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B9 Model Event Staffing

B9 Models and Event Staffing hires smart, reliable, and approachable models that love what they do. Make your event a success by leaving the staffing to us.

The B9 Difference - Our experience is our strength

We understand that our models are not only representing B9, but they are representing our clients and their brand. Our models are professional, reliable, proactive and intelligent.

Spokesmodel Needed For Events - B9 Model Event Staffing

They also must have a personality that draws people in. When we hire models for our database we are extremely picky. We don’t just hire pretty faces like other agencies might.

6 Reasons to Hire A Trade Show Promo Model

These models create a unique experience for prospective consumers. The more unique the experience, the more likely the consumer will remember the product and thus spurring further interest, leading to more sales.

Tips for Finding a Top Promotional Talent Agency

Promotional Talent Agencies supply your event with models to run your booth and attract attention to your product. Promotional Models aren’t just pretty faces but they are well-spoken and will sell your product by articulating all the major selling points and demonstrate how the product works.

Promotional Modeling: Amazing Tips To Help You Shine

Wow, that's really cool that you have been selected from an ocean of candidates for your first promotional modeling event! Congratulations! But remember that,

Hire Convention Models and Talent in Florida

B9 Every model realizes they are representing to your organization and our company and themselves. We put our best foot forward to give you the outcomes you merit. We have staffed everything from shows at the Super Bowl to neighborhood vessel appears. Whatever your need, big or small we deliver.

8 Things You Need to Know When Hiring Promo Models

You need to hire trade show models for your next event. But how do you that and what should you be looking out for. Do not worry, here are 8 things you need to know when hiring Promo models.

The Most Effective Ways to Hire Event Staffing Agencies

B9 Models offers staffing services to a number of cities throughout the US. No matter where you are, B9 Models should be able to find the perfect model for your event; one that effectively demonstrates your business with the ability to engage with your clients and customers.

8 Tips To Finding A Top Proportional Modeling Agencies

Promotion is a valuable aspect of commerce and business; not only does it bring new clients to your establishment, but it legitimizes your business. There are numerous ways which a business owner is able to draw the public’s attention to your business; marketing agencies increase your search engine optimization as well as establish an online presence which is the best course of action to take when trying to draw more eyes to your business, but you can always do more. You, as the business owner, can also employ the help of promotional modeling agencies to add a little more flesh appeal to your business.

The Four Most Impactful Brand Ambassador Practices For 2019

The whole point of brand ambassador agencies is to provide the right person or team in order to enhance the name of your brand to the public. The best ambassadors tend to be people who are able to easily able to represent your brand with flare, but it goes much further than having an alluring personality, there is a strategy that you need to develop in order to be effective.

Hire Trade Show Promo Models in Florida

If you are looking for hire trade show promo models for your next event, then you are at the right place. B9 Model Event Staffing provides professional trade show promo models in Bradenton, FL. Call us today at 917-455-0870 to know more.

How to hire Promotional Models?

The success of your event greatly depends on the staff that you hire for managing the event. The models you hire reflect your class and standard. Any negligence in recruiting the suitable staff can ruin your event and it can badly affect your business. Therefore, you should make special efforts to hire only the best ones available.

Benefits of Hiring a Staffing Agency

Planning an event can be stressful because everything needs to be completed before a set deadline. Whether your event is private, corporate, or public; hiring anevent staffing agency will ensure that any event you plan will run smoothly. The important thing to have when planning an event is to have an event manager.

Benefits of Using Promotional Models

Hiring a trade show model who is trained to know your brand will help potential customers feel more comfortable. When marketing your product, potential clients judge your product on how you present it. Models have beautiful personalities and can answer all questions pertaining to your company and services.

Why You Should Hire a Modeling Agency To Advertise Your Brand

When it comes to selling your products, you want to ensure that the way you promote is clever and tactical. Hiring the best promotional modeling agency who ensures their employees are trained to know your brand will help potential customers to feel more comfortable and more inclined to buy your products and services. When marketing your product, potential clients judge your product on how well it is presented.

How to Find The Best Trade Show Promo Models

Trade show models are walking, talking billboards that are fully educated on your company and have a passion to share that knowledge with the public. There are numerous reasons and benefits reasons to add a trade show promo model to your team! The use of trade show models can improve customer engagement, boost overall sales for the company while simultaneously saving money on advertisements.

Tips for Hiring A Brand Ambassador Staffing Agency

You can actually cut costs by hiring a brand ambassador from a modeling agency. Most brand ambassadors are local, but each individual is readily available to discuss your brand and product. Your staff will have to get paid for travel, meals, and other expenses. Hiring brand ambassadors have their own transportation to get to the trade show or venue, so you do not need to worry about extra costs and hotel options. You can use that extra cash to develop your marketing strategy or hire more promo models.

How To Boost Your Business Using Promotional Models

As you know, marketing is a very important factor for any successful business, and promotional models are exactly what you need to bring your business to new heights. Businesses work for months at a time planning convention, trade shows and promotions for their products and services. Sometimes there is so much work to do before the event, that by the time the actual event comes around, most of the staff is tired of the project and ready for it to be over with. With promotional models, that is a worry of the past!

5 Reasons Your Business Should Use Promotional Models At Trade Shows

Promotional models are expected to embody the message of your company. They are expected to dress nice, look attractive, and be pleasant and appealing at all times during the job. These individuals are going to be good looking males and females with high energy personalities. It’s important for trade show models to accurately fit their role as a promotional model because they serve as eye candy for the booths and help draw clients in their direction.

Hire Convention Models and Talent in Florida

Need convention models and talent for your upcoming event? Now cut costs by hiring local models! B9 Model Event Staffing agency is proud to offer the best models, talent, & promotional services in Bradenton, FL. Call us & hire our convention models event staff for your next event!

5 Tips For Running A Successful Brand Ambassador Program

This should be your #1 priority if you want to launch a good ambassador program. There are a lot of social media influencers online and you'll have to do your research before starting your campaign. You'll need to discover who those influencers are, what are their demographics, who are their followers, which are their interests and what brands do they already work for. Monitor their activity, know what they are up to, knowing how they interact with their followers, how they work with brands and everything in between. A good idea is to find a brand ambassador staffing company when starting the process.

Hire Brand Ambassador Staffing Agencies in Florida

B9 Model Event Staffing handles all your experiential marketing & event staffing needs as one of the top brand ambassador agencies in Bradenton, FL. Discover Brand Ambassador staffing and see what solutions are optimal for you. Call us @ 917-455-0870 to get a free consultation.

Reasons To Hire A Spokesmodel For Your Business

Spokesmodels are commonly known as the face of a brand or a product. It’s the person you immediately associate with when you see or interact with a product. You want to try a new pair of running shoes and you immediately think of a famous athlete. That person is known as the brand’s spokesmodel.

Street Team Promotion

B9 Model Event Staffing is your go-to consultant for street team promotion and street marketing campaigns in Bradenton, FL. We help build brand image by interactive connections with consumers.

Why You Need Promotional Models for All Company Events

There is a lot of work that goes into event planning and promotional events for any new or existing business. It is an opportunity to showcase products and services in a way that can attract potential customers. If you are looking for promo models, you want to look for a company that can produce the absolute best presentation of your company. But here is all that you need to know to ensure you are placing your business in good hands.