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07 Things UAE Does Better than any Other Tourist Destination - What makes the UAE special

The UAE consists of several different Emirates, each with their own vibe and culture.It is a growing tourist destination because it offers many things that cannot be found anywhere else.



Dubai hosts two huge shopping festivals every year, which attract thousands of shoppers from all over the world. Even when these festivals are not happening, shopping in Dubai is unparalleled. Massive luxury malls that house every designer brand you can think of are common, but more traditional Souqs with their traditional feel also exists. Newer, hip outdoor malls are also growing in popularity. Whether you are looking for a designer handbag or a good bargain, shopping in the UAE will be perfect for you.



No tourist destination can quite compare to the level of luxury offered by the UAE. Though Dubai is the main luxury tourist destination in the UAE, the other Emirates also have plenty to offer to lavish travellers. Whether it is with gourmet food or opulent accommodation, the UAE has it all. If you are looking for a Resort in Abu Dhabi that will allow you to stay in the lap of luxury, there are plenty of options, such as Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Yamm Villa Resort. If you can afford a luxury holiday, the UAE is the best place for it.


Museums and Art Galleries

The Louvre Abu Dhabi opened recently, putting the UAE on the map worldwide for art lovers. This beautiful gallery works closely with the Louvre in France, and many famous works of art can be found on display. This is far from the only art gallery to be found. There are plenty of smaller museums and art galleries that focus on local culture, and will certainly make for an interesting and educational experience.



The culture of the UAE is an incredible mix of traditional and modern. Sharjah is a testament to this culture, and has been crowned the cultural capital of the UAE and the capital of Islamic culture. Alcohol isn't permitted in Sharjah, but that simply adds to the authenticity when experiencing the culture. Throughout UAE, beautiful Islamic architecture can be seen. Many of the traditional buildings are incredible to look at.



The UAE hosts many festivals in a year, but amongst them the Sharjah Light Festival stands out. Lasting for ten days, this incredible festival attracts artists from all over the world who are eager to create and display works of art that are both beautiful and meaningful.



There is a wide and eclectic variety of food in the UAE, ranging from gourmet Western dishes to cheap street food. The UAE is home to a whole host of restaurants worth checking out. Be sure to try as many places as you can, as the food is delicious and incredibly flavoursome.


Desert Safaris

A desert safari is a wonderfully unique thing, where guests can have an authentic experience in a Bedouin type camp. Performances, mehendi, food, and music make desert safaris a lot of fun. Depending on how much time you have, you can organize desert safaris of different lengths; morning, evening, or even overnight.