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5 Must See Places in Otaru – A Charming Destination to Explore

The city of Otaru in Japan is always an engrossing place to visit. In Otaru, you will find a selection of must see places that will undoubtedly capture your imagination, including those below.


The Otaru Canal

The well-known Otaru Canal is one of the most important local sightseeing attractions. In the past, this canal played an important role in the local area's shipping activities, with ships arriving from various places having been unloaded here. Today, on the other hand, the Otaru Canal is a pleasant recreational area, where local residents, as well as tourists, congregate to spend leisure time. You will see that the canal presents a pleasant sight, illuminated with gas lamps and featuring appealing promenades for the visitor. You will have the opportunity to take a leisurely stroll through the cobblestone pathway that you will find here whilst enjoying the tranquil sights.


Otaru Art Village

You will see that many of the formerly important buildings that once played an important role in the local economy are now made use of for the purpose of tourism. Counted amongst these would be the Otaru Art Base as well as the Nitori Museum of Art, which occupies a former bank building. Here you will find a host of interesting paintings from Japan as well as other nations, in addition to appealing woodcarvings. Another fascinating local attraction would be the Stained Glass Museum which as its name indicates features numerous attractive stained glass items; these stained glass creations formerly stood in British churches.


Sakaimachi Dori Shopping Street

Your visit to Otaru would not be complete without experiencing the attractions of Sakaimachi Dori Shopping Street. This is another popular attraction for tourists and contains different kinds of shops. A highlight here would be the shops selling glass items which will capture the interest of the visitor. After your shopping exertions, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal at this street which also features seafood restaurants and sushi bars. Also not to be missed are the local pastry shops which are renowned for their delectable sweets. However, you should keep in mind that since many of these establishments are not open in the evenings, they should be visited in the daytime.


Tanaka Sake Brewery

A noteworthy part of the cultural and historical heritage of Otaru would be the famed Tanaka Sake Brewery. This brewery which dates to 1899 is considered to be an important cultural attraction in the city. As you might expect, a number of alcoholic drinks are brewed here, such as sake, sweet sake and plum wine. Interestingly, since Otaru's cool weather permits the brewing of sake throughout the year, the Tanaka Brewery is an interesting place to visit the year round. An accommodation choice to consider from which this attraction would be within easy reach would be Grand Park Otaru which may be considered to be a conveniently located Otaru hotel near JR Station.


Otaru Mt. Tengu Ropeway

The city of Otaru is renowned for its entrancing landscapes. For a truly memorable sight, you may take the opportunity to ride the remarkable Mt. Tengu Ropeway which will provide you with a spectacular view of the nearby areas. The picturesque Mt. Tengu overlooks the city of Otaru as well as the Sea of Japan, rising to an impressive height. The Mt. Tengu Ropeway will transport you from the mountain's foot right up to its summit, a distance of as much as 735 m. The Ropeway only requires four minutes to complete this journey. Both the daytime and night-time views on offer here are sure to entrance the visitor.

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