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Top 10 activities in Kunming – Discover the amazing city

From leaning about the rich culture and history, discovering stunning landscapes to calming relaxation, there are so many ways to spend time in this city.


Visit the Stone Forest

This should be on the top of your list of things to do in Kunming, as it is one of mother nature's most amazing feats. The tall limestone formations resemble stone trees, and makes for a stunning sight. Learn about the local myths and legends surrounding this area.


Explore the Jiuxiang Scenic area and Caves

Located close to the stone forest, these karst Caves will take your breath away. In addition to exploring these underground wonders, the scenic area is home to rives, valleys and mountains, all waiting to be explored. It is a fantastic option for visitors who love the great outdoors.


Discover the Golden Temple

China's largest copper temple, this is a well-loved sight for the intricate detail in its design, and for the vibes of peace and harmony you can enjoy here. The temple is built atop the Singing Phoenix hill, and this historical site dates far back to the Ming Dynasty.


Visit the Bamboo Temple

This is a must visit if you are enthusiastic about ancient art and styles. The temple, which is said to have originally been built during the Song Dynasty but underwent comprehensive renovations in the Qing Dynasty, is home to a large number of statues and sculptures, many of them being of Lord Buddha.


Be mesmerised by the Dongchuan Red Soil Land

If you are visiting this red soil land, prepare to have your mind blown by its breath-taking beauty. The landscapes, made up of various contrasting colours including many reddish hues, look like a piece of art. It is the dream destination for photography enthusiasts as the area is extremely photogenic.


Relax by Dianchi Lake or the Green Lake

These beautiful lakes were once one whole, and have with time become two separate lakes. There are many places to relax and explore around them, and their location close to the centre makes it the ideal spot when selecting hotels in Kunming. There are places like Grand Park Kunming that offer views of these waterbodies.


Yunnan Nationalities Village

When travelling in a foreign land, learning about the local cultures is one of the most interesting things to do, especially in places with a heritage as rich as China. Learn about the styles, customs and lives of many different ethnic groups when you visit this large village. You will also find many options for entertainment including shows performed here.


Shop at the Bird and Flower Market

If you want to do some shopping, and enjoy authentic local styles, check out this market. Since it was established in the 1980's, it has become a place not only for buying flowers and birds, but also for all kinds of souvenirs, antique goods, and other bits and pieces that you may want to take back home.


Go to the Yunnan Provincial Museum

This well stocked museum is the place to head to if you are interest in learning about the art, culture and history of the Yunnan Province. It is home to various ancient relics, artworks and other glorious treasures.


Check out the Black Dragon Pool Park

As its name may suggest, the intriguing Black Dragon Pool is the main attraction here; it is a massive pool separate by a bride with beautiful views. On the premises, you will also find a lovely palace, temples and lots of greenery.

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