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List of 10 Tips you must know about Hajj

Hajj is an Islamic pilgrimage to Makkah and is an excellent way of confirming your faith in Allah Almighty and devoting yourself to his will. Hajj unites Muslims from UK, US, Asia and all over the world using affordable hajj packages 2019, and from all sorts of background and irrespective of color and race.
Many people who embark on this journey are not prepared for the experience and what to expect. So, in order to make the whole process a little bit easier, we have put a list of 10 essential things you should know before starting this beautiful journey.


Pack your luggage at least a week before Hajj

As packing clothes and other stuff can be a great stress sometimes and it can make you quiet furious about the entire situation so we always recommend our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters to pack all of their luggage at least a weak before setting off to this beautiful journey so that you have enough time to remind yourself of the important things and to make sure if you have packed them or not.


Make extra Copies of Important Documents

It’s always a good idea to keep extra copies in different places while on Hajj, for example, one in your luggage and one with you, in case you lose the one, you will have a backup copy. So we recommend you to make extra copies of important documents.


Get Vaccination Done

It will be for your own good if you make sure that you have got all the obligatory vaccinations done  and have the certificates to prove it, as they can be requested by the authorities.


Stay Fit and Healthy

A lot of people start their Hajj journey without considering their physical state. It is extremely important to exercise before Hajj as it will be easier for you to perform your religious obligations and also enjoy more of your Hajj experience without tiredness.


Make sure to Pack your Essentials!

Don’t forget to pack your essentials to make your stay at Mina as comfortable as you can. There are essentials that could make your stay in Mina much more comfortable, such as towels, a small backpack, tissues, slippers, plastic cups, travel toiletries.


Always keep Snacks with you in your Carry Bag

What you have in your carry bag is extremely important. Some snacks and fruits for the long wait could be useful.  One extra abaya, Ihram, and some hygienic products could prove life-savers. Also, as the hajj terminal doesn’t have any facilities you should definitely bring extra water, fruits, and snacks.


Limited toilet Facilities

You can get dehydrated during your flight, so try and balance your water intake, because you might feel the need to use the bathroom often, which could give you problems when arriving. You should use the bathroom before you leave the plane, as it’s it might be cleaner and more comfortable than the ones in the Hajj terminal.


Don’t Expect too Much!

The best you could do is to have low expectations of your Hajj providers and ground services. This way you will avoid disappointment and enjoy your Hajj more. Expect to be pushed which can be really unpleasant if you are a female so we advise you to stay close to your Mehram.


Be Patient!

You should be patient and tolerant, especially when things don’t go as you wanted them to. Remember that Allah is the best of planners and you are a guest in this house. It is all part of the journey. It’s ok if you have wait just be patient.


Save your Memories

Always keep a note book with you and a pen and write down all of your experiences and memories. As Hajj is one of the most transformational journeys in your life, it is worth the hardship that comes with it. As with hardship comes ease. Enjoy every moment of this journey as you get the chance to connect with Allah in a unique way.