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Updated by Stephan Marais on Mar 14, 2013
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The Future of Cross Platform Publishing | John Doherty

Some thoughts from a former pubisher on cross-platform publishing, moving from desktop-centric to reworking our paradigm of content as platform-bound.

15 Cheatsheets for Google Junkies

People would want to know the shortcuts for each Google service or tool, and these cheatsheets offer the information to keep on hand.

27 Google Search Algorithm Updates from 2012 - State of Search

Google keeps updating all the time. It has been extensive in 2012. Here's an overview of the 27 most important ones.

Europe Will Likely Force Google to Change Search Practices

European regulators will likely force Google to change the way it displays search results or else face fines, per Europe's competition chief.

Phone Support For Verification Issues With Google Local For Business

Mike Blumenthal first spotted that Google is now offering phone support for businesses having issues with verifying their Google Maps listing.

Must-Have Analytics Customizations for Any Business - Analytics Blog

Out of the box, Google Analytics is really powerful. It's amazing how much awesome data we have at our fingertips by just implementing a couple of lines of code across our entire site, but there are a few must-have customizations that can be applied across almost any GA implementation.

Will Google Zebra Hit Social? A Possible New Google Algorithm Update

Is it time for Google Zebra? This post looks at what the next major Google algorithm update might target, how to be prepared and what it may be called.

Consumers Don’t Trust Reviews But They’re Swayed by Them Anyway

Like most people who shop online, I pay attention to the reviews posted about an item before I make the decision to buy.

Google Adds Troubleshooting Guide For Data Highlighter

Googler, Pierre Far, has announced on Google+ that they have produced a "troubleshooting guide" for the new data highlighter tool.

10 ways to encourage customer reviews online | Econsultancy

Customer reviews are a hugely important in ecommerce for improving your conversion rate, and can lead to an uplift of 18% in sales.

Google Is Hiring Someone To Find Ways To Make You Want To Search While Signed-In

Google is hiring a new product marketing manager for search with one of the key goals being to find ways to get people to sign-in while they search.