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Why You Should Choose First Floor Apartment – Five unexpected benefits

An apartment on the first floor isn't the obvious choice, with many opting for higher floors. There are however some major benefits to first floor apartments you may not have realized.


Less steps or waits for the lift

Whether your apartment is in a cosy vintage building where you need to use the stairs, or whether you choose sleek and modern luxury apartments in Sri Lanka where you have access to lifts, the journey from your car to your doorstep can feel like ages when you are home after a long day of work, or trying to usher boisterous and tired children upstairs. This is where first floor apartments are rewarding, especially if walking up flights of stairs is difficult for you. Find yourself at your doorstep in minutes. Waiting for the lift can be frustrating when you are late in the mornings, when even a few minutes are precious.


Garden or terrace use

In many buildings, you will find that the residents of apartments on the ground floor get access to some outdoor space, an advantage you won't often get in a higher-level apartment. This is a great advantage if you have pets, small children, or are just a green thumb who loves growing your own plants. You can choose to have your cup of coffee while you breath fresh air outside, rather than indoors. Some buildings have a play area, pool or even a supermarket on the premises and you will have easy access to these from your ground floor home. When your pets start whining that they need to go out for their 'jobs' at night, you will appreciate being on the ground floor!



While some can afford to prioritise comfort and luxury at places like Cinnamon Life Colombo, for others this isn't an option. If you are house hunting on a tight budget, you may find that first floor apartments are cheaper than those on higher levels. To incentivize living on the ground floor, some buildings will also provide these first-floor apartments with extra amenities like additional storage space, which can be an added advantage. So, make sure to put the lower level residences on your list when house hunting for potential savings.


Deliveries and moving in

In the modern age, we rely on deliveries for everything, from utilities like gas, to our food, grocery and laundry. While many of these delivery companies will bring your goods to your doorstep, this isn't always the case, and you may sometimes have to collect your deliveries at the entrance. At times like that you will find yourself appreciating living on the ground floor. This is especially so when you're moving in or out of the apartment, and you need to get boxes of your things and all your furniture into or out of your home.


You won't disturb downstairs neighbours

One frustration about living in an apartment is that you need to constantly tell your kids or pets to stop running around in fear of disturbing your downstairs neighbour. This isn't a problem you will have if you live on the ground floor, and the little ones can enjoy all their noisy games freely. Whether it is a pogo stick or riding a tricycle indoors, they can have all the fun they want.

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