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The Seniors' Answer

The Seniors' Answer provides seniors assistance with tasks of daily living such as paying bills, identity theft prevention measures, de-cluttering/filing, budgeting, tax and legal record management, trustee services, notary services, disaster preparedness, management of service providers (home care, cleaning), patient advocacy and geriatric care management. The Seniors' Answer staff members are licensed, bonded and insured. Staff is on call for client emergencies 24/7.

Aging in Place – Everyone Wants to do it, But When is it No Longer the Best Option

It is imperative to do what is in the best interest of the senior rather than what is the easiest path. All of us want the best for our seniors. We at The Seniors Answer can provide assistance in this process, both with the analysis and the resulting conversation. If you need us, call us as our initial consultation is at no charge.

Fraud, Scams and Identity Theft – The Problem is Massive and Getting Worse

There are many others from counterfeit medications to home repairs, funeral and cemetery scams to investment and reverse mortgage scams. To remain safe and independent, use referrals from trusted sources when you need services such as repairs, investments, funerals, reverse mortgages. The Seniors’ Answer can also provide referrals.

Being Alone: Seniors and Financial Abuse

In 2016 more than three million Americans were the victims of financial abuse.  A major report from Met Life says that seniors lose $3 billion a year, but many other sources believe it is much higher – and that number grows every day.  Feeling foolish or embarrassed, many seniors never tell their family or friends.  Many are sound of mind and well-educated but they are perfect targets.

Avoid Surprise Medical Bills With a Patient Advocate

Advocates are also able to link patients with related services. In some cases, the patient may need legal advice and follow up. For example, a medical institution that refuses to correct its error may need a paralegal or attorney to write a letter officially challenging the billed costs.

5 Tips for Better Personal Financial Management

The client can be better served with a one-stop shop of services. A traditional financial planner may set up shop as a small business. In this role, he is a true middle man. He directs the client to services such as banking, insurance and investments. However, larger institutions own financial products or are affiliated in some way to those products. For example, a bank may offer financial advisors who steer you to banking, mortgage, investments and planning resources.

Being Alone: Vision Loss – How High Tech and Low Tech Options Help Independence

There is presently a wide assortment of choices, from low tech to cutting edge applications, to enable seniors to carry on a progressively free and pleasant life. Innovation is quickly growing new items to help those with vision issues.

Robocalls – Is the Government the Solution?

That they don’t address inquiries via telephone or affirm the telephone number or whatever else via telephone. Furthermore, to never give out close to home data. In any case, there could be a characteristic hazard when individuals never again pick up the telephone as the call may identify with their well being or security. This enactment will be invited by everybody and in this way we are anticipating its brisk entry.

5 Crucial Tips to Help Your Parents Organize Their Home

If disorganization continues to be an issue, there are companies that provide services in household affairs. These organizations can send over a member of their staff to implement various strategies to ensure the home is well cared for and your parents feel comfortable growing old at home.

What To Do When Your Parents Need Help Managing Their Money

If you are looking for a financial management expert dedicated to working with the elderly, it might serve you best to inquire about management services from an organization catering to the elderly. In most cases, care agencies offer services in money management, therefore, researching from these organizations will often reveal an individual or company equipped to help you.

How To Find A Personal Financial Advisor for Seniors

Achieving money is one thing, but managing one’s personal finances is a very different challenge. After making money, a lot of our capital gets spent on taxes and debts, along with other aspects we cannot control such as medical bills and prescriptions. In old age, a number of these debts need to be paid alongside other financial requirements.

5 Essential Health Tips For Seniors

As people age, their health appears to diminish considerably. Furthermore, the ability to take care of oneself becomes even harder with a lack of mobility or even desire. As a result, a large proportion of seniors have enlisted the aid of stay-at-home nurses or family members to pick up the slack. While these formats are somewhat sustainable, one’s independence may be in question. Many seniors tend to devalue the importance of Senior Care Services and nurses due to fear concerning their independence.

Locked Out, Hot, Miserable and Fraud is Waiting for You - The Seniors' Answer

The Seniors’ Answer serves as a one-stop shop for all your needs. Growing old is a beautiful process, and The Seniors’ Answer provides the best and most effective aid whenever you need them. Choose The Seniors’ Answer as your ally for all your endeavors.

Being Alone: There’s No One to Be My Advocate or Representative

As seniors age, they don’t need to be alone. But they must act sooner rather than later since an accident can occur at any time rendering them unable to make these choices and decisions.

Hurricane Season Starts One Month From Today – Get Prepared Now

After 25 years of not having a major hurricane hit South Florida, Irma came with a vengeance in 2018. We were lucky last year but may not be so lucky this year. Don’t be caught off guard, get prepared now.

5 Most Effective Ways For Senior Assistance

There is a huge market for senior citizens services. The number of senior citizens is huge and projections show a rapid increase. Currently, there are 45 million seniors aged 65 years and older out of a population of 300. This number will double by 2060. Such large numbers result in a need for senior services.

The Benefits of Medical Management For Seniors

Medical Affairs Management is one such service that helps seniors manage their medical needs. This service can address senior medical needs and customize a plan to assist with each stage of medical treatment. A senior care agency can provide logistical support for each stage or develop a comprehensive plan to assist during the initial medical appointment to surgery and finally recovery of the senior.

Financial and Paperwork Management

Many older people struggle with daily financial management and organizing paperwork at home. It becomes overwhelming when bills, Medicare, bank and insurance statements, junk mail and more pile up.  They need assistance.  Adult children often see things “falling through the cracks.  Warning signs are unpaid bills, bills paid twice, tax, home or water liens, or more money than budgeted being taken out of investments.  

Medical Billing Errors – How to Spot and What to Do

We live in a world of technology. Electronic records and barcoding are the norm, but can lead to errors as humans are “at the wheel.” Patient records are created and maintained electronically. The input operator can hold a key down too long that adds numbers to the item ordered.

How Seniors Can Benefit From Daily Financial Management Programs

Seniors (aged 65 years and older) are a rapidly increasing demographic. There are over 45 million seniors and this number will grow tremendously in the next 30 years. Many seniors choose to live independently and/or with the help of family members. There is a need for specialized services for seniors. An obvious area is personal financial management. Seniors come from all walks of life and possess expertise in many areas. They all need grounding in sound financial practices. It all starts with daily financial management.

Advantages Of Working With A Family Advisor

Financial advisory services offer a wide variety of products, that most people are looking to create a good financial plan. The role of an ideal family advisor is to help his or her clients to be very honest about the future and help them to achieve what they actually want. Sometimes, many family members look forward to their freedom, they do not want to tie into the family. If the goal of a family is unity, then family advisors can help them untangle themselves in a gentle way in order to avoid family conflicts.

Effective ways for Managing HouseHold Repairs for Seniors

Household affairs may become difficult for some seniors so some services may be required to complete them. There is a need for agencies that provide home aide care, personal financial management, medical assistance, flexible personal assistance, home cleaning and culinary assistance, identity theft prevention, protection from fraudsters and scammers, project management and paperwork management. There are senior services available to make household affairs easier for seniors.

Seniors Financial Abuse is Approaching Epidemic Levels – What do You Do

The best way to protect your loved ones is to be involved, know the signs and take or help your loved one take action. To do that, contact them often. Don’t just ask them if things are OK, see for yourself. If there are stacks of unopened mail and/or catalogs everywhere there is likely a problem.

Data Breaches and Hacks – How Serious Are They and What to Do

The Seniors Answer provides these and all services 24/7 365. We are there for them and their families, making sure they are safe, secure and have complete peace of mind.

Hearing Aids Soon to Cost Much Less

The new products are called “Personal Sound Amplification Products” or PSAPs as they can’t be called hearing aids until next year when the law goes into effect. PSAPs are available now.

Benefits Of Home Care Service For Seniors

When considering senior care services, it’s imperative to do extensive research in finding a company that is an ideal match for you or your loved one’s situation. Not only do in home services for seniors cater to them in the comfort of their own homes, but there is a smattering of benefits that make the investment worth it.