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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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5 Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Yala – Know Yala to head out

Sri Lanka is known to have a very high degree of biodiversity and if you are planning to go to Yala there are several things that you should know before you go on a safari.


Accommodation and transport

You can opt for a one day trip or even an overnight stay at Yala. The Yala National Park is still in development stages so you cannot expect the accommodation and basic infrastructure to be of high standards. If you are planning to stay in Yala be prepared for basic food, washroom and lodging facilities over fancy options. You can always stay in the town and stay at any of the Yala hotels which will vary in pricing and comfort and you can select the hotel depending on your requirement.


Pricing will change

Different trips are offered by different tour guides and service providers, so you have to keep in mind that the pricing will change. There is a set price for the trips provided by the park but the private tours that are offered by private companies offer various other excursions as well, such as accommodation and dinners so depending on your requirement you can select the trip you want to proceed with. You could inquire from the hotel you are staying with such as Oak Ray Wild Yala if they are also able to arrange tours if you inform them in advance.


Time is important

The timing that you go on the game watch is important as it will be one of the main factors that decide if you will get to see any animals on the trip. Most times the Yala national park advices that the trips are made early morning as soon as the park opens which is at 6 am and then again around 4 pm which is the time animals are setting out again after a good night rest or after staying in the shade during the time the sun is up.


Be respectful of animals and nature

It is vital to keep in mind that the national park is home to all these animals and that you are an intruder who is entering their premises. Being respectful of their privacy, their lifestyle and their territory is of utmost important. Be mindful not to take food that have intense odours, not to litter by leaving anything behind, not to take photos with the flash, not to feed any of the animals and also not to collect any form of objects such as soil, stones or even feathers from the park. It is also your responsibility to voice your opinion if anyone else in the group or the guide is misbehaving and bring it to the attention of the authorities for the betterment of the animals and the park.


What to expect

You are entering a wildlife territory so you have to keep in mind that even though the chance is very rare animals can get aggressive and be defensive and attack. As long as you adhere by the rules and regulations and listen to your guide you are safe and sound. You need to keep in mind that there is no guarantee that you will get to see any animals even though you might be going at the most recommended time. Animals have a mind of their own and they change their routes and patterns sometimes on a daily basis.

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