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What Are Defense Base Act Insurance Rates And Benefits?

Defense Base Act Insurance or DBA is an obligatory insurance provided to the personnel working overseas on an agreement for the department of defense. It was introduced in the year 1941. The blog mentions that the premium for this insurance varies greatly depending upon various factors like kind of job, involvement of risk, etc. DBA provides various benefits to the covered individual. These benefits include disability compensation- two third of the weekly wages, Death compensation- to the spouse or one child and Medical benefits- in case of any injury. Along with these, sometimes rehabilitation facilities are also provided.

A Powerful Guide to Find the Best Workers Compensation Lawyers

People should keep in mind some tips while looking for a worker’s compensation lawyers. They must know where this Worker’s Compensation Lawyer works or practice law, or is he a licensed or an unlicensed lawyer. Get the information about his office and visit it in person. Along with these, one can also ask for the details about the past clients of the lawyer, to know about their experience and knowledge. To get the right picture, they can also check for the reviews posted by lawyers’ past clients. It is advised to check for the testimony of the lawyer and look at the statistics about the lawyer’s winnings and loses before making any decision.


With the rise in the trend of bikes, bike accidents are increasing tremendously. If a person met with an accident and the driver is harmed and they are protected through the insurance plan , they need to get in touch with a motorcycle accident lawyer immediately. There are plenty of reasons why a person needs a motorcycle accident lawyer. The person can keep take care of his health while the lawyer deals with the case. The lawyer can also negotiate with the insurance company more effectively. And the most important point can be that they lawyer get paid only after the settlement therefore it won’t create a burden on the individual. Hence, it is advisable that when a person encounter a motorcycle related accident, they should contact a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Top 8 Things You Need To Know About the Defense Base Act

A legislative piece that acts as an insurance cover for all the US military contract workers across borders is termed the defense base act. The act is kind of a compensation plan for such workers. This act covers the wage losses and other medical benefits for civilian contractors who might get injured overseas. Contractors who cannot demonstrate that they have such policies to protect their employees may have to pay a fine and also lose their government contracts. The Defense Base Act insurance applies to the contractors on US military bases and the people who are contracted on overseas public works projects deemed crucial to the United States’ national security.